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MACC raids S’gor exco’s office

SHAH ALAM, 15 July 2009: Five officers from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today raided the office of Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah at the state secretariat building here today.

The officers were said to be looking for documents on how state allocations were being spent.

During the raid at about 5pm, the MACC also seized a laptop and a central processing unit from the Seri Kembangan assemblyperson’s office located on the 15th floor of the building.

Yong’s political secretary, Teoh Beng Hock, has also been taken in by MACC officers for questioning.

Yong is among seven assemblypersons and state executive council (exco) members who are being investigated by the MACC for allegedly misusing state allocations channelled through the Petaling District Office.

It is understood that the MACC started investigating this after receiving complaints from people who claimed that they had not received the money from the allocations.

Besides Yong, the other six assemblypersons being investigated are Teresa Kok (DAP-Kinrara), Elizabeth Wong (PKR-Bukit Lanjan), Hannah Yeoh (DAP-Subang Jaya), Dr Cheah Wing Wah (DAP-Damansara Utama), Edward Lee (DAP-Bukit Gasing) and Lau Weng San (DAP-Kampung Tunku).

At a press conference, Yong said three MACC officers went to his service centre in Sri Kembangan at about 12.30pm looking for documents.

“They (MACC) did not have my permission but just showed up,” said Yong, adding that he did not know what the officers really wanted.

Yong said the MACC should explain why only government backbenchers were being probed and wondered if the agency was being pressured to do so by the opposition (Barisan Nasional) in Selangor.

He also asked if the MACC was investigating previous BN state lawmakers who spent their annual allocation of RM500,000 in just two months prior to the March 2008 general election. — Bernama

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12 Responses to “MACC raids S’gor exco’s office”

  1. kanna says:

    Come onlah! Don’t take Malaysians for fools. MACC should investigate Khir Toyo first [and] put him behind bars [then] go for all the other big fishes. And not only jump like frogs everytime someone in BN cracks the whip. MACC is an embarassment to all Malaysians. Go after PKFZ, get to the bottom of it, investigate what the DPM said in Manik Urai and take action. Don’t make a fool of yourselves. Being penny wise, pound foolish is a fool’s game.

  2. Nicholas Aw says:

    First it was the police that had its image eroded because of alleged double standards. Now the MACC has joined the band wagon by its selective investigations.

    Come on MACC, the rakyat are not fools. As much as you would like to deny it, you only investigate cases that you want to. If you want the rakyat to have faith in you then you have to act on cases that involved allegations from both sides of the political divide. Where have high profile allegations involving lawyer Lingam, Khir Toyo and even our PM gone to?

    Your investigation procedures seem so predictable: only three steps – first, select who to investigate, next start the I.P. file and then close it with your favourite tagline: “File closed, lack of evidence”.

    Not only must you be transparent but you must also seem to be transparent, failing which the rakyat will always label you as the BN government’s watchdog.

    Although you have changed your name from Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) to National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), back to ACA and now MACC, this can be likened to just changing clothes. You are still what you were even though you may change names a hundred times. I doubt that you can ever be effective if you cannot act without fear or favour.

  3. aca says:

    When 308 kicked them out, the ex-Aduns of BN claimed they had used up all their allocations of RM500,000 within two months.

    Did the MACC investigate? No!

    Cars and cows. And not to mention how he defends his son’s voyeurism. I would have retired myself to pasture.

  4. faith04 says:

    First it was Perak, now it is Selangor’s Pakatan government. MACC’s move will affect the Pakatan state government’s performance. Who’s the chair[person] of Umno Selangor? Guess who can command the MACC? Dirty tactics by the same politician who did it to the Perakians.

  5. PM says:

    Looks like MACC is barking up the wrong trees. Makes me wonder why they are going after these “ikan bilis” and not the “sharks” that we know are still swimming around. I can sense the political motivation behind their actions.

  6. siva says:

    The plan is in motion to grab Selangor back from PR. A lot of $$$$$$ is at stake here.
    Common sense – how many BN Aduns have been investigated by MACC? Surprised?

  7. Half Truth says:

    Good sign. MACC is helping PR leaders to increase the leadership credibility and value as a most trusted leader. It is also a very good wholesome publicity given by MACC to PR. An opportunity for PR leaders to be continually certified and passed by MACC as most trusted lawmakers with integrity and honour. With this honour, it helps the stakeholders i.e. rakyat, NGOs, foreign investors and world leaders, as to which lawmakers in Malaysia to trust more – PR leaders or BN leaders.

    All these 15 months, MACC had done good jobs to certify lawmakers with integrity for MB Selangor, DCM Penang, etc., but none is charged in court, correct me if I am outdated. Lately, I do hope YB Hanna Yeoh, YB Teresa Kok, YB Ean Yong, YB Lau Weng San, YB Eli etc get this award too, soon. Congratulations in advance and call for a big party to celebrate it. Add one star to your political career for being the most trusted politician given by MACC.

    MACC is helping PR leaders to be on their toes. Rakyat already knows the type of lawmakers from the previous government and we want trusted lawmakers for the coming GE13. In conclusion, rthe akyat is happy that PR leaders are clean at these moments. A big thanks to MACC.

  8. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    It can be said that the agency is being pressured by the same voices it is now investigating. The cacophonic chorus of people like Teresa Kok and Elizabeth Wong right through their political careers has perhaps earned them the right to be investigated in order that the MACC be seen to be acting as they would have expected them to act.

    However in this case the named MPs may have not intended the consequences they now face when calling for the blood of BN and others whom they consider naturally corrupt simply because there is a perception they are by the accusers now suspects. Their collective criticism of the MACC over and over has perhaps earned them the attention of the MACC.

    Hope it all turns out well. People in glass houses should not throw stones. Or better still “best let sleeping dogs lie”.

  9. armstrong says:

    At this rate the MACC is going, when the PR get into power for the federal level, the top brass MACC have to go. Since they are not even doing their job now, what makes you think that they will do their job when PR takes over.

    Stupid MACC for acting like small kids investigating the clean but protecting the filthy.

    MACC is a big shame to the whole word.

  10. yunis says:

    This systematic harassment of the PR reps is just the beginning. Looks like BN has begun to eliminate all opposition by whatever means in order to regain power in all PR-held states. MACC is just a tool in this campaign.

  11. Eskay says:

    This stupid MACC is showing its true colours. There are lots of big-time corruption cases waiting to be investigated by the MACC but looks like it’s looking at only the ikan bilis cases, about cars, cows and Pakatan assemblypersons.

    Istana [Khir Toyo] and the PKFZ fiasco are waiting for your attention. Bila nak mula “buka fail” untuk siasatan? The whole country is waiting.

  12. D Lim says:

    It is obvious the MACC is targetting the opposition. So what is new? Nothing. This is expected. There are probably more ‘sweeps’ to come?

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