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AND so it has come to this. Heckling and shoving in the august house of the Perak state assembly. Police and special branch officers encroaching into the business of the state legislature. Arrests of politicians and civilians dressed in black.

As expected, the Perak state assembly yesterday on 7 May proved to be a messy spectacle. Probably the most shocking image was that of speaker V Sivakumar being dragged out of his chair by police in order for Barisan Nasional (BN)’s Datuk R Ganesan to assume the speaker’s role.

Chaos in the state assembly sitting

No doubt, the political circus the world witnessed in Perak could have been avoided. If, for example, the sultan of Perak had consented to postponing the assembly sitting until the courts decided who the rightful menteri besar was — the BN’s Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir or the Pakatan Rakyat’s Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

Or if Sultan Azlan Shah had consented to the dissolution of the assembly in early February when the crisis first began with the hopping of four assemblypersons.

But perhaps these are now moot. There may be no turning back from the mess that is the Perak constitutional crisis. What is left to be seen is whether the rakyat will accept the legitimacy of those who have wrested power in the silver state.

What do you think? Give us your six words on Perak in the comments section below. Here are some from The Nut Graph team to get started.

Cindy Tham:

Am hopping mad with the frogs!

Wanted: elected state government, not crossovers.

Gan Pei Ling:

Speaker? No say. Constitution? BN rules.

Heartbroken? Shocked? Angry? Disgusted? Beyond description.

Jacqueline Ann Surin:

Kepimpinan Barisan Nasional: Kenapa takut pilihanraya?

Hampa dan duga kerana keputusan sultan.

Ganesan, speaker wannabe. Sivakumar is speaker.

Shanon Shah:

Barisan Nasional sat on a wall …

Bubar. Undi. Pilih kerajaan sah. Senang.

Michelle Yeoh’s home state needs saving.

Children behave! It’s a state assembly!

“Don’t cry for me, V Sivakumar …”

Nick Choo:

The silver state is further tarnished.

N Shashi Kala:

Perak: The greatest show on earth.

Politicians in Perak in a pickle.

The Nut Graph is really appalled.

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway‘s genius, the Six Words On… section challenges readers to give us their comments about a current issue, contemporary personality or significant event in just six words. The idea is to get readers engaged in an issue that The Nut Graph identifies, while having fun and being creatively disciplined.

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99 Responses to “Perak”

  1. siew eng says:

    Hee-woman, master of the state assembly.

    Hee came, Hee saw, Hee conquered.

    Shoes for Hee for shooing Speaker.

    Lucky we had Nutgraph, MI, Anil!

  2. Jen says:

    A black day for all Malaysians.

  3. Apa makna kuasa tanpa kepercayaan rakyat?

  4. terri says:

    Extreme cowardice on display – Barisan Nasional.

    Somebody buat tak tahu – majestic wayang.

  5. Sonia says:

    At a loss for words.

    (which is why five, not six!)

  6. KohJL says:

    Frogs? Fine. Lawmakers without conscience? Not!

  7. myop101 says:

    One way, one voice: BN’s only.

  8. Naoko says:

    One Perak. One State. Split Personalities?

    My heart breaks. No other comment.

    Documentary: How to start a dictatorship.

    Arise, Malaysians! And jump ship now!

    Class now in session. Who’s teaching?

    “I’m the Speaker!” “No, me!” *Facepalm*

  9. marc says:

    I am very very sad indeed.

  10. Not an entry, but a comment on an entry: Sonia, I like your “At a loss for words” 🙂

  11. Nina S says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, in military terms.

    Democracy is: your side, every time.

  12. PC says:

    No rules, no law, no justice

  13. Jason Sim says:

    Where art thou, Sultan of Perak?

    Hee tore up the RM notes!

    The Attack of Zambry Kampung Pisang

    Ganesan, the new speaker? My foot.

  14. Cindy Tham says:

    Royal Perak Circus. Clowns monkeying around.

  15. AM says:

    Malaysian democracy buried in silver grave.

  16. K S Ong says:

    1Malaysia: how was that for starters ?

  17. Disgusted says:

    1 Malaysia, 2 Peraks, 3 Frogs

  18. Jen says:

    Missing WWE? Just watch Perak assembly!

    How to rule? Back to school!

    (not just six words but six words that sorta rhyme!)

