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“ISA effective way to curb terrorism”

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Nov 2009: The Internal Security Act (ISA) is an effective way to curb terrorism in Malaysia, Australian ambassador for Counter-Terrorism William Paterson said today.

“Malaysia chooses to use the preventive detention approach under the ISA … has it been effective? Without doubt, yes, it’s been very effective,” he told reporters after a roundtable discussion on Australia’s Perspective on Regional Counter-Terrorism Issues here.

The one-day discussion was organised by the Foreign Ministry’s Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter-Terrorism (SEARCCT), in collaboration with the Australian High Commission in Malaysia. The discussion was chaired by SEARCTT Director-General Ahmad Shahizan Abdul Samad.

Paterson said every country had to come out with its own decision in dealing with terrorism. “Indonesia took a very different approach; it decided to embark on criminal investigation, prosecution, [and the] courts system … that also has proven very effective, and that’s the approach we take in Australia,”  he said.

Paterson said censorship of the internet, which was often used as a tool by terrorists to build and co-ordinate their activities such as recruitment and fundraising, was not the best solution to curb the problem.

“If we start censorship of the internet, we will be the big losers … there’s no support from our society [because] people want a free and open internet.

“There is no solution at the moment and [terrorist sites] are very hard to take down. You can get professional hackers to disrupt an extremist website, but after you take that down, it will pop up somewhere else … it’s a very difficult problem in the counter-terrorism world,” he said.

Paterson also expressed high regard for Malaysia’s capabilities and willingness to work with other countries in addressing terrorism. — Bernama

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3 Responses to ““ISA effective way to curb terrorism””

  1. Haris says:

    Yes, it’s effective. Doesn’t mean it’s ethical. It also doesn’t mean that “curbing terrorism” is what it is used for. I know the guy is probably being political, but the mainstream media will put such a spin on this that you’ll throw up…

  2. dahi.ketiak says:

    I am appalled that Australia’s special ambassador believes that the ISA is an effective weapon against terrorism. Has he no idea that the camps holding detainees under the ISA are similar to Guantanamo Bay? Would Aussies welcome ISA, or is he suggesting that Malaysians are lesser beings and should be subject to it? Hapuskan ISA.

  3. Tan says:

    No one can deny the ISA is effective to curb terrorism but the problem arises when it is misused to punish the lawmakers and [the person] on the street without having to account for it.

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