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Hee claims no abuse of power

IPOH, 8 May 2009: Perak state assembly deputy speaker Hee Yit Foong said she has the power to take over the running of the assembly session as specified under Article 36A (1) (b) of the Perak state constitution.

She said her decision to chair the assembly session to appoint Datuk R Ganesan as the new speaker yesterday was not an abuse of power or a power grab from former speaker V Sivakumar.

“No doubt the Speaker (Sivakumar) has the power but as the Deputy Speaker, I can take over when he is not capable of convening the session,” she told a press conference here today.

Hee (Independent-Jelapang) said it was normal to appoint a new speaker when the existing Speaker has lost the confidence of a majority of state assemblypersons.

“The opposition can name a candidate as the new speaker. This is the democratic process in Malaysia.” — Bernama

See also: Ganesan takes the speaker’s chair (Updated 7pm)

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7 Responses to “Hee claims no abuse of power”

  1. As a major player in the events, her opinion obviously demonstrates a conflict of interest. This article shouldn’t even exist.

  2. Eric says:

    Since these two have ensured they’ll be out of job latest by 7 March 2013, I suggest they keep to what they know best: CLOWNING.

    Ganesan does not even know the Standing Orders (


  3. KhorH2 says:

    Hee kept saying, “I was just doing my job…” during the press interview. Maybe her completed statement should have been “For the money that I received, I was just doing my job”?

  4. elaine says:

    She can say whatever she wants, it does not make sense to me and it is an insult to my intelligence to try to understand what she means. In the first place, I have no respect for her. She is just an empty gong making noise in the market place to draw attention which she has lost after she jumped.

  5. Pozdny says:

    “The opposition can name a candidate as the new speaker. This is the democratic process in Malaysia.”

    Right, democracy prevailed that day… You brought shame to the word “democracy”. I’m disgusted.

  6. Mustapha Kamal says:

    Does she think that her day of reckoning will not come ?

  7. Andrew I says:

    You can justify all you want, but the Man upstairs will help you to justify in the quietest moments of your life. It’s called a conscience and NOTHING can stop it.

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