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Kugan’s death: MCA Youth wants action

PETALING JAYA, 4 March 2009: A “horrified” MCA Youth wants action taken against the 11 police officers who are being investigated for A Kugan’s death while in police custody.

It also demands for action against the pathologist responsible for the youth’s first post-mortem report.

MCA Youth legal affairs and parliamentary research bureau head Wong Nai Chee said more than a month had lapsed since police announced an internal probe on the 11 constables and lance corporals from the USJ8 police station, where Kugan, 22, had died.

“The public wishes to know if criminal charges will be brought against the 11 police personnel.

“To prevent any suspicion of police apathy or internal cover up and in wake of public outcry, the police force should reveal the results of their internal investigations and take the necessary action against their personnel allegedly involved in Kugan’s death,” Wong said in a statement today.

He said MCA Youth was horrified and outraged at the manner in which Kugan died. “This clearly looks like a case of torturing a suspect to death, which is unacceptable.”

Wong was referring to the second autopsy report on Kugan’s death, which was revealed yesterday.

The second post-mortem, conducted by the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, found that severe beating caused Kugan’s kidneys to fail. The beatings caused a breakdown in skeletal muscle cells, and these fragments entered the kidneys through the bloodstream.

There were other external injuries, including burn wounds by a hot iron, extensive hemorrhaging throughout the body, as well as evidence of starvation.

Kugan received these injuries over the six days he was held at the USJ8 police station after he was arrested on 15 Jan for suspected involvement in car thefts. He died while in police custody at 11am on 20 Jan.

Kugan’s death was classified as murder by Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail after the youth’s family cried foul over the first post-mortem report which showed that Kugan died of fluid in the lungs.

Lack of integrity

Wong said medical authorities should also act against the pathologist from the Serdang Hospital where the first autopsy was conducted.

“[The] findings in the first post-mortem conducted on 21 Jan 2009 obviously differ tremendously compared to the second post-mortem as the former is a very much watered down version as to the actual causes of Kugan’s death.

“Therefore, the medical authorities should question the first pathologist on his lack of thoroughness and issue of integrity in performing the post-mortem,” Wong said.

Wong said it was now more urgent than ever to establish an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

“The rakyat are tired of reading and seeing alleged excesses of the police or Federal Reserve Unit against civilians and don’t want such alleged abuses to continue.

“To win back the respect of the rakyat, the Royal Malaysian Police must be seen as acting independently and abiding by the law, too. The police must be regarded as a law-enforcing body which practices accountability.”

He said the police had the right to investigate Kugan for suspected criminal activity, but it did not mean the police could “act as prosecutor, judge and executioner”.

“If the investigations revealed that Kugan was responsible, then criminal charges and proceedings should have been filed against him in court,” Wong said.

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8 Responses to “Kugan’s death: MCA Youth wants action”

  1. sarawakian says:

    How can one trust the medical reports submitted by the government against PR members? Or protect their evils?

  2. DAP man says:

    MCA can only shout. What else can it do if its master Umno does nothing?

    What is MCA’s stand on the Perak fiasco? Is it standing with Umno on its abuse of all public institutions? What is its stand on Umno Youth’s attack on Karpal Singh in Parliament?

    You choose some and close your eyes to others.

  3. jugra says:

    Is MCA trying to divert attention from the real cuprit, i.e. the mostl-likely Chinese car theft syndicate that probably paid the police to terminate Kugan?

  4. Perak Voter says:

    Still want to be associated with Umno/BN? Make your stand.

  5. alcmy says:

    As usual, no cops will be charged for the crimes against Kugan. The police and judiciary are working side by side to cover up the mess. It will be a miracle if anybody is convicted.

  6. justine says:

    I hope that someone could dig up info on the pathologist who did the first autopsy.

    Next he should be sued in court for falsifying info which is unbecoming of a pathologist who should be telling the truth instead of protecting murderers!

  7. isahbiazhar says:

    All involved including the IGP should be brought to book. Even the government should be accountable. Proper compensation to the family should be given. It looks like the change has not occurred in the police force. They still listen to the Umno/BN government and forget that the rakyat includes everybody who did not vote for the BN/Umno.

  8. Kong Miew Long says:

    I am a Malaccan and very much respect Mr Wong Nai Chee. I feel he is right to comment on the Royal Malaysian Police.

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