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L for lucky

It was all my fault, for not wearing luck-me shoes. TNG

Amir Muhammad is a writer, publisher and moviemaker who lives in Damansara, which is more of a state of mind than geography. Amir’s Alphabet will have 26 parts but will not be presented in order, as he was never a fan of the concept (or even the Malay boyband) called “A to Z”.

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7 Responses to “L for lucky”

  1. izwan says:

    Seronok dan bersifat (alahai) sangat Malaysia raya!

  2. Zedeck says:

    From the video’s sample size, it does seem that the chances of ethnic-Malay or Muslim people finding rooms west of Jalan Maarof skew towards the unlucky.

    Bonus round: Bangsar Baru!

  3. I agree with the video. Amir doesn’t exude an air of corporate professionalism…hahaha! More towards artsy professional.

  4. Unluckier says:

    An observant video, I must say. When I completed my Form 5 about 15 years ago, I attended a JPA interview. I was asked what I wanted to study, and told the interviewer medicine. He told me that only bumiputeras can apply for that. So, don’t fret. You are not the only unlucky one around.

  5. MALAYSIAN says:

    We need to stop ALL forms of discrimination!

  6. Nadia Ali says:

    Takkan nak tinggal sekali dengan pompuan. Nanti kena tangkap basah pulak.

  7. kawan says:


    Jangan kena tangkap sudahlah …

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