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“Stand up against violence”

THE Christian Federation of Malaysia strongly and unreservedly condemns the violent attacks and attempted fire-bombing of several churches in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya in the early hours of 8 Jan 2010.

We are against such actions that seek to intimidate people and also to rend the country’s peace and fabric of goodwill.

Thus far this afternoon, we have been informed that there were two torchings and another attempted torching of churches. The administrative office of Metro Tabernacle in Desa Melawati was completely gutted. The Molotov cocktail thrown at the Church of the Assumption along Jalan Templer in Petaling Jaya did not explode. But The Life Chapel in Section 17, Petaling Jaya suffered some damage to the church’s front porch area.     

We call on the government and all peace-loving Malaysians to stand against such violence and not to give way to extremists in our midst who want to throw our country into chaos.

We call on the police to continue to maintain peace and security in this land we all cherish and love. May the police bring to justice quickly those who have been involved in such acts of torching churches which is a violation of the houses of God.

Screencap of the hacked website
Christians are a peace-loving people and so we will remain calm and rely on our police officers to investigate and arrest the criminals involved and to protect all Malaysians against violence and criminal intimidation. We are concerned that the hacking of the judiciary website is an act of criminal intimidation against the judiciary and this shameful act along with the acts of violence against churches must not be condoned.   

Let us as Christians and with our fellow Malaysians pray that despite such atrocious acts perpetrated upon the churches, good sense will prevail. Let us not allow those who want to foment animosity among peoples and the religious communities to triumph in their plans. May we stand together against the tide of violent people and their evil plans. 

We will continue to pray for peace in Malaysia.

Bishop Ng Moon Hing
Christian Federation of Malaysia

8 Jan 2010

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10 Responses to ““Stand up against violence””

  1. sarah says:

    Yes, we Christians will remain calm. It comes from the confidence of knowing who our God is, and the experience of the power of prayer. We need not do anything else. Vengence belongs to God.

  2. Iron says:

    Don’t they know that Churches are Houses of God?

    What the hell are they trying to prove?

    That they are better than the rest of the human race?

    That they are so good they can destroy the House of God?

  3. Lolo says:

    Time for another brain drain from Malaysia!

  4. The attacks on the churches should be branded as cowardly terrorist acts. Finally, terrorism has reared its ugly head in our country. Malaysians from all walks of beliefs must stand united against such acts that to rend our social fabric further.

    I am a Buddhist, and I would like to stand together with my Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters (and those of other faiths and beliefs) in denouncing the terrorists that have made these attacks on these sacred places.

    Their attack is an affront to the dignity of life, the most precious of all treasures. Let us all take time to reflect on the direction of this country, and ask ourselves on how we can turn the tide around.

    I am heartened that Malaysians by and large have condemned these cowardly attacks and the perpetrators. These attacks are un-Islamic, un-Christian, un-Buddhist, un-Hindu, un-Sikh, un-Taoist, un-Ba’hai, un-Jain, un-atheist and un-human.

    Let us commit ourselves to dialogue and converse in resolving the differences among us. Let us take time to know more about the various beautiful beliefs that people in our country and the world practice. Iranian Muslim scholar Majid Tehranian wrote, “Dialogue is both an end and a means to human understanding. In dialogical communication, we try to enter their world of meaning through an open-ended process of communication and exploration. Dialogue is premised on mutual respect and learning. In dialogue, we change through mutual appreciation, symphathy and emphathy. This is not the easiest method of human communication, but it is the most fruitful.”

    Once again, I would like to state my support for my fellow citizens who are against hatred and bigotry. May these terrorists be brought to justice soon!

  5. theLord says:

    Can someone tell me EXACTLY WHY christian organizations need to publish and distribute Malay language bibles in Peninsula Malaysia?

    If you are looking to preach & convert Malays and Orang Asli, then go and fight for the right to do this.

    Otherwise, getting riled up for the right to use a term is a waste of time and tax ringgit.

  6. mahmuda says:

    Those who did these evil acts don’t know Islam, don’t know the Holy Quran and dont know the Sunnah. They are ignorant of the teachings of Islam. This is sad. Muslims who truly know the teachings apologise for the hurt their actions have caused. They have hurt Muslims too. I hope people don’t judge Islam by the actions of these ignorant few. Also I think these are just a bunch of hoodlums, or “goondas” who are ever ready to cause problems and should be dealt with firmly by the police. Part of their rehabilitation should be to clean up the places they have vandalised.

  7. To theLord:

    We are fighting for the right to use the word ‘Allah’ because the Home Ministry wanted to ban the Catholic Herald on the grounds that it used ‘Allah’. If the ban is greenlighted, every single church service, literature, and copy of the Bible written in local languages including Malay Iban and Baba Nyonya (which also uses ‘Allah’) are automatically illegal.

    Please listen to us — we’ve been trying to communicate for so long, since this issue started in 2007. If you want us to change the usage of the word, you cannot do so by force of law. We are fighting for the right of our weakest and poorest members of our religion to simply worship their God in the only language they have been using before Merdeka.

  8. light says:

    There’s always silver lining at the end of the tunnel. Allahuakbar.

  9. Yvonne says:

    Let us pray together that this will stop and all those who did this childish and unlawful act will be judged! And let God the Father deal with them! In faith I believe that everything’s gonna be alright. Ask God to forgive them, for they do not know this is wrong. The church is a Holy place, a place of worship.

    God Bless Malaysia. Amen.

  10. Nancy says:

    Lord, please open their hearts to […] who YOU are? May they change their minds and turn to YOU and worship YOU and turn them the other way… Lord hear our Prayers!!!

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