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Hasan Ali — PR member?

On Selcat

“Our aim is to restore confidence among the public and there is a need for an independent committee to probe into the misused state allocations. But there is an oversight in the formation of Selcat, as it is simply not seen as independent, all because the seven panel members are politicians.”

Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, calling for a revamp of Selangor’s Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat). Selcat was set up by the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government to regulate and inspect the Selangor government and its agencies. Hasan is also the state’s Islamic affairs committee chairperson. (Source: Selcat must be replaced by committee of eminent persons: PAS commissioner, The Star, 20 Sept 2009)

“Recent investigations which involved senior state government officers clearly showed that Selcat needs to revamp its procedures and techniques. Investigations which involved degrading methods that affect the dignity of the people being questioned and elements of pressure did not reflect the philosophy of Selcat.”

Hasan again. The Selangor PAS chief has since been lambasted by his PR colleagues for publicly criticising Selcat especially since as state assemblyperson, he was also responsible for approving the legislation to set up Selcat. PAS’s Khalid Samad, who is Shah Alam Member of Parliament, has said that Hasan should have played his role as a member of Selangor’s “state team”. (Source: Hasan sticks to his guns on committee, The Star, 24 Sept 2009)

“We can’t have a panel that chooses to pound district officers with questions with the aim of milking a statement. It is unacceptable and abhorrent. No one should engage, collude or condone such methods of investigation.”

Hasan, commenting on Selcat’s “grilling” of district officials during their inquiry on the disbursement of state funds before the 2008 general election. Selcat is probing allegations that some  Barisan Nasional assemblypersons had allegedly used up their entire RM500,000 annual allocation for their constituencies in just two months before the March 2008 general election. Klang district officer Bakhtiar Husin had issued a press statement accusing Selcat of political opportunism and of humiliating him during the inquiry. (Source: Selcat must be replaced by committee of eminent persons: PAS commissioner, The Star, 20 Sept 2009)

On alcohol and Muslims

“Our aim is to curb the consumption of beer among Muslims as we have been informed that drinking among schoolchildren and undergraduates is getting out of hand. It has come to this because Barisan Nasional did not tackle the problem earlier.”

Hasan agreeing with the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA)’s seizure of beer from a 7-Eleven outlet in Shah Alam. Hasan said Selangor PAS was pushing for a blanket ban on the sale of beer at 24-hour convenience stores in Muslim-majority areas. He also said that non-Muslims could easily buy their beer from shops outside the Muslim-majority area. (Source: Trouble brewing in Selangor over beer raid, The Star, 5 Aug 2009)

“The actions of the [MBSA] officers are justified based on the sentiments of a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood. Our members want him (Ronnie Liu) to be removed, and the portfolio given to another exco member, or let the Mentri Besar take over.”

Hasan, criticising fellow state executive council member Ronnie Liu for intervening in the MBSA’s seizure of beer worth RM620 from a 7-Eleven outlet. DAP’s Liu is in charge of the local government portfolio for Selangor. Hasan said that the enforcement officers’ actions should not have been questioned, as the seizure was conducted in the interest of Muslims. The confiscated beer was eventually returned to the outlet owner because the confiscation contravened the law. (Source: Trouble brewing in Selangor over beer raid, The Star, 5 Aug 2009)

“Our purpose is to educate and create awareness regarding the enactment as many do not understand it.  Under the enactment, Muslims who were caught selling or offering alcoholic drinks can be fined up to RM5,000, or three years jail or both. Those caught for buying can be fined up to RM3,000, jail for two years or both.”

Hasan, on two Muslim employees of a convenience store being summoned by the Selangor Religious Department (Jais) under the Syariah Criminal Offences (State of Selangor) Enactment 1995 for handling alcohol. (Source: JAIS to summon two store employees, The Star, 13 Aug 2009)

“These officials have been appointed to assist the Selangor Islamic Religious Council and the Selangor Islamic Religious Department.”

Hasan, announcing that Selangor mosque officials could arrest Muslims drinking alcohol in public without a warrant. He said that this was in line with the Syariah Criminal Precedure (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003.

Hasan was however summoned by the Sultan of Selangor on 5 Sept 2009, reportedly for not consulting Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah before announcing the move to empower mosque officials to arrest Muslims. As head of state, the ruler is in charge of the administration of Islam. (Source: Mosque officials get power to nab Muslims drinking alcohol, The Star, 25 Aug 2009)

“‘Selain itu, pegawai masjid juga perlu mengambil bukti-bukti seperti gambar minuman keras, resit pembelian, mengingati lokasi ia dipamer dan hal-hal berkaitan. Semua ini penting sebagai bahan bukti di mahkamah, jika tidak usaha kita membanteras kes berkaitan minuman arak di kalangan orang Islam sia-sia apabila kes kalah di mahkamah.”

Hasan, elaborating on the steps that mosque officials should take when arresting Muslims drinking alcohol in public. He said that once arrested, the offender must be turned over to religious enforcement officers or the police to avoid any allegations against the mosque officials. (Source: Pegawai masjid perlu serah pesalah arak kepada polis, Utusan Malaysia, 26 Aug 2009)

On PKNS’s Chinese Malaysian acting head

“[PAS tidak bersetuju perlantikan itu] bukan kerana Madam Low Cina atau wanita sebagaimana didakwa MCA tetapi dari segi kewibawaannya dua lagi timbalan pengurus besar yang ada lebih diterima oleh 800 pekerja PKNS dan menjadi kebiasaannya timbalan pengurus besar pentadbiran yang dinaikkan pangkat.”

