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Soi Lek: More maids run away than are abused

PETALING JAYA, 25 June 2009: MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has described the government’s decision to give domestic workers a mandatory weekly off-day as a “knee-jerk reaction”.

He said Malaysians should not “overreact” to cases of abused domestic workers, claiming that there were only around 50 reported cases of abused domestic workers last year compared to more than 10,000 who ran away from their employers.

“While we have to safeguard the interest of the employees, we should not forget that the interest of the employers should also be protected…Employers will have horror stories to tell you about their domestic maid,” said Chua in his blog yesterday.

Chua said he was himself a victim when his maid’s boyfriend, having gained access to his house, robbed him and his family while they were away.

On 18 June 2009, Chua had also opposed the Human Resource Ministry’s move on his blog, saying public places would be inundated with foreign workers if they were given a mandatory day off.

Chua said in his latest posting yesterday that adverse publicity generated from the small number of abused domestic workers gave the impression that Malaysian employers were inhumane.

“The press doesn’t highlight the 10,000 domestic helpers who just disappeared into thin air,” said Chua.

He also claimed that “the risk of maids absconding will definitely go up” if the domestic workers were given a mandatory day off every week.

Additionally, Chua said domestic workers would make “outside friends” during their day off and these friends would become “a cause of worry” to the employers.

He added that any legislation should look into the question of enforcement. Otherwise, it would only look good on paper.

The former Health Minister also dismissed the Indonesian government’s threat to stop sending domestic workers to Malaysia temporarily as “political posturing”.

Chua said Indonesia needed the foreign remittance by its citizens as this made up a substantial portion of the country’s revenue.

On 19 June 2009, it was reported that Indonesia may stop dispatching domestic helpers to Malaysia after an Indonesian maid was reported to have been tortured.

Subsequently, on 23 June 2009, the Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa) urged the government to consider employing domestic workers from China.

On the same day, Human Resource Minister Datuk Dr S Subramaniam said the government would look into employers’ concerns, but is unlikely to reverse its decision to give the domestic workers a day off per week.

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9 Responses to “Soi Lek: More maids run away than are abused”

  1. Alibabamahahtir says:

    Human Resource Minister treats foreign maids better than treatment Malaysians receive from Polis Raja Di Malaysia.


    Foreign maids will convert to Malaysian citizenship and marry Malaysians en masse, increasing the votes for Barisan Nasional gravy train. That is why BN will proceed to pass law mandatory to give Indonesian maids their day off.

    When we see the BN government passing a law, there is only a self-preservation agenda. Nothing else.

  2. Andrew I says:

    One question: who does the reporting of maid abuse and who does the reporting of runaway maids?

  3. Satria Asia says:

    Lucky they ran away before being abused.

    OK Soi Lek, 50 reported. What about the others that are not reported?

  4. OrangRojak says:

    I can’t imagine a more appropriate person to point out that allowing someone to leave the house and make “outside friends” might be “a cause of worry”!

  5. Noel Dass says:

    What is this SAD man’s paranoia about Malaysia being invaded by foreigners!? Did he forget that someone in his own coalition labelled his entire community as IMMIGRANTS!? Fact is, we are ALL immigrants from the Horn of Africa, which has been scientifically proven to be the place of origin of the human race!

    Apart from that, his complete patriarchal, xenophobic attitude towards domestic workers and treating them as sub-human entities is beyond disturbing! Can someone please show this man that he is not above any of his fellow human beings!

    ARGHH!! This drives me COMPLETELY INSANE! I suppose someone should remind these obnoxious politicians that they too are the SERVANTS and MAIDS of the rakyat who elected them!

  6. smart says:

    The banning of maids due to abuse is just a whitewashing strategy. Both governments know that more maids run away than are abused. In order not to upset the status quo between two neighbours, just bring up the maid abuse stories to cover up for the runaway maid issue. End justifies the means.

    While back in Indonesia, the government can convince their people that working as a maid can lead to abuse. Thus, this ban, on the other hand, will help Malaysia to reduce illegal Indonesians on our shores. It is a win-win move for both countries. Every story has two sides, we just have to look deeper….

  7. sohai says:

    How about cases of maids abusing the childrens/old folks that they are entrusted to take care of?

    How many cases? Many!

  8. Opah says:

    It is alright for me to “mix around” but Indonesian maids cannot be trusted to do that. They may meet their friends and have sex with them!

  9. Right2Choose says:

    The maids as well as their employers should both be protected. If a maid runs away, then the agency should replace them throughout the duration of the contract. They agency’s fee should be paid in equal monthly installments for the duration of the contract.

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