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Man responsible for exco’s nude pics not identified (Updated)

(Updated 7:52pm, 16 Feb 2009)

Corrected 7:52pm, 16 Feb 2009

PETALING JAYA, 16 Feb 2009: Police have (corrected) yet to identify the person behind the circulation of nude photographs of Selangor executive councillor (exco), Elizabeth Wong.

Petaling Jaya OCPD, ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said police would record statements from a man soon and initial investigations revealed that the suspect had several nude photographs of the 37-year-old politician in his possession.

“We will be also calling a journalist, who informed the Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson about her nude photographs yesterday. So I hope everyone will be patient until we complete our investigations,” he told a press conference here today.

Arjunaidi said the police have yet to receive the nude pictures and that it was too early to determine whose image actually appeared in the photographs.

He confirmed Wong had lodged a police report at the Damansara police station in Petaling Jaya at about 11.05 pm yesterday after a journalist informed her about the circulation of the photographs.

“However, the report was not complete as she was only informed by a third person (journalist) on the circulation of nude photographs. She (Wong) told the police the photographs were taken when she was sleeping.

“I would like to advise those having the nude photographs to surrender them to the police and assist us in our investigations,” he said, adding that police were investigating the case under Section 292 of the Penal Code for possessing pornographic materials.

Stand by Wong

Wong (File pic)

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in a media statement said the Pakatan Rakyat state government would stand by Wong.

“For the past 11 months she has carried out her duties diligently and I have confidence that she will continue to perform her duties and responsibilities in serving her constituents as (a state assemblyperson) and an exco.

“YB Elizabeth has a right to privacy in her personal life and that should be respected by all. My other exco colleagues and I will give her support during these trying times,” he said.

He added that he believed “some irresponsible parties” would use the issue for political mileage.

“I appeal to the public not to make hasty judgments prior to full police investigations,” Khalid said, adding that the matter would be discussed at the state executive council meeting on 18 Feb.

Meanwhile, MCA Wanita national chairperson Chew Mei Fun, in a statement said they empathised with Wong.

“We are outraged by such shameful acts of using women as sexual objects. It is an outright invasion of the privacy of women as well as an exploitation of women for political use.

“We condemn the actions … because the taking of photographs of bodily parts without their consent or knowledge is against the law and punishable under the Penal Code (Act 574),” she said.

She added: “We would like to advise all women to be cautious. We also urge the government to strictly enforce implementation of the Act which provides for punitive measures so that it becomes a real deterrent against such detestable behavior.”

“I am a victim”

Meanwhile, in a press statement released today, Wong explained that she is a victim in a brewing scandal involving the circulation of photographs and video clips featuring her in the nude.

“I am a victim in this incident,” the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) politician said in a press statement today.

“The distribution and publication of these photos/video is a malicious attack on my personality.

“This constitutes a gross outrage on my modesty, a gross invasion of my privacy, and in particular the sanctity of my personal life,” Wong, who is the first-time assemblyperson.

She condemned the distribution of the photos and videos, said to record Wong “asleep in partial nudity and also in intimate positions”, which have been circulating via MMS. The photos were also made available to several publications, including the Malay Mail and theSun.

Wong, a former human rights activist turned politician, is also Wanita PKR information chief. In the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government, she is the exco in charge of tourism, environment and consumer affairs.

Wong’s statement revealed that Malay Mail journalists contacted her on 13 Feb to inform her of the paper’s plan to publish a story about the photos.

Early reports indicated that the photos were taken without Wong’s consent. She lodged a police report yesterday.

“I will fully co-operate with the police … I will therefore not speculate publicly about those responsible,” she said, adding that it was done by unscrupulous persons to “embarrass and discredit” her.

Wong said she would continue discharging her duties as assemblyperson in her constituency.

“I have received a lot of support from my supporters, friends, colleagues and members of my constituency. I wish to thank them for their concern, support and encouragement.

“My family members are standing behind me. I would like to appeal to the media to give me and my family members some breathing space in this trying time so that I can weather this huge challenge,” she said.

Politically motivated

PKR information chief Tian Chua, in a statement earlier today, speculated that the salacious revelations were politically motivated.

“I do not discount the possibility that this is part of a plot to tarnish the image of the Pakatan Rakyat,” Chua said, citing the case of former Kedah state assemblyperson V Arumugam as another example of a victim of a smear campaign.

“I appeal to the public not to be influenced by these tactics that are designed to shift attention away from core social and economic issues,” Chua added.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Bernama reports that Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, when asked about it at Parliament’s lobby, said the matter should be left to the police to investigate.

Members of Parliament when asked about it during a break in Parliament’s sitting today, had varied comments on it.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said something like this should not have happened to an elected representative like Wong and it did not augur well for her.

Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said spreading such pictures was unethical but Malaysians should also maintain a lifestyle that reflected Eastern values.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said in this age of technology, leaders irrespective of whether they were from the government or opposition, needed to be careful about their movements.

“If it is true (the case involves Wong), the people will be the best judge,” he said.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said said although it may be a personal issue, it was better for Wong to resign as exco and state assemblyperson as it would be difficult for her to discharge her duties henceforth.

Teresa Kok (DAP-Seputeh), who is a senior Selangor exco, said it was not necessary for Wong to resign as the circulation of the pictures was the work of irresponsible people.

PKR vice president, R Sivarasa said the case involved invasion of a person’s privacy where the pictures had fallen into the hands of irresponsible people.

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49 Responses to “Man responsible for exco’s nude pics not identified (Updated)”

  1. Eric says:

    Eliabeth Wong is doing a great job. Remember Bukit Antarabangsa, she was one of very few politicos who actually helped. She has always opposed hillside developments. Losing her as an elected representative would be damaging to all Malaysians.

    There is nothing shameful in sleeping naked. It is however very malu to publish unauthorised pictures and even worse to steal political mileage from it. Especially, when you are a very tainted former MB with the lifestyle of a prince.

    Eli, please stay on board!

  2. Maozi says:

    It is a tragedy for a state assemblyperson that serves the rakyat so sincerely.

  3. elizabethwong says:

    I support the assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan. The economy is under severe threat, people are losing jobs, crimes are on the rise, and we read this. Another intrigue with a political twist?

    I hope PDRM will put in their best to get to the bottom of this.

  4. Ken Cheah says:

    You have to be brave to weather this challenge.

    We all know there are some hidden hands behind trying to run you down. We are with you. You have all our support.

  5. SHANE says:

    Frankly, I strongly believe Malaysian politics has gone down many notches to a despicable low class (not 1st class as desired by the PM).

  6. salam says:

    Eli, you have no moral standing. You should resign as a wakil rakyat. You cannot discharge your duties effectively with those photos. Let the people decide in a by-election.

    • frank peter says:

      She has no moral standing? How about the rest of the Umno MPs? They are angels, are they?

  7. William says:

    Dear Eli,

    Do not step down…you have the support of the RAKYAT!!! I’m sure you can weather this and PR will be stronger than ever.

    Stay on! We need you!

  8. PM says:

    Elizabeth, be strong and do not waver.

    We all can smell a rat considering the speed and manner the ex-MB calls for your resignation. This guy has his hands in all the “mud” and is out to create trouble for the rakyat just because he is power-hungry.

  9. sheng says:

    Elizabeth, we support you!

  10. Cialat says:

    We support your right to go commando!

    Everyone should go commando!


  11. Dina says:

    Elizabeth Wong, you have our full support. Malaysians are mature people, we know what is right and what is wrong. And you are not even wrong at the first place. There isn’t any scandal after all.

  12. Chanfl says:

    How we choose to sleep in the privacy of our own bedrooms is no one’s business. And in no way does it affect the way we carry out our duties and responsibilities. Thank you to Chew Mei Fun for standing up for all women. Also I totally disagree with Datuk Seri Azalina. If Elizabeth Wong resigns, it would it be a tragedy for all women. It would mean giving way to blackmail of the worst kind. She has to carry on and show that women will not submit to this kind of intimidation. Make the culprits pay for their crime.

  13. Franky says:

    What are Liow’s purported eastern values in private life? Sleeping in the nude is not a privilege of Westerners and it’s all private, privacy and personal habits.

  14. new world order says:

    Wake up, Malaysia. What is the big deal with a beautiful body? It’s God-created. It’s the person who sees it and lusts all over who is immoral. Are we to say we can no longer sleep in the nude in the privacy of our homes? Asking Elizabeth to resign is like rewarding the man who took the photos and saying he did the right thing. The message must be given to the masses that it is illegal to take pictures of other people and distribute them. Period.

  15. Justitia says:

    “[…] Malaysians should also maintain a lifestyle that reflected Eastern values.”

    Aarghh! This Asian/Eastern/Asean value is getting to much to take. Why is it always invoked when talking about sexual rights – especially a woman’s sexual rights?

    Liow needs to go for a human rights and diversity training, pronto.

  16. joko says:

    Kepada Elizabeth Wong dan semua penduduk Malaysia. Sudah 50 tahun kita ditipu oleh pemerintah. Kini, kita sedar bahawa taktik lawan Pakatan Rakyat semakin tidak bertamadun. Hilang kuasa pasti berlaku, gunakan raja untuk jaga perut perasuah negara. Minggu ini kes yb Elizabeth Wong pulak. Mangsa orang tak bertamadun yang berkerja untuk BN. Elizabeth, jangan letak jawatan Adun.

