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Ibrahim Ali mulls Umno’s offer

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Feb 2009: Pasir Mas Member of Parliament (MP) Datuk Ibrahim Ali said he will make a decision about joining Umno after taking into consideration the views of his voters.

“I am honoured by Umno’s offer, but at the moment there are many things to think about including getting feedback from my supporters. I have my own machinery. I will go along with whatever decision they make.  

“If they (Umno) want to accept me, they have to accept my outspokenness as long as I don’t go against any disciplinary rules. If I’m involved in corruption or taint the party’s name, please sack me, but don’t do so only because I am vocal,” he told reporters at Parliament’s lobby today.

Yesterday, Kelantan Umno information chief Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad had said Kelantan Umno would welcome Ibrahim if he decided to return to the party.

Ibrahim, who is now an Independent MP, was sacked as Pasir Mas Umno division chief on 22 Nov 2003 and prevented from joining the party for life after contesting as an independent candidate during the 2004 general election.

Kelantan Umno made the offer after PAS, which allowed Ibrahim to contest the Pasir Mas seat on the party’s ticket in the 2008 general election, asked him to step down as the MP for the constituency for having criticised its leaders in Parliament. 

“My outspokenness has made them (PAS) angry. I don’t want this to happen again when I join Umno. Pity me, please,” Ibrahim said. — Bernama


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4 Responses to “Ibrahim Ali mulls Umno’s offer”

  1. Pak Zed says:

    I voted for him cos he contested under PAS banner. If he joins BN he must quit his post and offer to vacate his seat so that the people of Pasir Mas will vote him out for good. Pasir Mas will be the burial ground for this frog.

  2. justine says:

    It’s about time he came out of his cloak and crawled back to the Umno hole where he came from. I hope the rakyat in his constituency will unload their wrath before his front door.

  3. Lainie says:

    Contesting as an independent candidate got him sacked.

    Outspokenness made PAS angry.

    Spouting idiocies in Parliament a la “men marry many wives due to women’s strong desire” revealed his sexism.

    Now he wants to hop? Geez … It’s almost like he’s bowling for a strike to piss everyone off.

  4. bwho says:

    Man without principles.

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