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“Perak Pakatan Rakyat unstable anyway”

PETALING JAYA, 6 Feb 2009: The Perak Pakatan Rakyat should find out what internal shortcomings led to its eventual collapse on 5 Feb 2009, said Umno veteran Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad today.

“Perak had been unstable for some months before this. For example, the internal bickering when DAP’s Ipoh Barat Member of Parliament M Kulasegaran wanted to be mayor of Ipoh.

“There was also the controversy of DAP unsuccessfully wanting to rename Jalan Silibin to Jalan P Patto,” he said during a press meeting at his office in Putrajaya today.

“But the biggest surprise is why a high-ranking DAP member would leave the party. It’s quite serious,” said Shahrir, who is also Umno supreme council member.

Shahrir was referring to the assemblyperson for Jelapang, Hee Yit Foong, who left DAP to be an independent.

He said Perak folk have also been angry at the alleged arrogance of DAP assemblypersons, the cousins Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming.

“So Menteri Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin shouldn’t feel too bad about losing his job. It is not entirely his fault. He should scold the DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) for being unable to control their own elected representatives,” Shahrir said.

Shahrir said it was technically not a direct takeover of Perak by the BN as the Pakatan Rakyat coalition collapsed due to resignations of three assemblypersons from its ranks.

“The one assemblyperson who crossed over to Umno was originally an Umno member anyway. The Pakatan Rakyat seemed to think it was okay when he crossed over to PKR,” Shahrir said.

Shahrir also said it was unfair for the Pakatan Rakyat to cry foul over the Perak government’s collapse when the coalition wanted to defeat the federal BN government by the same methods on 16 Sept 2008.

“They are talking of kuasa rakyat now. By this virtue, Nizar could not have become MB, since his party did not command the majority in the state assembly. He was appointed in accordance with the state constitution’s requirements for a Malay Malaysian menteri besar,” said Shahrir.

If the appointment was made on the basis of “kuasa rakyat”, Shahrir said the menteri besar should have been a Chinese Malaysian from the DAP.

Asked to comment on the anger at the Barisan Nasional (BN)’s takeover expressed by the public in Ipoh on 5 Feb 2009, Shahrir said: “You can expect Pakatan Rakyat supporters to get angry. But to assume that the majority in Perak do not welcome the change is presuming too much.”

When asked whether the BN could govern effectively when it was so lopsidedly Malay Malaysian in composition, Shahrir said the BN would need to ensure its policies benefited the majority of Perak’s population.

Shahrir, who is Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, said the situation in Perak was still unstable.

“But it will be easier on consumers and businesses now for the state to be under BN. There will be better coordination and less politicking between the state and federal governments. They will enjoy more impact from federal support,” he said.

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28 Responses to ““Perak Pakatan Rakyat unstable anyway””

  1. Perakian says:

    Now, the Jelapang people want their assemblyperson to step down; or at least have a face-to-face meeting. Is this “Mission Impossible”? Is this Jelapang assemblyperson representing herself or the people from Jelapang?

  2. anak malaysia says:

    Shahrir is talking nonsense too. PRK being unstable means this thing should happen? If he and his wife had some unstable relationship, that means some men should and can go to seduce his wife and split his marriage?

  3. pas4all says:

    Unstable state government either way?

    So, this is a very good reason to have a fresh state election.

  4. Kip says:

    For once, would you grow up? Immature type of action lead more to your downfall. Wait for the next GE. Then you will know who is unstable.

  5. Daniel Lim says:

    Well, another hypocrite. It’s good that we can see the real side of low creatures like this guy and “the other one”. They were both respected by a lot of people including people who do not support Umno. But with what he just said in the article above. Bye bye, another hypocrite is being exposed.

  6. Daniel Lim says:

    Oh, I forgot to point out one very obvious thing. If you think that it’s too much to assume the majority in Perak do not welcome the change, then go to the battlefield and show the whole world you are right, not using dirty tactics, using money and scare tactics to get the number.

  7. stopbodekingumno says:

    Will you all stop interviewing all these Umno people and publish something the readers want, i.e. an interview with Nizar?