“Saya bersedia untuk menyokong perlantikan pengurus besar PKNS yang baru kalaupun dia bukan Melayu dan bukan lelaki jika dia betul-betul profesional dan bakal membawa masa depan yang baik kepada PKNS.”

Hasan, on Low Siew Moi‘s appointment as acting general manager of the Selangor Economic Development Corporation (PKNS) in October 2008 for one year. Low was the PKNS deputy corporate affairs and accounting manager before her appointment.

Hasan together with Selangor PAS did not support her appointment and wanted their own candidate. (Source: Bukan kerana Cina atau wanita, kata Hasan Ali, Siasah Daily, 31 Oct 2008) Favicon

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16 Responses to “Hasan Ali — PR member?”

  1. sywong says:

    One suggestion to the PR state government, either kick this thing out, or gift wrap him and send him over to the BN side, if they accept him!! Let the BN do the damage control!

  2. Darryl Khoo says:

    Personally, although I do not like his character, I feel compelled to support his idea on the composition of the Selcat committee. It seems to assume the shape of an alternative MACC supporting the opposition instead. It is also seen to be a political tool.

    However, having said that, I am not sure who [should] be selected to the committee as most of the civil and judicial personnel seem to be leaning towards the federal government after such a long time [under] their rule. I am also not sure which NGO will be interested in taking up [such a] post.

  3. Ssegaran says:

    Datuk Dr Hasan Ali doesn’t seem to be part of the PR team. See how MACC has worked out the TBH case? So, I fully support Selcat’s actions.

  4. Adam says:

    This is a good time to weed out the Umno moles and forget about the support of PAS because it is too riddled with Umno members.

    PR must stand on their own with good governance, competency and integrity. Hasan Ali must go and if PAS wants to go too, so be it. Without them, there will be less strife because they are the ones that stir [up] the [issues]. Good [riddance].

  5. SpeakUp says:

    Vote for PR ends up like this … before GE12 all act so nice, promised us will work together to get rid of the Evil Empire a.k.a. BN. Now give them some power, they are bickering like dogs and cats but then pretend to call it THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS INDIVIDUAL OPINION.

    RPK is right … politicians are full of BS. Sad for Malaysia la.

  6. KL says:

    It was clear that he does not belong to PR, if PR is really a united alliance, some action needs to be taken against him. If not, you will definitely loose your credibility [among] the majority of people who voted for the PR during GE.

  7. Eric says:

    Hasan Ali should apply what he says to himself: “Investigations which involved degrading methods that affect the dignity of the people being questioned”.

    How would he apply his piece of advice to his MAIS officers who are labelling Qadiani as “bukan Islam” and all his nonsense about beer in full spite of Malaysian law?

    Hasan Ali, please stop being a pain and resign.

  8. abdul halim says:

    What Hasan, the trojan horse, has said so far only goes to show he is talking like he is Osama. Those who support him are from the same [ilk]. Just forget about PAS. Between BN and PAS, I will vote for BN because PAS is a frog even though I don’t like BN, especially Umno.

  9. fikri roslan says:

    If you don’t understand about Islam and Qadiani, do not give that kind of comment. […] Qadiani is different from Islam. You could find a lot of references on the internet.

  10. arctanck says:

    Hasan Ali is a mole in the PR, working for the BN. The PR needs to do damage control if they can’t kick him out!

  11. same says:

    Selcat employs same technique used by MACC, yet people in Selcat condemn MACC nicely… hahaha

  12. not a district officer says:

    re: “We can’t have a panel that chooses to pound district officers with questions with the aim of milking a statement. It is unacceptable and abhorrent. No one should engage, collude or condone such methods of investigation.”

    Indeed. Do unto others as they have done unto you. MACC grilled TBH. SelCat grills civil servants. Archangels in tall buildings lick their chops for the soul of Mr Klang District Officer.

    That said, Hasan Ali has many years of political experience. Does he not know that any statement to the mainstream media will be spun out of his control? Or is his back so against the wall, sidelined as PAS is in the S’gor state administration, that by way of ends justifying means, he resorts to the tested-and-true method of a public hullabaloo just to get even a sideways glance at his views from ostensibly partners-in-Pakatan?

    I’m really curious to his side of the story. I think TNG would really score a coup should they obtain one.

  13. Eskay says:

    It has been proven again and again that this PAS guy is an Umno mole through his many attempts to create controversy in the hope to bring down the PR state govt. He is not a team player, therefore he should resign to become an independent, Umno-friendly assembly[person]. Keeping him in the PR will will further demoralise the other members. PAS should decide once and for all to get rid of this political menace.

  14. mae says:

    “Liquor should be allowed to be sold anywhere because if it is disallowed in one area, people can still buy it from other area.”

    Laughable reasoning.

  15. Abdul Said says:

    I don’t trust Pak Hasan anymore. In the last general election, 10 of us voted for this Ping-Pong Ball Party. However, I’m not sure about the next general election.

  16. megabigBLUR says:

    You can’t compare Selcat’s actions to the abuses at the MACC. Questioning civil servants in public is not the same as intimidating and beating up witnesses and suspects behind closed doors!

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