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Sharing the economic pie, according to Umno

At the Chinese Economic Congress

“Through these genuine partnerships, we can attain our goal towards equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth. We must do this if we are to achieve our potential and sustain the progress and prosperity we have enjoyed thus far.”

“We must do this because we recognise that diversity is a core strength and the source of creativity and innovation needed to grow our economy.”

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, speaking at the Chinese Economic Congress in Kuala Lumpur, inviting Chinese Malaysians to play a leading role in helping the nation become a high-income economy.

He called on all parties to encourage genuine bumiputera and non-bumiputera partnerships to keep the nation moving forward. Najib acknowledged the role of the private sector and the Chinese business economy in expanding the economy. (Source: Najib asks Chinese to play leading role in national development, Bernama, 14 Aug 2010)

“Like my predecessors, I recognise that I am a leader for all Malaysians. Your concerns are my concerns — not the other way around.

“I have been entrusted with the responsibility to chart the best possible future for all of us. But I can only be successful at this with your active support and participation.”

Najib, at the same event, appealing to the Chinese Malaysian community to trust him as their leader, and assuring them he had their interests at heart. (Source: Your concerns are my concerns, Najib tells Chinese, Malaysiakini, 14 Aug 2010)

“We do not want a situation where only one community progresses. We want similar opportunities for bumiputeras, and this is why we have proposed genuine partnership.”

“Everyone should benefit from the fruits of national development, and no one should be marginalised.”

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, echoing Najib’s call for genuine partnership between Chinese Malaysians and bumiputera. He said to achieve Vision 2020, the various communities had to work together to make the nation a high-income economy. (Source: Najib asks Chinese to play leading role in national development, Bernama, 14 Aug 2010)

At the Bumiputera Economic Congress

“I want the Malays and the bumiputeras to be acknowledged as great people with special abilities.

“I hope no one will become suspicious and worry I will not listen to the Malays. There is no such thing that as Umno president I will not take the Malays into consideration.

“Today, we are listening to the views of the Malay grassroots.”

Najib, speaking at the Bumiputera Economic Congress in May 2010. He reassured the Malay Malaysian community that they need not fear that their rights would be eroded under the New Economic Model (NEM). He said the NEM would strengthen the country’s economy, based on the constitution.

Najib also said there was a need to be fair to the other races. He said as long as Umno received strong support from the people, especially from the bumiputera, their welfare and rights would continue to be upheld, along with non-Malay Malaysians. (Source: No reason to fear the NEM, New Straits Times, 30 May 2010)

What inclusiveness means to BN

“Inclusiveness involves ensuring that all ethnicities are able to participate in and benefit from economic growth. Equitable economic participation includes addressing imbalances in bumiputera representation in employment; in ownership of assets such as property and corporate equity; and representation of bumiputera businesses in high value-added activities. Therefore, the overall bumiputera development agenda will continue to be a major thrust of Malaysia’s economic policy.”

(Source: Moving Towards Inclusive Socio-Economic Development, 10th Malaysia Plan, 10 June 2010)

“The target of attaining at least 30% bumiputera corporate equity ownership at macro level remains.”

“Companies that secure large government contracts, as well as local and foreign investors who are the recipients of pre-package special incentives under the provision of foreign direct investment incentive schemes, will be asked to commit to balanced employment targets, training programmes or attachment/secondment programmes, especially to increase bumiputera participation at international level.”

(Source: Moving Towards Inclusive Socio-Economic Development, 10th Malaysia Plan, 10 June 2010)

…and don’t forget Malay Malaysian/bumiputera rights

“Dr Chua should remember not to question Malay rights when fighting for the Chinese.”

“If there is any subject that concerns government policy, MCA must understand the issue of special privileges and wealth distribution, which is the government’s duty to uphold. They first have to consider BN’s interest if they are fighting for any issue. I don’t think MCA will ignore the importance of BN’s cooperation.”

“Chinese equity went up to more than 40 per cent, while Malays still have not reached their target. I am also sure that Dr Chua is aware that Malays are still not successful, so he has to be fair (to Malays).”

Deputy Prime Minister and Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reminding MCA not to stray from what BN stands for in the party’s zeal to represent Chinese Malaysians. He was responding to comments from Dr Chua that MCA was not afraid of sharing views with DAP on issues benefiting Chinese Malaysians. (Source: ‘MCA must follow BN’s stand, New Straits Times, 17 Aug 2010)

“Kalau terlalu menekan orang Melayu dan bumiputera tanpa mereka melihat ada juga pihak lain yang memberi pertimbangan kepada orang Melayu terutama sekali swasta, ia akan ada rasa tidak puas hati di kalangan masyarakat.”

Najib, reminding DAP not to put pressure on the question of Malay Malaysian and bumiputera rights until it caused anger and dissatisfaction amongst them. He said the government was trying to draw up fair and equal policies. However, Malay Malaysians and bumiputera might become angry if DAP kept harping on abolishing policies that involved Malay Malaysian interests. (Source: Peringatan kepada DAP, Utusan Malaysia, 28 July 2010)

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