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Govt asked to consider hiring maids from China

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 June 2009: The Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (Papa) today asked the government to allow Malaysians to employ maids from China.

Papa president Datuk Raja Zulkepley Dahalan said this would help reduce the dependence of Chinese Malaysians on Indonesian maids and minimise incidents of maid abuse owing to problems related to language, culture and religion.

Papa’s proposal comes in the wake of the latest case of abuse of an Indonesian maid by her employer, which received much media attention in Indonesia.

Currently, the government does not allow Malaysians to employ maids from China, but it is understood that 17 maids from China have been employed under special request from the employers.

Raja Zulkepley said the proposal to allow maids from China had been made two years ago, but was opposed by certain quarters who feared that the maids might attempt to seduce the man of the house.

Already Serdang Wanita MCA has spoken out against the proposal.

“We should not be prejudiced against the maids from China,” Raja Zulkepley said, adding that restrictions could be imposed, such as requiring them to be more than 35 years old and bringing them in through agencies registered with Papa.

“This will facilitate monitoring if there are problems. We can also interview the employers to decide on suitable maids,” he said.

Raja Zulkepley said it was understood that the Chinese government was training some of its 40 million unemployed people as maids to work abroad.  

“The government has to make a decision on the matter,” he said, and referred to the Indonesian government’s decision to consider temporarily stopping the sending of maids to Malaysia following the most recent case of abuse.

Some 270,000 Indonesians now work as maids in Malaysia. They are among the 1.1 million Indonesians legally employed in the country. — Bernama

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5 Responses to “Govt asked to consider hiring maids from China”

  1. tebing tinggi says:

    Good suggestion, but above 35 is too old, it’s not a good age for a maid as they are required to do all the household jobs. There is not much to expect from 35 and above.

  2. maid says:

    A good way to increase the ethnic Chinese population in Malaysia, to make sure the Chinese will not become to only 10% of the population in the next 50 years. A good move.

  3. Karcy says:

    China to Malaysia: “If you abuse our maids we can send our troops for a walk in your country.”

  4. Fairminded says:

    Ms Chew’s comments are rather illogical. She said that maid abuse can happen to maids from anywhere but she should know that seduction can be from any maids too. If the Malaysian MCA ladies are so insecure of their hold over their hubbies they can hire maids of a certain age group from China. As for the salary issue, let the market forces decide. If it is too low automatically no maids from China will come.

  5. Marcs says:

    Don’t be so insecure, please. I myself plan to hire a pretty, graduate, 22-year-old maid. She can help my wife cook and can help my mom and also can accompany me for chat and movies if my wife is not free. See, China maids are the best.

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