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Samy Vellu’s resilience

Samy on the edge of a cliff, guns ablaze, shooting indiscriminately at those approaching

Lainie Yeoh doesn’t hold her breath each time Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu announces his resignation.

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8 Responses to “Samy Vellu’s resilience”

  1. thokiat says:

    Samy is an extinct species. So many of our politicians have retired after losing out either in general or party elections. Lim Chong Eu, Wan Mokhtar, even Abdullah. It’s a disgrace that he couldn’t groom a succession team for the past 30 years.

  2. Leithaisor says:

    Aiyah… Samy Vellu also vowed not to return to KL if Barisan lost in Lunas in [1999], no? But after BN lost, he found reason to balik ke KL….

    Holding one’s breath waiting for Samy Vellu to keep his word is a very dangerous thing to do.

  3. Reza says:

    It’s amazing how someone as incompetent as him could stay in power for so long.

  4. chewy says:

    Haa! Haa! Haa!

  5. M.K. says:

    He is now awaiting any other good “offer” like being an envoy for Malaysia in Zimbabwe! The word “retire” does not exist in his vocabulary, so what can the MIC members do?

  6. Kabigusikabigum says:

    Haiyah, why so busy body. This is Malaysia boleh. What makes Samy stay longer? His supporters want him to stay longer. Who are his supporters? [Indian Malaysians]. If Indian [Malaysians] want him to stay as long as he wishes, please don’t disturb him.
    He still needs to collect one last medal called “longest serving MIC president”.

    [Five-thousand people] in GAS want him go but 500,000 more are kissing his toes pleading, please stay as long as you wish, without you Indian [Malaysians] won’t have any leader. Nobody will fight for us. Forget about your anger against BN but answer this question, does BN need MIC more or does MIC need BN more? Is there any constituency in Malaysia where MIC members are the majority? No. With or without MIC, BN with Umno in charge can bulldoze anything. So my poor Indian [Malaysian] mates, think about your future, make up your minds together. Kick the fella [out] otherwise you will be long-time losers.

  7. navin says:

    Haha gun-slingin’ Samy!

  8. Kumari says:

    Last time Samy lost his parliamentary seat in Sg Siput. And then lost his Menteri Kerja Raya job. And now [he is] almost losing as MIC president. Last job [left] to do … tanam sayur ka?

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