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Gerakan’s protest against the ISA

“Gerakan Youth is of the opinion that struggles of organisations such as Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) should be considered seriously for the sake of justice and recognition of human rights principles enshrined in the federal constitution.”

ANDY Yong, Gerakan Youth’s legal, public complaints and social welfare bureau chief, declaring the party youth wing’s interest in joining the 1 Aug 2009 anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) rally in Kuala Lumpur. (Source: Gerakan Youth to join anti-ISA rally, Malaysiakini, 13 July 2009)

Yong revealed that Gerakan’s national central committee had decided to push for reform of the ISA, especially where it concerned detention without trial. Party leaders such as Penang Gerakan chairperson Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan had previously stepped up to the plate to tackle the same issue.

However, the youth wing’s latest gesture of bipartisanship was to be short-lived.

“We can shout, we can wave flags and don banners, none of that will achieve its purpose if the ‘people in power’ should continue to view us as pest.”

Gerakan Youth deputy chief Lim Si Pin, in an entry on his blog about the furore that arose after Yong’s announcement. (Source: Move – Gerak(an),, 16 July 2009)

Lim argued that no amount of “peaceful assembly or march will turn the tide if the Govt [sic] is not prepared to change a certain policy.” While insisting that the youth wing’s intent was to “inculcate our next generation to be brave and be bold”, Lim stressed that if GMI‘s march failed to receive a police permit, Gerakan members should not break the law by marching forward.

On 1 Aug itself, Lim announced that Gerakan Youth would “detach ourselves from the joint-march”, as “the ‘walk’ is deemed illegal under the Police Act.”

“Street protests, especially those involving big crowds, are definitely undesirable as[,] if not careful[,] they can lead to untoward incidents or even violence[;] and the authorities, especially the police, would have a tough time controlling the situation.”

Gerakan vice-president Datuk Mah Siew Keong, who added that his party welcomed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak‘s suggestion that “suitable venues, including stadiums” be provided for citizens to “air their grievances peacefully and orderly.” (Source: Hold peaceful gatherings in stadiums,, 3 Aug 2009)

Mah maintained that any gathering should be a “win-win” situation  — “allowing participants to air their grievances and opinions and allowing the government to better understand the issues at hand”.

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7 Responses to “Gerakan’s protest against the ISA”

  1. ahoo says:

    Dr Mah, don’t repeat what your master said! Note that you are one of the last elected non-Umno state assemblypersons in Perak ! Enjoy your stay while you still have your time as the next election will see more people voting for Pakatan in Perak. Not that we don’t love BN but just that we love Pakatan a little more in view of it being people-friendly.

  2. Eric says:

    It is sad to see what’s left of the ideals laid by Gerakan’s founders. Gerakan is now a racial-based empty shell having left its soul to BN’s kleptocracy.

  3. michael says:

    It would be good if the Gerakan Youth chief stops playing the movie [star] and goes back to work from the basics … help people, less personal publicity!

  4. sham says:

    I have no idea what The Nut Graph wants to write about this. To me, those Gerakan Youth has sold off the GMI people. Pengecut only!

  5. TBS says:

    Argghhhhh … what hypocrites, Gerakan Youth.

  6. vincent says:

    The leadership of Gerakan Youth need to learn what is honesty. If you can sell your partner GMI one day before, what makes you think the rakyat will trust you guys?

  7. chinhuatw says:

    Just for the record, ahoo, Gerakan’s Mah is not the MCA’s Mah in Perak.

    But come to think of it, how much difference is there between them, other than [the fact] that Gerakan’s Mah is not part of a coup syndicate?

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