  8. jeagerlange says:

    Shahrir, as expected you views are glaringly skewed towards Umno and flawed. The so-called instability was and always has been caused by Umno’s manipulations. Even after the GE, the BN-led government failed to vacate their power and throughout the period ex-MB Tajol Rosli tried to lure Pakatan assemblymen to crossover, hence the infamous statement that BN would re-take Perak by 31 August 2008.

    Lack of coordination again is the hallmark of the Umno-led federal government as they are the sore losers. They deliberately refused to be friendly with the Pakatan-led government and placed obstacles along the path. They do not practise what they preach – democracy.

    Defections of the traitors were mastermind by none other than Umno again! Beating below the belt. Very ungentlemanly but this is not surprising with Umno mentality. You may accuse Anwar Ibrahim of starting it first but remember two wrongs won’t make one right.

    Internal bickering is very normal in a party let alone a big alliance. Even spouses and children have constant family problems which are only usual and expected. Umno-led BN is not spared either – on the contrary it is even worse compared to Pakatan’s. Can you dispute that?

    Being a seasoned politician as portrayed by Shahrir, one would have expected him to be more balanced in his views. A great disappointment indeed! Anyway, lest you forget Umno is already a bygone history.

  9. Pete Wu says:


    We used to have high respect for you as a principled politician, especially when you fought Mahathir. But now, you guys sound like a pathetic lot!

    We, the rakyat want to hear some voices of conscience, especially from leaders of the BN. So far, only Ku Li lives up to our expectations. The rest of you, other than being a pathetic lot, are just “kaki ampu”!

  10. Eric says:

    Shahrir Samad is using petty issues to hide the coup. Shame on people like him who shun democracy for political expediency.

    I look forward to pay back time.

  11. what the says:

    Ya, ya. Assuming majority do not welcome change IS presuming too much. But assuming they do IS also presuming too much too, no? So stop talking like a politician and stop presuming, FIND OUT!

    The best way is to take it to the majority, no? Listen to the majority,no? Takut apa? No need to presume this and that. What is a democracy? Simply put: the choice belongs to the people. Losers will accept the view of the majority and be gracious about it. What has the BN done? Support or destroy a democracy? It is the responsibility of a great leader to support and protect a democracy. How can the losers accept anything else if they believe they are the rightful winners and have been cheated? Might as well not have elections, no?

    Within the law? I say man, the letter of the law is not perfect and subject to interpretation, no? What is the Spirit of the Law? Don’t even have to have snap elections if you really think about it, just in the katak areas, no? Or … no need election … referendum? Build Carrefour (in Selangor) can have referendum, why not this?

  12. PM says:

    Does this Datuk think the BN government will be stable with this dubious grab for power? What with two of the frogs having the corruption millstone hanging down their necks, and the other frog who has sold herself, and will be treated with contempt by her constituents and other rakyat.

  13. PM says:

    For a stable Perak government, the only recourse, and a fair one, is go back to the voters. In this case may I ask Shahrir what is holding back the BN from taking this course? Afraid that BN will lose badly?

  14. Maozi says:

    Datuk Shahrir Samad was one of the few highly regarded in Umno when the PM chose his cabinet and ministers. However, you can’t expect anyone from Umno’s calibre to speak justly about this matter. He should quit Umno like Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, and follow his brother’s fighting course instead.

  15. Observer says:

    I refer to YB Sharir’s comment that ” Perak PR is unstable anyway “. Then Umno is more unstable with their internal bickerings and infighting as well. Tajol Rosli was removed as Perak Umno and BN Liason head as well. What does this say?

    The mainstream media just spins talks of Hee Yit Foong’s displeasure with DAP and blames it on the cousins Datuk Nga and Ngeh. Is this the real reason?

    Well, this had been played up to provide Hee with a ready excuse to abandon ship as Hee had been in contact with BN’s contact man with heaps of goodies beyond her wildest dreams if she just crossed over.

    Datuk Shahrir should not BS about better coordination and less politicking being easier on consumers and businesses. Just focus on your ministry to reduce the petrol price with the world’s crude being lowered – which you didn’t do.

