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MCA, Gerakan won’t support ISA debate petition

PETALING JAYA, 31 Oct 2008: The MCA and Gerakan may have come out against the Internal Security Act (ISA) but to date, none of their parliamentary representatives have signed an opposition-initiated petition against the act.

The petition, started by the Repeal ISA Parliamentary Caucus that was spearheaded by the Pakatan Rakyat on 21 Oct, seeks the prime minister’s permission to allow a debate on the act in Parliament.

As of 23 Oct, the caucus collected 85 signatures, including one signature from a BN component party representative.

Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak’s Member of Parliament (MP) for Hulu Rejang, Billy Abit Joo, was the only BN representative who signed the petition before it was submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office.

When contacted, MCA Youth Chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong admitted that he had been approached by the caucus’ members to sign the petition but had rejected it.

“If we (MCA MPs) did not sign the petition, it did not mean that we have no guts.

“It’s just that the ruling coalition has a different way of doing things from the opposition,” said Wee, who is also Deputy Education Minister and MP for Ayer Hitam.

He said debating an act, for it to be amended, was a passive way of solving the problem as all acts needed the cabinet’s approval before amendment.

“Even if they are allowed to debate about it, they can keep debating until the cows come home but the law will still remain the same.

“We have to go back to the conventional structure, which is to go through the cabinet, if we want to amend any law,” he said.

He added that the petition could be another opportunity for political mileage for the opposition and the MCA did not need to support it as the party had its own forum of airing its views to the BN.

The MCA’s MP for Labis Chua Tee Yong shared Wee’s sentiments and believed there would eventually be changes in the act but not now.

“MCA has called for the act to be reviewed because we believe that such law is needed in the country, just as in other countries, to keep law and order.

“But we want the act to be reviewed so that it will not be easily abused,” he said.

Chua, however, said he could not recall if the caucus had approached him to sign the petition but he was confident that it was merely an attempt at gaining political mileage for the opposition.

Wanita Gerakan chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe, who is one of the two Gerakan MPs, said she would not support the petition.

“Gerakan has passed a resolution for the act to be reviewed so that it will not be misused and I stand by my party’s resolution.

“I do not want to support the petition because I do not want other people to ride on us (Gerakan) for political mileage,” said Tan.

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14 Responses to “MCA, Gerakan won’t support ISA debate petition”

  1. vp says:

    MCA and Gerakan always said they would negotiate with BN members. They won’t work together with opposition parties on any issue related to the rakyat. But, through the years, no results after the negotiations.

    Dear MCA and Gerakan, if you do not support the DAP-proposed ISA debate, please tell the rakyat what are you going to do towards abolishing the ISA. How can the rakyat support you if you only sit quietly in the Dewan?

    You are elected by the rakyat and the rakyat requests you to do something about the ISA. But, you keep quiet and refuse to fulfill the rakyat’s demands.

    You deserved to lose votes in the nothern states in the March 08 elections.

  2. malaysianfirst says:

    Dr Wee, if you think supporting this petition will give political mileage to the opposition then why don’t you start something between MCA and Gerakan to push the government to repeal the ISA.

    Give a timeline to cabinet and if the cabinet says no, then announce this to the rakyat that you have done your best and that Umno has rejected it and state why.

    Discussing it behind closed doors etc is a convenient excuse that resulted in your party being whipped in the 2008 general election.

  3. Eskay says:

    Birds of the same feather. After hiding behind the sarung of Umno for decades, you, MCA & Gerakan, have finally lost your ba**s even to talk on something which you publicly acknowledge is wrong, like the ISA.
    “Cakap tak serupa bikin”

  4. Most Coward Association says:

    MCA and Gerakan have negotiated with their Umno masters for the past 50 years. What have they achieved? Year in year out, the issuance of new village land titles is turned into a political bargain. Look at the Perak state government. The moment Pakatan Rakyat took over, all new village land titles automatically converted to free hold. Shame on you, MCA and Gerakan. BTW, MCA should drop word “Chinese” in its title and replace it with “Coward”.

  5. Wong Sang Eng says:

    The ignoble incidents such as the arrests of Tan and Kok under the ISA before being released has caused a national uproar. It clearly shows serious suspicion about the inherent defects and high possibility of abuse by the police and government – both of whom are collectively responsible. Such matters need to be openly discussed/debated in parliament so that the rakyat can see and hear what our elected representatives have done and are doing, so as to answer to the people. This has nothing to do with gaining political mileage.

    We expect such matters to be discussed (with a view to a possible review or revision of the powers the government can wield under th ISA) and to know what the various views are. It is for the legislative body, i.e. parliament to question the executive (in these incidents and others) and to extract a satisfactory answer. Democracy, like justice, must be done and be seen to be done.

