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No replies for 27 May 2010

THE following Members of Parliament (MPs) have not replied to the six questions under MP Watch: Eye on Parliament as of Thursday, 27 May 2010, the end of a two-week deadline. Their responses will be updated if and when they reply.

Name:  Noriah Kasnon
Sungai Besar

Party: Umno
Years as MP:
Since 2004

Government position: 
Deputy Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister

Party position:
Sungai Besar division Wanita chief

Membership in parliamentary committees or caucuses:  None




Name: Ng Yen Yen

Party: MCA
Years as MP:
Since 1999

Government position:
Tourism Minister

Party position:
Vice President, Kelantan state chairman

Membership in parliamentary committees or caucuses:
Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) president
Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association member
World Medical Parliamentarian Association member
Inter-Parliamentary Union member




 Would you support the abolition/review of the Internal Security Act, in particular the provision that allows for detention without trial? Why or why not?

 Do you think Malaysia should be a secular or an Islamic state? Why?

 How do you define your role as an elected MP? Does Parliament provide you with the necessary infrastructure and support to fulfill your role?

 Would you support a Freedom of Information Act? Why or why not?

 If there was one thing you could do to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Malaysia, what would it be?

 Do you believe in separation of powers between the executive, Parliament and judiciary? Why or why not? 

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