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Pemudah’s scope of duties to be expanded (Updated)

Updated 9.18pm, 11 May 2009

PUTRAJAYA, 11 May 2009: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today said Pemudah’s scope of duties will be expanded to serve the needs of the people besides its task of facilitating smoother public-private sector business dealings.

He said the decision was in line with the concept of 1Malaysia which gives priority to the needs of the people.

The expansion in duties for the special task force is aimed at helping the government realise the objectives of 1Malaysia in the truest sense, he said.

“The scope of Pemudah will not be limited to how it can help the private sector by facilitating cooperation between the private and public sector but also by seeing from the perspective of the rakyat.

“(It also needs to look at) What are the government services provided directly for the interest of the people that require improvement and obvious changes,” he told reporters following a meeting with the special task force at the Prime Minister’s Office here today.

Najib said Pemudah has been also asked to give its suggestions on various issues that involve the welfare of the people such as public transportation, crime or housing, so that they could be considered for implementation.

On a related development, Najib, who is also Finance Minister, said that Pemudah had suggested that the processes taken towards the liberalisation of the financial and services sectors be continued including the review of the Foreign Investment Committee (FIC).

“They (Pemudah) believe that the process is very good and timely … that it needs to be continued as the FIC in many ways, has become an obstacle for the country’s economy,” he said.

Pemudah has been also asked to come up with suggestions towards the new economic model for the country and the setting of the vision for the transformation of the country, he said.

“Pemudah can give their suggestions and views on how Malaysia’s new economic model can be made into a reality, on the transformation for Malaysia from a country of average or above average income to a high earner,” he said.

Earlier, he said former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s move to form Pemudah was a very clever and timely move as it had successfully brought about various positive changes and significant improvements.

“Pemudah has improved many areas which are known to have brought great benefits to the people such as the process of passport issuances, licenses, and the setting up of the commercial court,” he said.

In keeping with this, the government will meet with the team three times a year at least, but it would depend on Pemudah on whether there needs to be more meetings or less, he said. — Bernama

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