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DPM: Groups out to erode public confidence in MACC

PERTH, 6 Aug 2009: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said there are groups in Malaysia who are planning to remove the credibility of and erode public confidence in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

He said they were the same people who had previously called for the establishment of such a commission with independent power to investigate anyone, but when this was implemented, they were not happy.

He said they wanted to bring down the image and integrity of the MACC officers so that whatever the agency did would not get the confidence of the people.

Everyone must have confidence in the MACC because it was an independent body that was accorded a royal status, Muhyiddin told reporters here when asked on the death threat made on MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan.

The deputy prime minister arrived here yesterday for a five-day working visit.

He said when public confidence in the MACC had been eroded, the group concerned believed that the public would also lose confidence in the government. 

“That is their motive. That is why they question [the MACC’s] integrity and its actions. The opposition’s purpose is politically motivated,” he said. 

Muhyiddin described the death threat as a malicious act that was politically motivated, to cause fear to the MACC officers so that they would not discharge their responsibilities.

“I read the report on it. [The threat] should not have been made. We must have confidence in our institutions,” he said. — Bernama

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4 Responses to “DPM: Groups out to erode public confidence in MACC”

  1. stk says:

    There is no need for any groups to question the credibility of the MACC as incompetent because the all actions done by them are mind bogling, like a mere few thousands ringgit use by PR reps are investigated, but millions and billions of abused money are conveniently overlooked.

    The DPM should not think that we are fools.

    Ask anyone around you about MACC, I’m sure aleast 80% will tell you that they are incompetent, only doing Umno’s dirty work.

  2. D.Iaspora says:

    Something rankles our brains over this episode. What. What if – the threat had been fabricated to throw the death of the poor boy into oblivion? That possibility seems to be […] in keeping with the manner in which our royal forces have been galloping along. The public should not be fooled with such tall stories.

  3. Pratamad says:

    Our dear DPM just missed the point completely. MACC has been perceived by the public to be a BN political tool on a witch-hunt on the PR excos when they could miss out the big fish like Khir Toyo. Integrity and image of MACC are not accorded automatically by the rakyat, but they must earn it through their actions and track record.

  4. kanna says:

    DPM is living in a world of fantasy … gone are the days when everything said by the leaders were accepted lock, stock and barrel by the Malaysian people … I do not have the slightest confidence in the MACC … other than that it is the hunting dog of Umno…

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