    What “kuasa rakyat” are you talking Datuk Sharir? BN didnt have the rakyat’s kuasa to take over the state adminstration! BN merampas kuasa which is illegal.

    Unless you face the electorate and get a mandate, whatever you say is without meaning and not substantiated.

    It is not PR’s supporters but the Perakians who are very angry over this.

    Nizar was doing an excellent job and he was a leader of exemplary character. In fact the best MB Perak ever had and this is for sure. His exco is the most proactive Exco and responsive to the rakyat’s needs.

  16. DS says:

    Javanese (Malay) values are not compatible with Islamic values. The informed and educated know this well. So does PAS, though they will not admit it openly.

    The current system, rules, constitution and Rukunegara were just put in place by Umno to prolong their (fake and manipulative concept of) Malay elite dominance, which is in actuality only for UMNOputra dominance; and to allow their divide and conquer tactics and methods to fester and disunite.

    Ketuanan Umno boleh! People deserve the government they get! Time for the people to rise and rebel!

  17. johnny says:

    Shahrir is talking BS. Ask him one simple question: Umno has internal problems too. So what is he saying?

  18. ilann says:

    Spent my day vacuuming the house. It felt good. Wish I had a longer extension cord.

  19. Andrew I says:

    People, let’s not forget what Pakatan Rakyat has been telling us. Take the money and run! We’ll just have to wait and see what Hee is going to do in the end. She might be a bona fide turncoat or …

  20. cckkpr says:

    Unstable! My foot. When you were not a minister, you showed wisdom in your quotes. Now being a minister, you seem to see $$$$$$ and your sense of wisdom has been totally lost.

  21. zach says:

    Yes, Anwar started it with the whole defection thing.

    But at least he attempted to follow the constitution (special parliament session, motion of no confidence, call for fresh polls) compared to what najib did in Perak (kidnap, bribery, reject no confidence motion to oust Nizar, deny the people their right by dismissing fresh polls).

  22. gitf701 says:

    Hey Shahrir, I remember that even you and your brother have big disagreements, having different ideology, being in the same family. What about cousins, coming from different race and faith. Your highlighting of these sounds odd and hypocritical.

  23. Alibaba Mahathir says:

    Anwar Ibrahim to entice defection is fundamentally wrong because he and Pakatan Rakyat had no money to counter offer the millions of ringgit in Umno’s kitty obtained from money politics.

  24. Antares says:

    Shahrir, I used to really like and respect you. I saw you as the Bobby Kennedy of Malaysian politics. But that was back in 1986. These days I wouldn’t even let you launder my bedsheets. Sorry lah, bro. You sold out. Only redemption is QUIT UMNO!

  25. sang kancil says:

    If Umno is so sure of itself, go for a snap election and let the good people of PERAK decide. I challenge you.

  26. Mr Smith says:

    Oh gosh, he justifies the unjustifiable.

    What he should answer is if the sacking of the MB is legal?

    If he presumes the majority in Perak supports BN then go back to the people.

  27. D Lim says:

    “They will enjoy more impact from federal support”… hmm.. Datuk Shahrir … that sounds like a threat! Hear from what he did not say. Meaning with Nizar as MB, they will NOT enjoy support from the federal government. Anyway, that’s Malaysian politics!

  28. elizabethwong says:

    Once I had high respect for Shahrir, but once he ascended to the position of a cabinet minister, the lure of money and power has caused him to dance to Umno’s tune. Thanks to him, we have a sharp increase in fuel price, the disbanding of the control price of steel and cement, tariff increases on TNB which is structured to hurt the middle and lower income group of consumers, etc. The high inflation we are facing now, even though oil price has come down, is largely thanks to him.

    And now, he wants to put in his two-sen worth on Perakgate. Well, it’s amazing he can stoop so low as to ask MB Nizar to “scold DAP”. So, with all the problems that the BN is facing, can we ask MCA, Gerakan, etc., to scold Umno? Poining fingers at DAP is a weak ploy to deflect the real cause of the problem, our PM-in-waiting and Umno politics. You say the trigger was the resignation of Hee, but may we ask, how is it that she resigned and then aligned her loyalty to BN?

    Come on, Sharir, we are not stupid!

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