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Kurup lashes out at bloggers

KENINGAU, 1 June 2009: Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) president Tan Sri Joseph Kurup has criticised certain bloggers who continue to use blogs as a platform to instill hatred against the government.

He said it was sad that some of these bloggers were educated and had received government assistance including scholarships for further studies.

“For example, there are blogs in the interior areas that accuse the government of not bringing development to the people, but at the same time, the bloggers are enjoying the facilities and infrastructure provided by the government.

“In fact, some of them are in government service. These people are ungrateful. Their intention is merely to instill hatred and create enmity between the people and government,” he said at a function in Kampong Bombay here today.

Kurup, who is also the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, said the blogs should be utilised to create a community of quality through constructive writing. — Bernama

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3 Responses to “Kurup lashes out at bloggers”

  1. Nicholas Aw says:

    Dear Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment,

    Please dont’ be offended by the comments of certain bloggers who seem to be “anti-government”. Rather than blaming them, why don’t you find out the cause of their alleged hatred against the government and find ways to remedy this? As the Malay saying goes, “Kalau tidak ada angin takkan pokok boleh bergoyang”. A similar proverb in English, “There is no smoke without fire”, also applies.

    How could you accuse these bloggers of being ungrateful? Do realise that times have changed? Previously, the YBs treated themselves as Lords (many still do!). But shouldn’t it be that they are working for the rakyat and not we, rakyat “worshipping” you as if you were some kind of god?

    The rakyat (all races) … have had enough of corruption and other political vices for more than 50 years. A drowning man will clutch at a straw and this is precisely what we the rakyat are doing. We want to give a chance to the opposition to prove their worth. I’m not saying that the opposition do not have their weaknesses. But the situation here is that they are the lesser of two evils. And if things don’t work out after five years, we can always give BN a chance to try and gain back our confidence or resort to other available avenues.

    So Mr Joseph Kurup, go put your house in order and don’t get hurt by the actions of certain bloggers. They have a right to say their piece.

    Yours sincerely,


  2. I think bloggers don’t incite hatred against the government. They just point out what the government is doing wrong. It’s the government who’s inciting hatred.

    Instead of actually taking the evidence and opinions of these individuals with an open mind, the government insists on stonewalling.

    So until the government decides to pull the entire cabinet’s heads out of the horse’s rear end, Kurup should shut up.

  3. Siva says:

    Well, rather than claiming these are ungrateful people, please take the time to look into their grouses. Maybe some of these bloggers are working for the government, does that mean they can’t complain about government mistakes?

    The deputy minister has to look at what the bloggers are saying. Going through the proper channels usually goes nowhere, so they blog. This makes you unhappy that everybody knows your (government’s) shortcomings.

    If Kurup can’t handle criticisms, then better go.

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