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Khairy gives Karpal 24 hrs to prove Umno sent bullets

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 Feb 2009: Umno Youth today gave DAP chairperson Karpal Singh 24 hours to provide evidence that the movement was responsible for sending bullets to him recently.

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said the accusation by the Bukit Gelugor member of Parliament was wild, an act of madness and ill-intentioned.

“Karpal should not hide behind parliamentary immunity to make accusations that had no truth and basis.

“If he fails to provide any proof, Malaysians can regard him as a cheat who has lost all credibility and sanity,” Khairy told reporters at a news conference at Parliament today.

Yesterday while debating on the motion of thanks for the King’s speech, Karpal alleged that Umno Youth posted two bullets that were found in an envelope at his residence in Penang.

Khairy also categorised Karpal, a veteran lawyer, as an arrogant person who acted as if he knew everything about the law.

“That is why Umno Youth today urges the government to act fast. I fear that if the government does not act, based on the law, we will not be able to stem the people’s anger, the anger of mainly the Malays and all Umno Youth members,” he stressed.

Asked if the movement would ask Karpal to apologise openly, Khairy said it would not waste time doing that.

Commenting on the movement’s action to make 100 police reports on Karpal, Khairy said the reports reflected the feelings of the majority of the people, especially the Malays, who were still angry with Karpal’s threat to take the sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, to court.

“We want to remind Karpal that it is not Umno Youth that is playing around but rather it is Karpal who is playing with the sentiment of the people and playing with fire. If he does not repent and desist, the anger which is still smouldering will become greater,” said Khairy.

Meanwhile, Umno Youth exco member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir condemned Karpal’s outburst and use of coarse words against the movement.

“He not only went against the Standing Orders that disallow the use of coarse words but it is slander and lies when accusing Umno Youth of criminal intimidation by sending two bullets to him,” he said in a statement here.

Mukhriz, who is Jerlun MP, said Karpal was purposely trying to divert the attention of the people from his treachery towards Sultan Azlan and called on Karpal to accept the sovereignty of the Malay rulers and the system of constitutional monarchy.

He said Karpal’s statement “Singh is King” showed he was very proud to the point of considering himself a ruler over the sovereignty of the Malay rulers who had ruled for generations.

“Although in the end Karpal withdrew the words used, I call for his suspension for a reasonable period,” Mukhriz said. — Bernama

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5 Responses to “Khairy gives Karpal 24 hrs to prove Umno sent bullets”

  1. iThink says:

    Let’s see:

    Red herring. Equivocation. Hasty generalisation. Slippery slope. Straw man. And that’s just for starters.

    Perhaps a change of name to something like “Logic-Free Youth” would be appropriate, considering the lack of it in their statements.

  2. kip says:

    Mr. Khairy,

    *We* should give *you* 24 hours to explain the conduct of Umno Youth in Parliament. You, being the Umno Youth deputy chief, should control your members’ thuggish behaviour especially against a person who is disabled.

    Shame on you if you turn a blind eye towards the conduct of your followers. In some beliefs, they say, the younger ones will follow the conduct and attitude of the seniors.

    You must reprimand those people. At least pick one or two to be shamed or punished. Look at it this way, someone must be a scapegoat. At least you gain some face. Yes, trees also need their bark – so should you.

    Good luck in your coming election. It seems you need desperately to win before you are totally forgotten. Money talks these days. Moral issues and principles are history and appear to be fit only for history books. There appears to be no place for those attributes in today’s political scene. Well done so far.

  3. harry says:

    It is Karpal’s right of parliamentary immunity to make accusations that have truth and basis, so don’t intimidate Karpal. Karpal is a Malaysian hero. Proof or not is a matter of the court and not you, Khairy. I want to sue you for slandering our hero. If Karpal does not know everything about law, then you are worse. After all, what is law? Law is only common sense. What is the big deal about law if it does not respect humanity/human rights? The sultan of Perak is not God, but human. In law, he can be taken to court if he has committed a wrong.

  4. mahyuddin says:

    KJ MUST not use the word “Malay” since he only represents the Umno Youth movement. Only the Umno Malays might get angry with Kapal, only maybe.

    In fact the onus is on KJ and Umno Youth to prove that the bullet did not come from them.

  5. Hoot! says:

    Obviously those who send the bullets were very angry with the YB. These people are very aggressive and easily provoked and don’t respect Parliament or anybody. They are very brave and dare to take the law into their own hands and feel the police dare not act against them.

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