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Gerakan Youth proposes reforms in BN council

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 March 2009: The Kedah Gerakan Youth has proposed the Barisan Nasional (BN) supreme council membership include a representative each from Wanita, Youth, Putera and Puteri wings of BN coalition parties.

Its chief, Tan Keng Liang, said the proposal was with the hope of creating a more dynamic BN for all Malaysians, irrespective of age or gender.

In a statement here today, he hoped Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, would consider the proposal as one of the reforms needed for implementation in BN.

Tan, who is also the wing’s vice-chairperson, said that since the formation of BN, spearheaded by Tun Abdul Razak Hussein in 1973, membership in the supreme council had remained at three from each coalition party. — Bernama



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13 Responses to “Gerakan Youth proposes reforms in BN council”

  1. Azlan says:

    Mr Tan,

    Well said. I 100% agree that the small circle in BN Supreme Council must be expanded.Time for a change. BN is Malaysia and reforms are important to start now.

  2. Raymond Teoh says:

    Kedah Gerakan Youth seems to be more far sighted than other Gerakan leaders. Reforms need to be done wisely in Barisan Nasional. Word and talk is not enough. But I definitely agree that expanding the BN Council to include youth and wanita is definitely a way forward for BN. The only question is will BN do it? I will vote BN if they do it!

  3. HJ Lim says:

    Yes, I think the youth should have a voice in the Barisan supreme council. The PM must be able to hear directly from the youth and not from a third person. BN did badly these days because the PM got wrong info and advice from the wrong person. Hope that Najib should be given a chance to have more people in the BN council.

  4. James says:

    Fully agree, expand the membership in the council.

  5. Boon says:

    The youth need more attention … otherwise, there will be a repeat of March 2008 GE.

  6. Sidiq says:

    Do you think your own party chairperson will allow more people in the BN Council? If yes, then more people will know the closed-door “arrangement” between them and Umno.

  7. suresh says:

    How could the BN Council know what the women and the youth are thinking when they are almost all filled with old men? I think there are also not many women there, apart from some old Umno wanitas. So, I think this proposal must be seriously considered.

  8. k.ganesh says:

    Let us see what Pak Lan and Najib think of this idea. I don’t think they are interested in such an idea as there is no benefit for them. More people in the meeting means more people watching over the BN.

  9. k.ganesh says:

    I think to be fair to BN, there is no equal representation in Pakatan Rakyat. There are no women and youth there also. It’s all about Anwar, Karpal, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang and the Lim Kit Siang family. Maybe Teresa Kok and Anwar’s wife but they are only puppets of Anwar and the Lim family.

  10. Farid says:

    Why is it always like this? You want the seat in the meeting but you all don’t talk in the meeting. That’s why BN lost in the last GE. People are sick of component parties keeping quite in BN. You see what happened to MIC? So, I agree, maybe give the seat to the youth and wanita. At least they have nothing to be afraid when they go into the meeting. Not like the ministers and those who want to be ministers, who will just keep quiet in meetings and are afraid to complain to the PM.

  11. JJ says:

    It is good to have more young people in BN Supreme Council … old people talk about old things … need new ideas in BN if BN wants to recapture young hearts.

  12. Jose says:

    Reform? What reform? More important is reform within Gerakan first.

  13. tengku mohd faizal says:

    Farcical and nonsensensical, BN’s main party, Umno, needs a REBIRTH and not reform. They should disqualify themselves, sack all members and start anew, be a multiracial party as envisioned by the founder — Dato Onn.

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