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Ipoh OCPD, Perak state secretary snub Sivakumar

IPOH, 5 May 2009: Ipoh OCPD ACP Azisman Alias and Perak state secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Hashim did not turn up at a meeting today despite being summoned by state assembly Speaker V Sivakumar.

Sivakumar had summoned Azisman and Abdul Rahman to the Rights and Privileges Committee at his office for them to explain who gave the orders for them to block Pakatan Rakyat assemblypersons from entering the assembly building on 3 March.

The other person summoned was DAP chairperson and Sitiawan assemblyperson, Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, who was the only one who showed up to give evidence.

Sivakumar said he wanted to hear Azisman’s and Abdul Rahman’s explanations in order to write a report to table in the assembly when it meets on 7 May.

However, because they were absent, Sivakumar will merely inform the assembly of the information the committee was able to gather.

He said Azisman and Abdul Rahman sent letters to say they did not have time to attend the meeting. They also accused Sivakumar of violating the House’s Standing Orders in summoning them before the committee.

However, Sivakumar said he had acted on Standing Order 72(2) which empowered him to call the privileges committee to investigate any complaint filed by any assemblyperson.

Titi Serong assemblyperson Khalil Idham Lim had filed the complaint against Azisman and Abdul Rahman on 30 April.

“I think there is a prima facie case. I think it is good if we decide on this matter before the assembly sitting as it is the speaker’s responsibility to investigate and table the report,” Sivakumar told reporters outside his office after the committee meeting.

Ngeh, who was also present, said among the explanations he gave the committee was that Azisman had confirmed that Abdul Rahman was the one who instructed police to obstruct the PR assemblypersons from entering the state secretariat building.

As a result, the PR assemblypersons ended up holding the emergency assembly under a raintree.

The tree where the 3 March emergency assembly was held

“To me, the state secretary has committed an offence under Section 124 of the Penal Code, whereby any person who prevents an elected representative from performing their duties will be liable to prison up to seven years. The police can also be considered as having colluded to commit this offence with the state secretary,” Ngeh said.

On Sivakumar’s request to Perak ruler Sultan Azlan Shah to postpone the assembly sitting on Thursday, the speaker said he had not received any reply from the palace.

Sivakumar had written to the sultan on 4 May seeking a postponement. He cited the on-going judicial review by the High Court to determine who the rightful Perak menteri besar is.

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5 Responses to “Ipoh OCPD, Perak state secretary snub Sivakumar”

  1. RAILCOOP says:

    To snub the Legislative Assembly or Parliament stating that a person has even more responsible work to carry out is the ‘height of insubordination’ and an insult to the entire Nation and the Will of the People.

    The Assembly has the necessary powers to deal with such specimens and it is the wish of the People that these two specimens are hauled before the Assembly and disciplined as an an example to those who attempt to insult the People – represented by the Assembly.

  2. Eric says:

    Action should be taken against these civil servants immediately. To Umno stooges – how do you explain this blatant contempt for hierarchy?

  3. Kenny says:

    Gasp … what an act of desperation, Siva. The more desperate you act, the more vulnerable you’ll be … Your last act before you lose your powers?

  4. siew eng says:

    There’s no chain of accountability in the civil service. We can never find out who gave the “arahan”. It was the same at the vigil for Chin Huat tonight. The pegawai bawahan just kept stonewalling the lawyers for hours telling us to wait, wait, wait – and no information from anyone about anything.

  5. Rostan says:

    Another clear example of collusion between the BN and the police to suppress the will of the people.

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