  17. ivanyeo1953 says:

    Tourism minister said its better for Eli to resign as it would be difficult for her to discharge her duties. What crap is she talking about? So would it be easier for the two frogs from the Perak mining pond and that Hee Yit Fong to perform their duties now that so many people hate them?

  18. Philip chong says:

    To Khir Toyo, you mentioned immorality. May I ask you how perfect are you?

  19. Noel Dass says:

    Re: Health Minister’s comments about living a lifestyle that reflected “Eastern values”…. Minister should realise that those who boast about their so-called “Eastern” values are usually the ones with the most skeletons in their closet! In any case, invasion of one’s privacy is not something that either “value-system” should condone!

    As for Azalina’s comment on YB Eli resigning, perhaps she should examine her own record and that of her beloved party-members before casting the stone on someone else! Remember Perak?

  20. A Ang says:

    Hey Beth

    Don’t need to resign. You did not make a movie out of it, so it’s not your fault. So silly of them, what’s the big deal about nude photos? Please-lah, I didn’t know they were so desperate and they could be satisfied by just looking at a nude photo.

  21. limkit says:

    I’m on nobody’s side … but it could also be somebody’s conspiracy to get more support for Liz Wong. If it is … it works! And whoever that somebody is, he’s a genius! I totally support Liz Wong now! She’s hot!! And I speak for almost all my friends … that’s a whole lot of support!

  22. Fairplay says:

    It is very obvious that the person who took the photos without the consent of the victim must have been motivated by rewards offered by her political enemies. This is a very devious ploy to embarrass the elected rep and to force her to resign from her post.

    However this trick will rebound on the BN in the future elections. There is a poor comparison between Elizabeth Wong and Chua Soi Lek, in that the former is a victim while the latter was an adulterer.

    My advice to Eli is to remain strong and not to succumb to this pressure. The truth will prevail and I am sure the people will understand and back you all the way.To give up now is to accept defeat and fall into the BN trap.

  23. elaine says:

    Some Malaysian politicians have to resort to these kinds of dirty immoral tricks to put down their opponents. How shameful! The persons behind this are worse than animals. Be courageous, Liz, the truth will come out. Fear not those who kill the body and not the soul.

  24. elvis says:

    Aiyah … weather in KL is so hot…also want to save the environment by not turning on the AC, so what to do? You end up having to sleep in the nude. So what?

    I too sleep in the nude, and bath in the nude as well. Eh … Khir Toyo … have you never been naked before? Shame on you.

  25. sbbeng says:

    Just name your suspects whoever they are, friends and foes, the onus is on them but
    you must uphold your dignity no matter what!

  26. Cencurut says:

    I personally think she would step down as an exco member but continue to be an ADUN until the next election. Even Chua Soi Lek didn’t step down as MP until the 2008 general election.

  27. Mdm lee says:

    I standby you, Elizabeth Wong. Don’t worry. Only those unhappy people would resort to such dirty tricks to get you down. Question those who ask you to step down. Are they clean? They are more “dirty”, and did far worse things. Tepuk dada tanya selera ” By doing these dirty tricks we are more for the opposition.

  28. LC Teh says:

    “Real gold does not fear the intense heat of the furnace fire.”
    Don’t quit Ms Wong.

  29. LKS says:

    This could be the work of Khir Toyo and his gang. It’s outrageous and unethical, invading people’s privacy. The more dirty tactics you use, the more rakyat will vote for Pakatan come next election.

  30. Charlotte says:

    How can the people judge? Will there be a platform? Cause if there will be, I’ll be standing there.

    I voted her in and I’d like my vote to remain so.

  31. Freedom says:

    It’s a shame what’s going on in Malaysian politics. Instead of running the country effectively,dirty linen is being wash in the public everyday. Only dirty politicians seem to survive.

  32. Eric says:

    Dear Selangor MB;

    Eli Wong has shown she is hard-working and committed, she is a gem in a Coalition which has yet to prove its talents. There is nothing immoral about sleeping nude and it is not like it is affecting her fantastic job. Do not bow to blackmail.


    PS: what’s wrong in this country, hard-working principled ADUN resign while tainted jumping ones stay on?

  33. jac says:

    It doesn’t make sense to say that just because it is “difficult for her to discharge her duties” it is reason enough to call for a resignation.

    This is the kind of sentiment that allows companies like MAS to force pregnant women to resign [].

    Both have to do with women’s sexuality, and as we all know, it is such an old trick used to discredit and dis-empower women through ideas of shame, ‘duty’ and morality that are linked to a woman’s body.

    When such an event meets us, we must be brave enough to reject it for what it is, and demand for the right for a woman to have control over her own body. This means having the right to privacy, autonomy and bodily integrity.

