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40 more to be called on in Teoh investigation (Updated 6.30pm)

Updated 6.30pm, 21 July 2009

PETALING JAYA, 21 June 2009: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said today that police would call on 40 people to assist in the investigations into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, 30, at Plaza Masalam on 16 July.

Teoh, who was the aide to Ean Yong Hian Wah, the Selangor state executive councillor for New Village Development and Illegal Factory Taskforce, was found dead last Thursday on the roof of the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam after being questioned by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Hishammuddin said as of yesterday,  police had taken statements from 33 individuals, including 25 MACC officers.

“Before this, the investigation was directed towards the building, the interrogation room, and the location where the body was found. Now we will expand the investigation to their statements, including from two state executive councillors,” he said.

Hishammuddin also gave assurance that the case would be investigated professionally and transparently down to the smallest detail, and reminded all quarters not to twist the facts of the case.

He said he would report developments in the investigation to the cabinet tomorrow.

“We’ll see what the cabinet says. I personally see that what’s being done by the police is very detailed. I want the case to be resolved speedily and carefully,” he said.

Hishammuddin said if after the investigation there were “questions that needed to be answered”, then alternatives channels would be used to assure the people and to ensure justice and truth.

Meanwhile, Kajang Municipal Councillor Tan Boon Wah arrived at the Selangor police headquarters last night to give his statement to police to assist investigations into Teoh’s death.

Tan arrived at 9pm with his wife and lawyer.

Yesterday, Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar had advised Tan to present himself at the police station since he had made a police report against the MACC last Saturday.

Tan had earlier refused to give his statement to the police.

Khalid had said if Tan failed to give a statement on the report he had made, a notice would have to be issued under Section 11 of the Penal Code to order him to give a statement at the station, or face the prospect of being charged for making a false report. — Bernama

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2 Responses to “40 more to be called on in Teoh investigation (Updated 6.30pm)”

  1. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    The operative words in the office of Ean Yong Hian Wah, being (the Selangor state executive councillor for) New Village Development and Illegal Factory Taskforce, is where some clues may be found in the murder most foul.

    I think that the Utusan Malaysia has a point that the rush to add a racial dimension to this death is unwarranted. Teoh is said to have been murdered by whom, no one is ready to nominate except to point to the ‘usual suspects’ on the opposition’s list. Needless to say RPK has to attempt redemption by his snide remarks.

    If it were a Chinese Malaysian inspector or an Indian Malaysian the inferences would not have been drawn so readily that the MACC murdered him. It beggars belief that no one has yet asked why Ean Yong Hian Wah, the Selangor state executive councillor for whom Teoh worked has remained mute and out of the picture all this while.

    Let’s hear one from the man himself now: Ean Yong Hian Wah.

  2. Pratamad says:


    Regardless of the colour of Teoh Beng Hock and the murderer(s), what people are so enraged is that someone, a witness as claimed by MACC, was tortured through marathon questioning session by the MACC through the night and then found dead right in front of MACC office in a most suspicious manner. MACC has to be accountable for the life lost.

    The same appalling effect would be felt if the targeted victim is one from PAS, another opposition party.

    When it comes to hideous crime, it is colour-blind. But when the top government officers rushed to defend MACC blindly, they simply show their ‘coloured’ mind.

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