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Jay Cee, the cow, speaks up

MUCH has been written and debated about the Shah Alam cow-head protest. Members of the Section 19 and 23 communities, politicians, provocateurs, bloggers, the traditional and online media, the international media, concerned Malaysians, ugly Malaysians, beautiful Malaysians — they’ve all had their say.

But one voice remains unheard. The most important voice.

This week, The Fairly Current Show brings you deep inside a community of cows, to understand the story from their perspective, to hear the words, so to speak, directly from the cow’s mouth. We interview Jay Cee, a female cow on her lunch break, for her thoughts on the controversy, as well as her take on Malaysia Day.

Finally, the animals have their say after getting the short end of the stick in human affairs. Viewer discretion advised.

This video interview first appeared on PopTeeVee. The site hosts other video interviews with notable personalities on notable issues.

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3 Responses to “Jay Cee, the cow, speaks up”

  1. M.K. says:

    If only these creatures could really speak. Anyway, it is a very good effort; I mean the video interview.

    I thought the cow did pretty well, too. Better behaved than some humans we know. 😛


  2. KW Mak says:

    I am impressed by Jay Cee’s candid interview. Her honesty was totally refreshing.

    If Jay Cee were to run for office, I would vote her.


  3. D Lim says:

    This is funny! If I were a cow, it wouldn’t be funny at all being used as an item of protest. Perhaps someday all animals will fall into this category: pigs, donkeys, chickens, horses, monkeys … they, too, have a say in a democracy! “Animal rights”!

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