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“Nizar broke promise to just take belongings”

IPOH, 6 Feb 2009: Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin broke his promise to take only his personal belongings when he held a press conference in the Menteri Besar’s office here this morning, said State Secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Hashim.

He said out of respect for Nizar as the former Menteri Besar, the State Secretariat had allowed the Perak PAS deputy commissioner and the Exco members under the former Pakatan Rakyat government to enter their respective offices in the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building to take their personal belongings.

“However, YB Datuk Seri held a press conference in the room specifically meant for the Perak Menteri Besar, and had breached the original agreement which was only to take his personal belongings, and it was totally inappropriate that his press conference was held in the room,” he said in a statement.

Abdul Rahman said that subsequent to this, he had ordered the press conference to be stopped.

He said this to clarify the commotion that broke out at the Menter Besar’s office this morning.

Abdul Rahman said it was not proper for a former Menteri Besar to act in that manner and to bring his supporters into the Perak State Secretary’s office without permission.

He added that Nizar allowed his supporters to use abusive language against him (Abdul Rahman).

The press conference was held spontaneously in the Menteri Besar’s room, when the local and international media representatives were allowed to enter together with Nizar and his former Exco members into the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building at 10am.

Nizar and his Exco colleagues, who were shocked to see that their rooms had been emptied, immediately held the press conference to express their displeasure.

However, the press conference could not proceed when the media representatives were asked by Abdul Rahman and Ipoh District Police Chief ACP Azisman Alias to leave the premises. — Bernama

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8 Responses to ““Nizar broke promise to just take belongings””

  1. Eric says:

    Did Abdul Rahman prevent Tajol Rosli and co. from stealing all the files from the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building last March? Why is he waking up now? Has he heard of the concept of neutrality for civil servants?

  2. Mulder says:

    The Pakatan Rakyat MB lied? It’s not the first time isn’t it? Isn’t he the one who said he’ll leave it to the Sultan to decide but when his highness decided against him, he revolted. Very typical of a PKR-influenced coalition.

  3. PM says:

    Does the State Secretary expect the MB to stay quiet when they ransacked his office? Come on State Secretary, you are beholden to Najib and Umno.

  4. JustOne says:

    The State Secretary should be above politics as he is a civil servant and should not comment on political happenings.

    Well, the State Secretary did not force Tajol Rosli out of his office when he was supposed to after so many days just after the March 2008 polls.

    Anyway, Nizar is still legally the MB and to do such things by clearing his desk is tantamount to insubordination.

  5. grog says:

    Yeah Mulder… based on facts and the status of this royal known for his higher intellectualism, the right thing to do was to allow for elections but unfortunately (siding Pakatan) was not an option for him. Think for yourself based on facts. Do you think the people want BN up there especially in this way? BN itself was against party-hopping when Anwar brought up this idea, look now who is doing it. BN or Pakatan. BN has made a fool of themselves.

  6. fisher says:

    Truly a police state, first they empty the drawers of the top elected official of the state. Then they bar him entry into his domain. Subsequently, they restrict his activity in his own office. And they feed us a load of baloney about the man failing to honour the agreement. Simpletons will think that the rest of the world are less bright than them! Dangerous simpletons who do more harm than good will think that they can get away with whatever they do.

  7. gitf701 says:

    Learn from the Americans. They have a fixed date for the President’s Inaguration … 20th Jan, the year after the president gets elected. They did not throw Bush’s personal belongings. In fact, he was sent off with pomp and fanfare. Why is Nizar, who is still our legitimate MB being treated like a criminal? What did he do? He’s our best MB in Perak so far.

  8. Antares says:

    Rahman Hashim, MB Mohd Nizar really ought to have sacked you after he took over the Perak state government.

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