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Spinning Perak

“What do you mean? It is a democratic process. Do you understand the democratic process? Do you understand the political philosophy of democracy? I’m asking you back. Why are you not asking them (Pakatan Rakyat) [this] when they were talking about party-hopping? When they started everything[?]”

BARISAN Nasional (BN)-installed Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir responding to comments that his government in Perak was not formed through elections. (Source: Zambry appoints three advisors, The Nut Graph, 11 Feb 2009)

“I keep on saying, who triggered this whole episode?… It’s not a question of who’s right or wrong … The wrong side is their side in the first place. And now they try to put the blame on us. They twist everything and tell the public we are the ones who rampas kuasa. But people should ask, who started it?”

Zambry again, during the Bukit Gantang by-election campaign in early April 2009. He argued that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) enticed the BN’s Bota assemblyperson Datuk Nasarudin Hashim first, before the situation boomeranged and Nasarudin, along with three other elected representatives, left the PR. The resignation of the three from the PR was what triggered the constitutional crisis in Perak. (Source: BN and PAS face off in Perak, The Nut Graph, 1 April 2009)

“It is not wrong and not unconstitutional, and not invalid or illegal. Don’t forget there was an attempt to form a government on 16 Sept last year using the same principle and method, by trying to persuade 30 of our Members of Parliament to cross over. Isn’t that an act that can cause dispute? So, if we consider that such a thing can be done, why not the three assembly[persons] who support the Barisan Nasional[?]”

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, responding to questions about the legality of the crossovers that triggered the Perak crisis. (Source: PM regrets Perak assembly sitting chaos, The Nut Graph, 8 May 2009)

“The Pakatan (Rakyat) assembly[persons] also failed to honour the assembly by shouting and hurling abuse at BN representatives during the sitting … Now the rakyat can see Pakatan’s true colours when they are not in power. Let them judge for themselves.”

Zambry yet again, expressing disappointment with the PR representatives’ antics during the 7 May 2009 state assembly sitting in Ipoh.

He also defended BN-installed speaker Datuk R Ganesan’s call for police to remove Speaker V Sivakumar from his seat. Zambry said under the Standing Orders, the speaker has the right to call in the police when the need arises. (Source: Perak Crisis: MB sad at reps antics, The New Straits Times, 8 May 2009)

“Haven’t the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state reps and supporters trivialised our political system enough by convening the state assembly sitting under a tree? Now they have created havoc by defying the sultan’s orders, the federal court ruling and police order.”

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, blasting the PR’s Perak assemblypersons for bringing “jungle culture” into the 7 May Perak assembly sitting in his blog posting on the same day.  He also said the “quality and culture of our political system have been degraded” in the rakyat’s view. (Source: Khairy slams “jungle culture” of PR reps, The Nut Graph, 7 May 2009)

On the same day, however, Aliran president P Ramakrishnan condemned the actions of the Perak Umno state assemblypersons during the chaotic assembly sitting. “What we have witnessed today will condemn us forever for reducing a much-respected institution into the law of the jungle,” he said.

“What is wrong, is wrong. If anyone violates the law, including myself, we have to go back to the legal system and I believe the police and authorities have taken this into consideration. They (police) have to be answerable to me and to the people by making sure what they did was according to the law, and what those arrested did was against the law, that’s all.”

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, defending the police for their action in Perak on 7 May. (Source: Hisham: Cops did well to protect innocent public, theSun, 8 May 2009)

The police detained 69 people, including five Members of Parliament, five state assemblypersons, and members of the public for gathering “illegally” near the state assembly building. Teratai assemblyperson Jenice Lee, who was arrested at a coffee shop near the state assembly building, said, “I was just sitting down in the coffee shop when they handcuffed me.”

In addition to the Perak arrests, police also arrested 34 people, including five lawyers, between 6 and 7 May. They were arrested for assembling “illegally” outside the Brickfields police station in a candlelight vigil for academic Wong Chin Huat, who was arrested for sedition. The five lawyers were arrested while attempting to provide legal assistance to those detained on 7 May. Both the Bar Council and the MCA have condemned the arrests of the lawyers as undermining the rule of law.

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12 Responses to “Spinning Perak”

  1. JPlow says:

    Who toppled Pairin’s state government in Sabah? PR?

  2. ajajal says:

    This is too much – a robber tries to dispose his loot. Should he think what PR was doing is wrong then he need not have to follow. Are these the leaders that we are having? What police orders? Who gave them the orders?

  3. Hamba says:

    Trying to “tegak benang yang basah” and failing miserably. Not enough moral integrity to admit their fault and accept it. But by the law of the jungle, people like this will not last long as they have not the common sense to avoid committing suicide.

  4. shamsul says:

    If the police spent as much time on fighting crime as they did on supporting Umno, we would not have to worry about rempits and snatch thieves. It is a crying shame, they get paid from our money but instead of doing their job, they have become Umno’s lackeys.

  5. Yuu says:

    I am sick of all this. You blame them and they blame you back. They got money and power. You can’t win or even play their game. Perakians, be patient and wait till G13. Then we blow them into pieces.

  6. kong says:

    I have lost the trust and respect for the police force in Malaysia after all the recent events. They are self serving, hypocritical and tyrannical to the people. The police force is a corrupt branch. They have not done their duty to king and country. Worst of all, they believed they have the right to act with the law on their side.

  7. shamsul says:

    Ajajal… Pakatan yang kata party-hopping salah — that is the point don’t you get it?

    They start it and say it’s OK but when BN does it they say it’s wrong.

    BN never said it’s wrong.

    Maybe you just don’t want to see.

  8. Joebuddy says:

    Even before the high court judgment today, the people had already decided for the Pakatan.

    Just like the former court of appeal judge NH Chan said, even the layman understand clearly and unmistakeably what the constitution said yet the federal judge can’t.

    Come down and find out about us. We are not rich but we are no fools. Don’t bother to spin. We know what is the truth and what are lies. Stop insulting our intelligence for you are just not up to it.

  9. kerishamuddinitis says:

    ‘What is wrong is wrong…we have to back to the legal system’

    Someone breaks into your house and physically relieves you of your property. Then because that person is far bigger, richer and more influential than you, he beats you down when you try to reclaim your property, that which is rightfully yours. Now that you have been kicked in the gut, he then says ‘I am… willing to cooperate…’ and give you back 50% of the spoils, 50% of what is in the first place rightfully yours!


    But the law (honourable judge, not police) catches up and says, ‘…give it all back…’

    So what was wrong is now proven to be wrong… we went back to the legal system…only this time, it was presided over by a judge with integrity, not an ex-Lord President with a weak memory.

  10. jerome says:

    Pairin and PBS should abandon BN. Pairin is still the real CM. Together the Kadazan/Dusun and Chinese vote is enough to form the goverment. Kick Umno out of Sabah. Look at Sarawak.

  11. lkl says:

    From what Zambry Mandela said, it seems that the principle and morality of BN depends on other people, if other people say it’s ok, then it’s ok for BN too. If one day Anwar says he wants to beat up Najib then Zambry will beat up Najib is it?

    Now it’s the people who are angry, not just Pakatan, so Zambry Mandela may pretty well leave out Pakatan.

  12. GOD says:

    Cops did well in protecting Zambry. That was what Hisamuddin meant.

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