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MIC to meet Indian Malaysian-based parties

PUTRAJAYA, 10 June 2009: MIC, the country’s largest Indian Malaysian-based political party, will meet and hold discussions with other Indian Malaysian-based parties in the country.

However, the move was not to merge with them but to work with the parties on a long-term basis in a win-win situation, said MIC president Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu in a statement today.

He said the other parties could maintain their individual structure and independence, adding that the MIC held such talks with the parties in the past but there was no commitment from them at that time.

Towards this end, Samy Vellu said he would soon write to all Indian Malaysian-based parties about its offer to unite the community.

He also announced that the MIC headquarters would allow former or expelled party members to appeal for re-admission as members, adding that they would have their appeal scrutinised to ensure they were sincere in returning to the fold.

The former works minister said MIC would not “pinch” members from other political parties but if they were interested in joining the party, the door was open to them.

“MIC branches which are defunct or closed will also be revived and energised with new leaders, subject to the approval of the Registrar of Societies,” he added.

On the thorny Maika Holdings issue, Samy Vellu assured shareholders that a permanent solution was being sought, adding that it was aware there were certain quarters working towards destroying the company and using it as a political tool. — Bernama

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6 Responses to “MIC to meet Indian Malaysian-based parties”


    Samy, why you are now calling for all Indians to unite when you were the biggest culprit who caused the Indians to seek various platform to air their grievance?. Surely, you are worried that Najib is now talking to Makkal Sakthi Party to shore up Indian support to BN. See through your past wrongdoings and get out of politics now or else you will be kicked out soon by your own BN leader.

  2. tanah puteh says:

    MIC the days are over. The good OLD MIC no more – best to close shop.

  3. mano says:

    MIC is good for nothing. It is in a coma stage.

    First MIC must unite their own house before going to the community.

    What Samy Vellu says is sheer rubbish.

    As long as he is still in MIC forever MIC will not be able to win even a single seat in the next election.

    Samy Vellu better balik kampung.

  4. mano says:

    Concerned Perakian I salute you. Samy is the cause of disunity in the Indian community.
    Sg Siput has already kicked him out. Lunas kicked him. Bukit Selambau kicked him.

  5. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    Who says race based politics is dead? Why are not these “Indian based parties” say for instance engaging the MCA or Umno where real power lies and forging meaningful alliances instead of reducing their argument to a reinforcement of what it is they claim to be fighting? Racist based politics?

    Never mind what Umno or the MCA are perceived to be. These are perceptions. In politics it is where power lies that matters. At present, in the past and for the foreseeable future it is Umno and the MCA. Should they not be putting aside individual morality and doing what is best for their constituents now that they have made the point of their grievances or are Malaysia’s Indians in for another round of wasted opportunities squandered by ill informed moralists and would be martyrs?

    It s deal making time. Let’s see how much of it will be spent or squandered arguing about who did what and how. Samy Vellu and the MIC are as relevant as the empty space in the wish lists of all Indians of Malaysia. Perhaps when considering they are a small inconsequential part of the BN it may be worth relegating them to further insignificance by talking directly to Umno and the MCA in private. The whole world need not know. And one might never know what one might find there.

  6. ipoh_mali says:

    Dear mano & Perakian,

    I’m also a Perakian, and I hate Samy Vellu. He practically sucked out all the Indian blood while we were still alive … and yet he says he has done justice for us.

    Well, I know for sure, everyone in Perak hates him. He is history.

    It’s a matter of time when he will be erased for good. Be patient. If we could wait for 50 over years, three years more is peanuts.


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