  19. duka says:

    “Hampa dan duga kerana keputusan sultan?” Sepatutnya duka dan bukannya duga. Saya tak pasti kalau Jacqueline Ann Surin faham bahasa Malaysia atau dia sengaja menunjuk yang dia faham bahasa Malaysia.

    Nota dari pengarang: “Duga” juga bermaksud “bertanding” atau “bersaing”. Ruangan Six Words On… bukan hanya menguji kemahiran penulis, malah menguji kreativiti pembaca.

    Shanon Shah
    Columns and Comments Editor

  20. Sarah says:

    Give me back my democratic space!

    Sehitam seMalaysia together, mari kita beraktivism!

    Be weary of black black black!

    Two sides to a story, always.

    Let’s get arrested, drink pull tea!

    Haiyo Malaysia! Apa dah jadi nie?

  21. Nina S says:

    Dear Jason Sim, for this: “The Attack of Zambry Kampung Pisang”, sir, I do believe you just won yourself an Internet A++.

    (LOL again.)

  22. Raymond Tan says:

    Silver turns BLACK because of corrosion.

    Corrosion steps in because of contamination.

    The silver state has turned BLACK.

  23. susan loone says:

    My hair is black: Arrest Me!

    My eyes are black: Arrest Me!

    My shirt is black: Arrest Me!

    My pants are black: Arrest Me!

    My shoes are black: Arrest Me!

    Do not insult the colour black.

    Black is the colour of justice.

  24. hah! says:

    Judge me by my actions – Najib.

  25. Fahmi Fadzil says:

    Moving Speakers? Call Special Branch Movers!

    “Hey, who switched off my mic?!”

    Everybody wants to rule the world.

  26. viv says:

    One state. Two MBs. Two Speakers.

  27. MingMerciless says:

    Whoever wins in Perak, we lose.

  28. Louis says:

    Tis an utter sham and shame.

  29. KohJL says:

    Perak in 3D: Despicable, Disgraceful, Disservice

  30. Busybee says:

    Sivakumar! my new hero. Love him!

  31. elaine says:

    My heart too heavy for anything

  32. ex MCA loyalist says:

    Nizar makes PAS so appealing now!

  33. raguel says:

    more shameful than prehistoric” tribal war”

  34. Lainie says:

    Damn damn damn damn damn damn

  35. Pei Ling says:

    Pilihanraya? Tak mau! (kita sure lose)

    Rampas kuasa? Boleh! (rakyat mudah ditipu)

    Apa tak demokratik? Kita ada majoriti!

    Tak payah fikir, BN mesti betul.

    Rakyat marah? Tak apa – cepat lupa.

  36. Sivin Kit says:

    If Taiwan Boleh, Malaysia Lagi Boleh!

  37. kenny4z says:

    UMNO’s BN is above the law

  38. Andrew I says:

    Attack of the Zombie Tomatoes II.

  39. The Lord Panda says:

    All this for Ipoh chicken rice?

    No oil or gas, why fight?

    Screw WWE, watch Perak Federation Wrestling

    The Panda Head Curry? is sexy.

  40. Hean says:

    Desperate UMNO calls for desperate moves

    Other BN parties better jump ship

  41. Hello says:

    BN, Royalty, Judiciary, PDRM, Administrators – – Army?

  42. Hello says:

    Barisan Nasional doing the crab walk.

    Rakyat will eat this BN crab.

  43. Old BC says:

    1Malaysia, 2Perak; Pocket first, Power Now

  44. Paul.Btze says:

    Perak : All things come in two.

  45. Azrul Mohd Khalib says:

    The indignity, the travesty, the violation.

    A plague on both your houses!

    The rakyat will decide and punish

    Tyrants clothed in sheep skin revealed

    True nature revealed, didn’t take long.

  46. James says:

    Shameless spectacle proving fourth world status.

    Laughing stock worse than even Zimbabwe

  47. Fed Up says:

    Enough politics already. Just start governing!

  48. Fed Up says:

    Politicians playing childish games. Rakyat suffers.

  49. lwy says:

    Royal Speech? What was the point?

  50. Polis tiba. Speaker diheret. Raja muncul.

  51. mana mana says:

    Perak is in really deep kimchi.

  52. Abdul 'Afuw says:

    Their hearts are black: Arrest them!

    (borrowing from Susan Loone’s comments above)

  53. Mike Vallen says:

    We will be the final judge

  54. Shanon Shah says:

    Hmmm … was the judge being seditious?

