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MCA: What’s PR’s stand on NEP?

PETALING JAYA, 5 June 2009: The MCA has called on Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to clarify its stand with regard to the New Economic Policy (NEP) in light of PAS Youth’s call to maintain the 30% bumiputera quota for equity ownership.

In a statement today, MCA spokesperson Lee Wei Kiat said PAS Youth’s call was inconsistent with PR’s stand to abolish the NEP.

“PKR de-facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has many times reiterated that he would abolish the NEP if he successfully forms the government. He also mentioned that he would introduce a New Economic Agenda,” Lee said.

“Thus, the statement by the PAS Youth wing urging the government to maintain the 30% quota for bumiputeras does not reflect the Pakatan Rakyat’s sincerity towards the public,” Lee added.

The MCA information and communication bureau chairperson challenged Anwar and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to explain to voters the stand taken by PAS Youth.

Lee also described PAS Youth’s call as “short-sighted”, saying Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s announcements to liberalise 27 service sub-sectors on 22 April, and the financial sector on 27 April would help move the economy forward.

Chinese news portal Merdeka Review reported yesterday that PAS Youth urged Najib’s administration to maintain the 30% bumiputera quota so that the economic disparity between bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras could be reduced.

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11 Responses to “MCA: What’s PR’s stand on NEP?”

  1. chinaman says:

    Hello MCA mind your own business. You don’t have the rakyat’s support anymore. Dare you to oppose NEP. If you don’t, then keep quiet.

  2. Yes, what is PR’s stand on NEP?

    Which begs another question: What is MCA doing to promote meritocracy?

  3. james au says:

    It’s not unusual for MCA to jump on an opportunity like this. Being a BN watchdog, it is already a culture. Putting the blame on others and quick to find faults is the criteria in BN. Or what do you expect MCA to say? MCA must uphold the golden rule in Umno – U Must Not Oppose! No matter what , just to save their own skin and personal gains. In doing so for the past 50 years, it has become second nature in MCA to develop a habit of keeping mum towards their political masters for the party’s survival and this habit has been indoctrinated into the MCA culture.

    So MCA has thus inculcated the policy of Money Can Accept which pleases their political masters who share the same ideas and horizons! To further get into the good books of Umno/BN, all they got to say is two simple words: “Ya, betul.” A simple way to get rich and realise the “Malaysian Dream”. So, don’t get angry with them. Join them if you will. Against your conscience, soul, spirit and be rewarded. God will turn you into a “Hollow Man”.

  4. tkwah says:

    The MCA does not have the moral right to question any other party’s position on the NEP unless it first renounces the NEP and starts to promote true meritocracy. Of course, that would mean loss of positions and privileges for its leaders.

    Perhaps, it would be better off doing what it does best – keeping its mouth shut while Umno dictates how the wealth of this country could be allocated to enrich its own leaders through the NEP.

  5. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    MCA’s question on the subsject of the NEP is a valid one. What is PKR’s position on the NEP. Does it intend to abrogate the government’s position on the NEP or does it have no policy on the subject considering how vexed an issue the NEP is and has been with non-Malay [Malaysian] commmunities in Malaysia?

    MCA may not be the paragon of political virtue in Malaysia, but they have fired a flaming arrowhead at PKR’s policy chest with this question and PKR’s silence or evasion from a response on this issue will only invite the public to draw their own negative inferences.

  6. ho says:

    So, what is MCA’s stands on the NEP when it asks others to state their stand?

  7. goldenscreen says:

    Then what is MCA’s stand on the NEP, if I might ask? Please state your stand MCA.

  8. tebing tinggi says:

    MCA main wayang.

  9. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    The question in the issue “What is PKR’s stand on the NEP?” is not what are other people’s or other parties’ stands on the NEP for PKR’s benefit.

    Since when did the views of the MCA become the moral beacon of PKR or a springboard of PKR’s response to this question?

    The question is one directed at PKR by MCA. PKR appears to have no response.

  10. siew eng says:

    Although I support affirmative action where correctly identified and implemented, PAS’s call to continue this much abused policy that has been a source of discrimination and corruption of the mind is inconsistent with its purported mission to uphold Islamic principles of fairness and justice. I don’t see how Kelab Penyokong PAS can exist if the party discriminates according to race and religion. Apa bezanya dengan Umno?

  11. Well, PR’s stance on the NEP is basically quoting a line from Little Britain, as far as I can tell.

    “No but yeah but no but yeah but …”

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