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Najib, ‘the people’s prime minister’

PUTRAJAYA, 14 May 2009: Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he wants to be known as the “People’s Prime Minister” who is people-friendly and can understand the aspirations of the people.

“I am with the people, and will be with the people,” said the prime minister, who stressed that there should not be any perception that ‘he comes from a family of aristocrats’.

“We must look at the direction the country is heading for, we must understand, must feel the pulse of the people, the pulse of the nation, the power of the people, we must feel them,” he said when delivering his message at the Public Sector Workers’ Day at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), here today.

The event with the theme “1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now”, was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan and Cuepacs president Omar Osman.

As such, Najib said that as soon as he took over the country’s administration, his first agenda was the “walkabout” which he described as a friendly observation such as the one at Puduraya.

“I visited Puduraya because a major section of the population uses Puduraya, especially when returning to their home town for the festive holidays.

“I looked, not only with my own eyes to see for myself the situation there, I also smelled the air there. I say it’s different from the briefing given to me by the Datuk Bandar [when] I go down to look at the real situation in Puduraya.

“It’s a vast difference,” the prime minister said.

Najib said that was why he wanted to get down on the ground without the formality and ‘red carpet’ welcome and without the TV (media) crew.

He said he would definitely get down on the ground as he wanted to see personally the problems faced by the people and find ways of resolving them.

He said the government would make improvements at Puduraya for the convenience of the people who used the bus services there. — Bernama

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10 Responses to “Najib, ‘the people’s prime minister’”

  1. M.K. says:

    If you want to be the People’s PM, then the first thing you must do is to arrange for a State Election in Perak, as soon as possible!

  2. chrisyong says:

    Hi, okay plan to improve Puduraya and many projects. The plan is to siphon more money into his own bank. This guy cannot be trusted. He just want to award more projects to spend more money so that there can be more opportunities for corruption.

  3. teheweleng says:

    Excuse me sir, I have to hold my sides because of laughing too much!

  4. CY says:

    Dear Prime Minister, try taking a taxi as well and see what the people and tourists had to suffer for so many years without a solution in sight. It’s a shame that we have the worst taxi services compared to other neighboring countries.

  5. Ipoh Mari says:

    Don’t bullshit anymore on your “1 Malaysia, People First, Performance Now” empty barrel slogan. Bubarkan DUN Perak first to show you act what you preach, then we know for sure you have repented over what you done wrong to Perakians who have suffered so much because of your greedy cowardly abusive of power grabs to enrich your cronies.

  6. sinaran says:

    Mr Prime Minister,

    How can you hope to be the “People’s PM” if you are so very deaf to what the people in Perak want i.e. in calling for a dissolution of the State Assembly and fresh elections? Your premiership might just be the shortest one in the history of Malaysia after GE13, which will see the end of BN for certain if you still do NOT know how to do the right thing.

  7. PM says:

    If Najib truly wants to be the “People’s PM”, then he needs to walk the talk by respecting the rights of the rakyat to choose their representatives in the Perak state assembly considering the current political mess.

  8. raguel says:

    If indeed PM wants to be people’s PM he must feel the pulse of the people. A referendum would be the best indicator whether people feel likewise about him. Talk much, show by genuine concrete action. Does PM know what Perakians want? We hope he will show us to be wrong for once, then people may love and respect him.

  9. Zambri Bin Nayan says:

    Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he wants to be known as the “People’s Prime Minister” who is people-friendly and can understand the aspirations of the people.

    Wahai DSNR, don’t just say it but prove it…Let’s go for fresh polls in Perak.

  10. raguel says:

    People’s PM? So many urge for fresh elections, to let Perakians decide but urging ignored, what people’s PM? Still Umnoputras’ PM. We Perakians don’t count, we are pawns in political games.

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