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Low-cost units owned by senior MBPJ officers a matter of concern

LOW-cost flat units are supposed to be reserved for low-income earners, and primarily to provide housing for squatter residents who are displaced by the development of the land they one occupied.

To ensure that only the poor are allowed to purchase these low-cost units, the Selangor government has set the following rules:

the purchaser must be a Selangor resident;
the purchaser must not have a base salary higher than RM2,500; and
the purchaser and his or her spouse must not already own a house.

Despite these rules, I have found several senior-ranking MBPJ officers listed as owners of low-cost units that were purchased in 2006 directly from the developer.

These officers have a base salary higher than RM2,500 at the time of purchase. I believe that these officers and their spouses own their own houses as well.

I had on 15 Jan 2010 requested MBPJ mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman to conduct an inquiry within 21 days. However, the inquiry was not conducted, and no formal reply was given as to why there might be a delay.

It is therefore with  much regret that I am forced to issue this statement and expose these facts.

The purchase of these low-cost units by MBPJ officers is of grave concern to me as a councillor, as these officers are working in departments that are directly linked to the approval process of development projects.

I have submitted a formal request to the Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) to conduct a public inquiry.

I am withholding the names of these officers for now as I do not wish to prejudice the inquiry process.

KW Mak
MBPJ local councillor

24 Feb 2010

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6 Responses to “Low-cost units owned by senior MBPJ officers a matter of concern”

  1. anoymous says:

    What is so surprising? I know of a former MB’s daughter who was given a low cost flat in Ampang FOC by a well known underworld boss.

  2. A Returned Malaysian says:

    Kudos… I hope Selcat will look into this.

  3. Mikazuki says:

    I hope the public inquiry by SELCAT will be done ASAP. There are alot of low-income earners who deserve a low-cost flat but their chances are slim to none when people who don’t deserve it get their grubby hands on those low cost flats.

    Good job on revealing this fact & keep up the good work.

  4. Tan says:

    Such abuse has been going on for decades and has even been reported in the print media. It is the fault of the anti-corruption authorities for not following up on the reports as printed. The perception of corruption in the country as reported by Transparency International Malaysia has basis, and is not baseless as claimed by the ruling government.

  5. Sean says:

    Where is the ‘list’ you mention? Is this the sort of thing that any responsible citizen could do, or is it only someone in your position who has access to this sort of information?

  6. anoymous says:

    It’s surprising to know that such things are happening and the poor are being deprived of proper housing. Kudos, to you, Mak, for opening this can of worms. As a PJ City Councilor you have a responsibility to get to the bottom of this matter. Why didn’t you raise this issue with the Mayor during the monthly full board meeting? So that the issue could have been addressed on the spot.

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