  55. hakim says:

    “please attend refresher course in Sarawak”

  56. kwchap says:

    Disgusting, arrogant nonsense – it’s Barisan Nasional.

  57. Philip Selvaraj says:

    Perhaps Nostradamus had prophesied about Perak

  58. sycheah says:

    BN? Chicken shit. Hee? Just chicken.

  59. Philip Selvaraj says:

    The Palace will respect people’s choice.

  60. Kamal says:

    Give it back to the people.

  61. Reza says:

    Sore losers play dirty to win

    BN – rakyat does not want you

    Who raped the Constitution? Barisan Nasional!

  62. hamba pun hamba says:

    Is this what they call reform?

  63. Arthur Yeoh says:

    Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame on you!

  64. perak guy says:

    Gandhi, hero. Mandela, hero. Zambry, zero.

  65. Shao Loong says:

    Mandela, Gandhi, MLK … Zambry Abdul Kadir?

  66. Ipoh_mali says:

    Corrupted, uncivilised barbarians. Sickening, appalled, disgusted.

  67. Dennis Lee says:

    Oh no, still an ongoing drama

  68. Siapa takut pilihanraya pasti takut kalah.

    Zambry is neither Mandela nor Gandhi.

  69. ganesh says:

    Who leads Perak? The rakyat know.

  70. Shanon Shah says:

    Zambry irony: I have a dream!

  71. luica says:

    First time ever, so shameful assembly!

    Two MBs, two speakers, what next?

    Two MB, two speakers, three katak!

    No way to treat a speaker!

    When the deputy usurps the chief

    Zambry – clinging to power so shamelessly!

    We want Nizar! We want Nizar!

  72. PM says:

    Easy solution for rakyat to decide!

    Illegitimate MB, illegitimate speaker, illegal assembly.

  73. Andrew I says:

    Mandela? Gandhi? King? Try Austin Powers.

  74. PM says:

    Power grab through use of Kataks

  75. pilocarpine says:

    Zambly always dreaming, Nizar always performing.

    1BLACK Malaysia, Democracy First, Elections Now (Quoting Wong Chin Huat)

  76. Jason Sim says:

    Thanks for the comments, Nina S!

    And here’s another one for our Mandela Gandhi Zambry:

    Want a Camry? Work for Zambry!

  77. The Lord Panda says:

    Zambry ISN’T The Panda Head Curry?

  78. chinhuatw says:

    Palace. Police. Judiciary. MACC. EC. Bureaucracy.

  79. bob teoh says:

    Gandhi, Mandela, King. Zambry who? Aiyo!

  80. CY says:

    Pepper spray? Hee hee, not mine.

    Close the door! Release the dogs.

    Power to decide is with people.

  81. DR Bubbles says:

    Thumb drive? Hotel key? Pepper spray!

  82. Leithaisor says:

    Witness Perak. Vote BN? No way!

    Rampasan kuasa Perak = Maruah parti hangus!

  83. A Gopalan Nair says:

    People’s PM – Let the people decide.

  84. sick and sicker says:

    BN: I’ll lose, so screw elections.

    BN: I’ll lose, so screw you.

    BN: Let my courts screw you.

  85. ho says:

    take peoples money, do dirty job

  86. freedom says:

    Wrong doers keep doing wrong things.

  87. Noel Dass says:

    Perak Darul Ridzuan: Severely tarnished silver.

    By the people, for the people.

  88. Philip Selvaraj says:

    Hee, the modern bogeyman for Malaysians.

  89. Philip Selvaraj says:

    Poltergeist attack in Perak state assembly.

  90. Philip Selvaraj says:

    Kalau adik jahat saya panggil Hee.

  91. Philip Selvaraj says:

    perak in political limbo palace powerless

  92. pakcik says:

    Barisan Nasional, On The Way Out.

    Barisan Nasional, Not The People’s Choice.

  93. BN should face fresh election

  94. BN, why are you so scared?

  95. beeyong says:

    1 Black Malaysia, Malaysia Black Eye

  96. beeyong says:

    Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

  97. beeyong says:

    The Fall Guys- MB, Speaker, Deputy.

  98. beeyong says:

    The ‘N’ is near for RAHMAN

  99. Paul for Democrcy says:

    Come on, Barisan Nasional – there is no glory in snatching the state government from the rightfully elected Pakatan Rakyat. What is being done by the BN is like a gangster snatching an ice lolly from a child. Shame on you! The rakyat voted for the PR. Let the PR hold office without foul play!

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