  6. senior member says:

    Future ministers from the MCA are singing the old tune again. They will claim to be working behind the scenes for Chinese interests. Nobody knows for sure what they have or have not done. But for the last 50 years they have been “talking” behind closed doors with Umno but obviously to no avail. However they will keep talking behind closed doors for another 50 years and they will still not achieve anything. Sure, quite often they will come out to explain Umno to the Chinese and that’s about it. That’s the function of MCA – a mahjong playing association that is concerned with getting cabinet posts. The “new blood” leaders are actually clones of the old ones.

  7. Azmin says:

    MCA and Gerakan, please wake up and realise that the reason for your loss during the 8 March election is very simple – because you didn’t act according to the rakyat’s voice anymore but even now remain hiding behind the curtain during cabinet meetings. Umno will forever remain your master and you will forever kowtow to them. The rakyat will no longer require you.

  8. K S Ong says:

    By now, it is clear that the rhetoric during their party elections are necessary within certain limits – criticise certain unpopular laws like ISA and demand for an end to the NEP but short of actually walking the talk, commonly known as ‘wayang kulit’. This is unlike Zaid Ibrahim, who was prepared to give up his ministerial position and senatorship for what he has stated in a speech.

    It is only a matter of time when public opinion and election results will see more BN politicians moving away from Umno’s narrow objectives. For example, if MCA and Gerakan are virtually wiped out in the next elections, will Umno still accommodate them? Some people even believe Umno might not be able to withstand the next onslaught in the form of popular demands for universal values.

  9. Flora says:

    Ha! After all the grandstanding and posturing in public by the MCA and Gerakan, the sad and shameful situation is that when push comes to shove, all they want is to safeguard their rice bowls and their puny party egoes. Goodness! What’s so wrong about the call to support the petition by DAP? If they are so scared to even show support, what good are they in helping to govern the country? For all their rhetoric, it looks like they have crawled back into their submissive pigeonhole. All that crap about ‘other people will ride on us for political mileage’ is just hogwash. All I can do now is wait for the next election. No surprises for guessing who will get my vote and that of my family, friends and all those I can reach out to!

  10. scully tan says:

    Let them be accountable to God at the end of their days. They will not escape God’s wrath and vengeance upon those who failed to deliver justice in their capacities to do so.

  11. CYC says:

    ISA is a national issue that concerns every Malaysian. What makes MCA and Gerakan think that it should only be decided upon by BN alone? Are we practicing Communism or gangsterism whereby the powers that be decide everything irrespective of the nature of issue?

    Parliament is the best venue to discuss the ISA as it will involve all MPs who represent the entire rakyat.

    Let’s wipe out all those who don’t even subscribe to a democratic process as simple as debating logically and diligently in Parliament.

  12. cheeky says:


    Did MCA say repeal ISA? Where can I find MCA saying this?

    I thought MCA only said to review ISA?

    What’s the difference between repeal and review anyway?

  13. Nobel Hargon says:

    Parliament was set up so that our elected politicians could debate and discuss issues pertaining the rakyat.

    Dear Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and even Pakatan Rakyat for that matter, you are working for the rakyat and not the other way around.

    State your grounds clearly with facts and figures. Disclose it to the rakyat.

    We appoint you to take care of our affairs, not your own.

  14. Swordsman says:

    To expect MCA and Gerakan to openly support the repeal or abolition of the ISA is pure political fantasy.

    We must understand the BN, though being the government, is driven 100% by party politics. Every BN rep has to toe the BN party line: absolutely no leeway for morals, ethics or universal value systems as long as they are diametrical to BN’s political interests.

    In the US, the elected reps are not bound by party loyalty, they represent the real interests of their constituents. If a Republican disagrees with Bush, he can vote against the Iraq war without any censure from his party.

    However, in those constituencies where the major armament factories are located, the rep (though he may be a Democrat) may have to vote for the Iraq war because the war industry keeps his constituents gainfully employed.

    In the US, “constituent and national interests” comes first and even supersedes moralistic considerations. At least they can claim, however unpleasant the political decision, that they were made based on national interests.

    Our BN reps only support issues that are in the selfish interests of BN and its leadership. The rakyat is never a factor in their political consideration, except to get their support through mendacious means.

    Ignore MCA and Gerakan on the ISA issue. If, God willing, the rakyat is successful in “forcing” the govt to repeal or abolish the ISA, MCA and Gerakan will come forward to claim credit, saying their arguments in the cabinet brought the result. If the effort fails, they would say Pakatan Rakyat has “politicised” the issue out of control resulting in they (MCA and Gerakan) not being able to do anything about in the cabinet.

    By taking their present position, MCA and Gerakan are sitting on a half-win, full-win and zero-loss situation.

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