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PR blames BN over nude photos

PETALING JAYA, 17 Feb 2009: Riding on its scandalised assemblyperson Elizabeth Wong, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has started stumping for the 7 April by-elections in Bukit Gantang, Perak, and Bukit Selambau, Kedah.

At Wong’s press conference today where she announced her resignation as the Bukit Lanjan elected representative and as a Selangor executive councillor, PR did not hesitate to blame the Barisan Nasional (BN) for the circulation of Wong’s nude pictures.

The BN was blamed even though the source and those responsible for circulating the pictures have not been identified.

By depicting Wong as a victim of political assassination, the opposition coalition also depicted itself as the victim of the BN’s “gutter politics” to regain control of seats lost to PR in the March 2008 general election.

“We know that what has happened is clearly politically motivated. We call upon the people of Malaysia to reject the gutter politics that is being practised by the BN.

“This must stop, and we hope that in the by-elections to come, in Perak, in Kedah, and in Selangor [assuming Wong’s resignation is accepted], the people of Malaysia will send the BN a clear message,” Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president R Sivarasa said today.

He and other PR component party leaders, mainly from the women’s wings, were present at Wong’s press conference.

Wong, 37, is from PKR. Before joining politics, she was active as a human rights and environmental activist.

“All tactics possible”

PKR women’s wing chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin said the BN was using “all tactics possible” to regain power instead of focusing on key issues like corruption and the economy. “They are wasting their time on this,” she said.

PAS women’s wing chief Noridah Salleh said the attack on Wong showed that “the BN cannot accept defeat. They know they are no longer a viable coalition, so they will try all sorts of ways to bring down a government elected by the people.”

“There may be more that they will do to us and to Eli. We hope the people will support us to bring the BN’s downfall,” Noridah said.

Teresa Kok
DAP Wanita national secretary Teresa Kok said Wong should reconsider her resignation because she was being victimised.

“This invasion of privacy can happen to anyone of us, especially to us female assemblypersons. Ever since we took over the state government, almost each and every exco in Pakatan has been picked on an attacked by the Umno media.

“And now it’s the turn of Eli Wong,” said Kok, who is Member of Parliament for Seputeh, Kinrara assemblyperson and Wong’s colleague in the state exco.

Irene Fernandez
PKR supreme council members Dr Xavier Jayakumar, the Seri Andalas assemblyperson, and Irene Fernandez said the incident was a clear message to Malaysians to reject the BN in the elections.

“The people and the press should take cognisance of today’s politics and the direction that Malaysia is taking in terms of democracy.

“If there is going to be a new prime minister, and if this is the way politics is going to be done, we will hold all of you responsible if you do not play your part and bring the message that this gutter politics is not part and parcel of the way of Malaysians,” Xavier said.


Fernandez said the expose on Wong’s private life was a form of violence against women.

“Gutter politics that abuses women is a form of violence that cannot be accepted. It should not be the basis for her resignation because we consider it a violation of privacy,” she said.

Wong herself, reading from a prepared statement, predicted that the onslaught by the BN against PR politicians would continue.

“PKR stands for ‘new’ politics that holds justice and human rights as core values. It is precisely because of this that I believe these attacks will continue with greater intensity, and I have no doubt that Umno and the BN will continue to manipulate the situation,” she said.

About a dozen supporters, claiming to be Bukit Lanjan constituents, were present during the press conference. They reacted in shock when Wong announced her resignation, shouting, “Why should you resign, you are a victim!” and “Don’t be a quitter!”

The supporters held hand-scrawled posters which read, “YB Eli, don’t give in to your enemies” and “We support you”. One even brought flowers and a teddy bear.

The press, however, were disappointed that they were not allowed to ask questions after Wong and the other leaders had finished giving their statements.

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8 Responses to “PR blames BN over nude photos”

  1. Pete Wu says:

    If PR want to topple BN from power, Eli Wong must be allowed to resign. My heart goes with her. Those who violated her privacy for whatever reason, are real scumbags. But, PR must take the moral high ground on this issue. I know it’s not fair, especially for EW. PR must take the pain and let her go. She will have my utmost respect if she sticks to her decision to resign.

  2. elaine says:

    Whatever decision Eli makes, it will turn out to be a blessing for I believe that evil forces cannot be victorious. Truth will reign instead. Her resignation and perhaps a later by-election will create another tsunami for the nation. We who still have the conscience are called to be patient and stand in solidarity during these times of political crisis of our beloved country.

  3. johnny says:

    YB E Wong. Be strong and believe in yourself. See no evil hear no evil. Head straight and fight till the end. You will win. WE SUPPORT YOU. Never bow down to your enemy (Umno). God bless you.

  4. adunbukittelanjang says:

    Apalah PR ni, semua pun salah Umno – BN, siapa yang suruh Elizabeth telanjang? Siapa yang suruh Elizabeth terkangkang? Siapa yang ambil gambar? Umno-kah?

  5. teohjitkhiam says:

    Pete Wu is right. Considering the snips of hearsay regarding her ex-beau, PAS won’t be able to take the kind of political heat from those Umno-ists if the information is disclosed and proven true. The takeover in Perak and the subsequent brou-ha-ha over the royalty’s role has been an Umno-ist set-up all along, in my opinion. How will Pakatan react, if HRH deems that there is no compelling reason for Eli to resign, vis-a-vis the Perak takeover? Think about it. Pakatan, especially PKR, please get your house in order first.

  6. chuck says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through BN’s politics of corruption that has left many Malaysians striving to make ends meet and many more living close to poverty or in poverty. To prolong hardship vote BN.

  7. magician says:

    PKR cannot accept Eli’s resignation or it will open the floodgates for many more peeping toms or sick maniacs to take pics of people in privacy. There is no such issue as moral high ground as this infringement is immoral in the first place. PKR , stay your course and support your elected leaders. People will lose trust in your leadership if you do not stand by your reps when they are victimised. Look at Umno, their politicians have gone through numerous scandals and yet the party is behind them.

  8. P.A.Chew says:


    You are obviously an Umno cybertrooper. The rakyat knows who is responsible simply by asking these questions:

    Who stands to benefit from PKR’s hurt? Who has the means to do this? Who controls the mainstream press? Who made the loudest noise for Eli to step down? Which party’s elections are coming up? Which party’s warlords need to outdo each other to win elections? Which party is losing support and becoming desperate?

    Well, what is your answer?

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