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Penang Gerakan Youth reports Guan Eng to MACC

PENANG, 16 July 2009: Penang Gerakan Youth today made a report to the Penang branch of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s move to a luxury bungalow on Jalan Pinhorn after his official residence was infested with termites.

The movement’s vice-head, H’ng Khoon Leng, said the report was made after Lim refused to answer various questions regarding the bungalow.

He said all information collected pertaining to the house had been handed over to the MACC.

“We hope the MACC would conduct an urgent investigation regarding all doubtful questions on the bungalow,” H’ng told reporters after handing over the report to MACC officials.

Also present was Penang Gerakan Youth chief, Oh Tong Keong.

Before this, Penang Gerakan Youth had posed queries to Lim as to the logic of his move to the bungalow. It would lodge a report with the MACC if Lim failed to respond to its queries by 15 July.

Lim has refused to answer the questions and instead classified the movement’s action as that of “kindergarten kids”.

“We had given time to Lim to reply but he not only refused but arrogantly termed us as ‘kindergarten kids,” said H’ng.

He stressed that the report was not meant to be libellous, accusatory or to maltreat Lim, but it was to determine the principle of competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) as espoused by the chief minister.

He said Lim’s move to avoid answering questions on the issue had raised various speculations and the truth should be made known. — Bernama

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2 Responses to “Penang Gerakan Youth reports Guan Eng to MACC”

  1. So what? says:

    I’m not even sure what the big deal is about him “living” in a luxury condo. Is he paying like a million riggit to live there? Is he staying there too cheaply? What are the facts? He’s the CM of a state. If he wants to live in a big house let him. Very often in his residence he has to entertain, hold government functions, meetings.

    It all sounds like a bunch of school kids.

  2. Samseelan says:

    It’s hilarious when politicians behave like kids. He moves into a rented bungalow and you guys are spewing froth like an impotent dragon. Hey just look at your BN compatriots … PKFZ (not millions, but billions); the late Zakaria’s Palace; Khir Toyo’s 24 million “pondok”, Pak Lah’s alleged mansion in Australia etc. And just a renovated bungalow gets you guys so worked up? Come on, please do not bring disrepute to your party … it’s already sinking and Guan Eng will not be the straw for you guys to clutch.

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