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Perak ruler urged to end political stalemate

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 May 2009: The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) and politicians have urged the Perak ruler to dissolve the Perak legislative assembly, to pave the way for fresh elections and end the current political stalemate.

Bersih spokesperson Wong Chin Huat said fresh elections were the only way to end the Perak constitutional crisis.

“The ball is now in the palace’s court, and the Perak Regent (Raja Nazrin Shah) must make the right decision,” said Wong in a statement released today.

He also called on Malaysians to continue wearing black to demonstrate their protest until the state assembly is dissolved. Bersih launched the 1BLACKMalaysia campaign on 5 May to urge Malaysians to wear black to protest against the “ongoing Perak coup”.

“Bersih warns (Barisan Nasional-installed menteri besar Datuk) Zambry (Abdul Kadir) not to attempt reconvening the legislative assembly chaired by the illegitimate speaker R Ganesan and passing a motion of no-confidence against (Datuk Seri Mohammad) Nizar (Jamaluddin),” said Wong.

“Such an attempt would only result in more legal suits. In any case, even if a vote of no-confidence is passed, the menteri besar (Nizar) can still appeal to the ruler to dissolve the state legislature,” said Wong.

Meanwhile, DAP deputy general secretary Chong Eng appealed to Sultan Azlan Shah to “listen to the wishes of his rakyat and return the power to the people.”

“The only rational way out of [the political deadlock in Perak] is to return to ground zero and let the Perak voters decide on their government,” Chong, who is Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam, said in a statement.

She added that the BN should agree to having new state elections because it is the people’s wish.

In addition, MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek also agreed that fresh state elections would be the best way to resolve the Perak political crisis.

“Let the rakyat decides and once for all, we resolve this problem, which is not doing anybody any good,” said the former health minister in a blog posting today.

Additionally, Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, better known as Ku Li, said yesterday that he hoped the Perak sultan would agree to dissolve the state assembly as it is “the decent thing to do.”

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5 Responses to “Perak ruler urged to end political stalemate”

  1. Yong says:

    I hope that Allah will guide the Perak Regent to dissolve the assembly for the people’s interest and that will make the Royal family more respected by the Perakians and other Malaysians also.

  2. ipoh_mali says:

    Tuanku, my Sultan, please listen to your subjects this time. Please.

    Let your subjects decide for you, all Your Highness needs to do is return the power to us. We will vote the government we want, a government that is humble, kind and has a heart to help us in return, not the other way around which is so obvious in the last three months. We, your subjects will respect and love you more if only you dissolve the assembly.

    Please do the right thing, Your Highness, I beg of you.

    From an anak jati Perak.

  3. Maozi says:

    Another one step behind. The court showed tremendous, unbelievable, impossible speed in Zambry’s appeal, so, it is at Zambry’s disposal of whether to advice Sultan to dissolve the assembly or not.

    I bet RM1, he’s not going to do so.

  4. kwchap says:

    Yes, this is the only way and I sincerely hope our new PM will not disappoint us … I think it’s time for our new PM to walk the talk … Prove it to us the rakyat that he’s sincere in solving the Perak issue rather that clinging to power the wrong way …

    Like a famous Chinese saying … Even if we lose, we lose beautifully …

  5. raguel says:

    If PM and DPM really care for the rakyat as they claim and both PR and BN can’t resolve the impasse, any average politician would opt for this. Especially since BN claims strong support, claims PR has lost majority support, so just put the claim to concrete proof.

    Strange appeal case – no precedent for stay of declaration, rush rush hush hush just drag a single judge to get a decision within hours. Amazing speed with biased reasons for appeal, reasons contrary to BN’s claim of having rakyat at heart.

    Can bet Mahathir had a hand in coaching BN leaders typical of his era. Please wake up, all Malaysians with some sense of decency. Reject unfair leaders who have no respect for law who will make the state a police state. You have video clips to judge for yourselves.

    Can BN give one reason apart from cost considerations, for not wanting to let people decide? For fear of losing they cant face reality, live under hallucination of past glory during Mahathir’s era.

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