    What happened to Elizabeth Wong is a violent and reprehensible act of removing her decision-making ability on one of the most important aspect of self-determination.

    It is critical for us to support her, not because she is a member of the opposition, or because this is possibly another tiresome political sandiwara opening.

    We must support her because this is about the protection of the right to privacy and autonomy for each and every one of us.

    Invasion of privacy must end! Whether it is by Rela officers snapping pictures of women held in custody, or by hotel staff trying to make a quick buck, or by the people in our lives breaching an agreement of trust.

    We have to make a loud and collective rejection of such practices. It’s not welcomed, we don’t like it, and it won’t work. Elizabeth, we have your back!

  34. USJ resident says:

    I wonder why our politicians, especially those in the ruling coalition, keep harping about “eastern values”. Are our “eastern values” superior and more “moral” than those in the west? Decadence is found in all societies. We do not have monopoly on everything that is clean. Look at the corruption found in the government, the feudalistic relationships in the BN, especially in Umno. “Eastern values” for you there.

  35. ZakiRaine says:

    It is immoral to circulate YB Eli Wong’s nude photo but the person who is behind this activity should be investigated. But I believe Wong knew the reason her photo has been circulated. This is not political reason but must be more than that. Only Wong and her ex-beau know the answer to this.

  36. Dave says:

    Eli, we feel very sad and disappointed that this has taken place. We know that this is a pure set up but the culprit will pay for it big time … trust me … sometimes there’s no justice but there’s always God!

  37. abubaker says:

    Liow said :”The spreading of such pictures was unethical BUT Malaysians should also maintain a lifestyle that reflected Eastern values.”

    Liow, are you aware that putting a plot to tarnish the image of other people for their political gain is of zero integrity and zero morality?

  38. Joe Loco says:

    Eli, why succumb to these scums. Remain strong, like Teresa Kok, please don’t give these goons the chance to further bully the ladies in PKR. Act as if nothing has happened and carry on the good job and let’s see what’s up their sleeves next. We need to frustrate them further so that they resort to more desperate actions to allow the rakyat to see how badly corrupted they are. Remember, this sad episode only pushes more fence sitters to the opposition and your continuous presence as exco member will further boost the morale and further strengthen the position of the state government. The rakyat needs you. Period.

  39. peter liew says:

    Eli must not resign. Continue your work, discover your selfless ego and achieve enlightenment. God bless you.

  40. martyn says:

    We who live in Bdr Sri Damansara want to support Eli to stay on as our rep. Don’t resign, just stay on. We need you and will fight together with you.

  41. kumar says:

    They are just nude photos. Please don’t step down. Serve the people who voted for you.

  42. stormtrooper says:

    Elizabeth Wong was growing tall
    They measured her progress in the BN hall
    Knowing it would bring to their own downfall
    They peeped into her bedroom and had a ball

  43. KenKC says:

    Dear Eli,

    So what if they had shamed you. No matter how righteous a person is, still the enemies will say he/she is not righteous. Even Jesus who did nothing wrong was accused badly until he died, and still some people say he is bad. So be brave and courageous and stand up to do the right thing to serve the people with all your heart. We really appreciate what you have done for the rakyat in the past. Shun all evil accusations and turn your back against them. We hope you will take your stand to become even stronger after this crisis.

  44. nookvillage says:

    Whoever is the culprit responsible for taking/distributing the nude photographs should be punished. It is just unfortunate for Elizabeth Wong not able to disassociate herself with undesirables. It is a courageous move for her to resign in the interest of the party, especially PAS.

  45. Ying says:

    Why do people think it’s their imperative to cast moral judgment on others? How conceited.

    What makes you more morally righteous than the next person? It’s shocking how some people are incapable of self-reflection and self-awareness.

  46. NurulHuda says:

    For Elizabeth Wong to step down, she is showing her weakness and allowing those culprits to get away.

    Indirectly, Ms Wong, you are being selfish and self-centered. This is what they want her to do. Come on women! Fight on. Where is your spirit? Listen to the voice of the people who want you to stay… they are the ones who voted for you .. you have the moral obligation to stay on.

    I say it again… listen to the voice of the people…. the people who voted you in.

  47. Valery Khoo says:

    I stand by Elizabeth Wong. Whatever photos circulated are personal and what a person does or does not do in the privacy of their own homes is nobody’s business but their own. It doesn’t matter even if they’re public figures because the bottomline is that we are human and we have our own lives to lead and personal preferences. She is an adult with a right to an intimate partner if that is what she wants. She’s been sincere, helpful and should not be “punished” this way. The person(s) doing this are nothing more than COWARDS!

  48. Ibrahim Moin says:

    Let Allah punish the person who did the unethical thing of exposing someone else’s shame. YB Eli, keep strong, just fulfill the responsibilities mandated to you.

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