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Khairy slams “jungle culture” of PR reps

PETALING JAYA, 7 May 2009: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin blasted the Pakatan Rakyat’s Perak assemblypersons for bringing “jungle culture” into the state assembly sitting today.

“Haven’t the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state reps and supporters trivialised our political system enough by convening the state assembly sitting under a tree? Now they have created havoc by defying the sultan’s orders, the federal court ruling and police order,” Khairy complained his blog posting today.

Terming the entire episode as a “tragedy for democracy”, Khairy said he was disappointed that “jungle culture” had been brought into the state assembly today.

He said speaker V Sivakumar’s action in ordering Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and his six executive councillors to leave the assembly sitting is against the Federal Court ruling on 16 April that lifted their suspension.

“Furthermore, even though Sivakumar has been replaced by a new speaker, with the help and support of other PR Aduns, he refused to give up his seat to new speaker, former Sungkai assemblyperson R Ganesan,” said Khairy.

He added that Sivakumar’s attitude showed that he disregarded the majority’s decision to replace him in a “valid” motion.

Khairy also defended the police by arguing that they were “forced” to arrest several dozen PR leaders and supporters who refused to budge.

He said the police have issued a warning earlier advising the public against gathering illegally near the state secretariat building.

“The PR’s stubbornness proves once again that they will do anything to achieve their narrow goals, including breaking the law,” said Khairy.

Additionally, he said the rakyat was tired of such political games, and added that the “quality and culture of our political system have been degraded” in the rakyat’s view.

Khairy said he hoped the PR would respect democratic principles and the constitutional monarchy system that are the backbone of our politics.

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18 Responses to “Khairy slams “jungle culture” of PR reps”

  1. Gogogila says:

    Please look at the mirror before you open your mouth.

  2. Perakian says:

    It is a joke that BN talks about respecting democratic principles. What is in the eyes of all Perakians is a group of sycophants demonstrating their “Jungle Culture”! Luckily we still are able to know the cases through limited sources of independent reporters.

  3. Farouq Omaro says:

    Dear Khairy,

    What about the BN appointing one of its members as Menteri Besar without going through constitutional procedure?

  4. siew eng says:

    What “democratic principles” is he talking about? Who won the popular vote in Perak?

  5. Deramae Lleh says:

    Respect democratic principles? You mean in Bolehland? No way, man … there’s no way at all.

  6. Eric says:

    This is the cherry on the pie. Khairy making comments on “jungle culture” – anyone remembers how he “won” his seat in Rembau? His forgiveness of the Mat Rempit? The police permits given before they were even applied for?

    Khairy seems to know a bit about jungle culture, and that’s why he wants to comment on it.

  7. myop101 says:

    We shall wait for the day when you sit on the left side of the Speaker in Parliament (or not at all) and see how things go for you.

  8. D Lim says:

    Bullshit, Khairy. If there is democracy, there should be by-elections and government commissions into issues which are most pertinent to trust and good governance. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  9. Hamba says:

    Khairy is still trying to get in the good books of Najib. Umno is utter nonsense. Malaysians don’t need you anymore. The rakyat will never forget and we will wait until PRU13!

  10. Rampage says:

    The more we talk, the more we try to be a hero by insulting the intelligence of the people, the more “menyampah and meluat” people would be with us. In Latin once it was said, “The mountain will be in labour, the birth is only a single laughable mouse.”

  11. Right2Choose says:

    Dear Mr, Khairy, get down to the ground and find out what the citizens really want. Don’t just go to your own supporters (which is being reduced by the hour). If BN continues with these stupid actions, the end is not far away. It’s just opening the rakyat’s eyes. We now know we can make a difference, we want Nizar and his PR government back. They were doing a pretty good job.

  12. Citizen says:

    A true democratic govt should get back to the basics of “Democracy”, literally meaning of, by, for the people; Let the people of Perak decide, voice, prove whom they want by their vote casting. This turmoil pictures the “secret spite” within .

  13. Houndini says:

    Heaven’s sake. This dude who holds the mother of all illegal gatherings is lambasting people for gathering near the State building.

    Talking about illegal demonstrations, nothing surpasses Mr Khairy and his followers’ demonstration in front of the US embassy.

  14. skhong says:

    You gotta be kidding, KJ. Jungle culture? Evicting the speaker by force? Who is head of the jungle? Holding onto a government just because you have three frogs, two of whom are on corruption charges and who suddenly seem to disappear, plus another frog who didn’t get her way. Now you call that democracy?

  15. messy says:

    Come on Khairy, seriously look in the mirror before you open your mouth.

  16. aino says:

    Didn’t you use jungle culture against Condolezza Rice not too long ago?

  17. Aris says:

    The jungle is neutral, my friend; and in the jungle it is the survival of the fittest. There is no such thing as jungle culture

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