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Gerak submits documents on alleged misappropriation of funds to MACC

SHAH ALAM, 30 July 2009: The People’s Movement Against Corruption (Gerak) today submitted documents on an alleged misappropriation of Selangor state funds by a Pakatan Rakyat elected representative, amounting to RM375,000, to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Gerak chairperson Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunos submitted the 17-page document to a Selangor MACC investigation officer at the commission’s office here at 11:15am.    

Nazree told reporters that the alleged misappropriation, among others, included the possibility of false claims and unaudited allocation of expenditure for the constituency.

“I can say that the particular person is not from the DAP,” Nazree said, adding that he had received the documents from an unknown person early this month at the Gerak office in Kelana Jaya.

The Selangor government had recently announced that it would conduct its own internal audit on allegations of misappropriation of state funds by its assemblypersons.

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was reported as saying the internal audit would ensure that the spending of state allocations by lawmakers complied with the procedures set by the state government.

Allegations of abuse of funds first surfaced earlier this month when Selangor exco member Teresa Kok revealed that the MACC had seized files pertaining to allocation expenditures of several Selangor state assemblypersons.

Besides Kok, others under investigation by the MACC were Elizabeth Wong (PKR-Bukit Lanjan), Hannah Yeoh (DAP-Subang Jaya), Dr Cheah Wing Wah (DAP-Damansara Utama), Edward Lee (DAP-Bukit Gasing), Lau Weng San (DAP-Kampung Tunku), Ronnie Liu (DAP-Pandamaran) and Ean Yong Hian Wah (DAP-Seri Kembangan), whose aide was found dead after questioning on 16 July. — Bernama

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4 Responses to “Gerak submits documents on alleged misappropriation of funds to MACC”

  1. Eric says:

    More propaganda from Bernama. Good use of our tax money. Can we ask Bernama if it only gets money from BN taxpayers? (What do you mean they are all exempt like Zakaria and the like?)

    [Even] admitting we would believe these so-called “news reports” and “NGOs” (which always manage to avoid lodging reports against BN though it has been in power forever), we’d think PR YBs are so cheapskate cheating on their constituency expenditure (RM500K per Adun per year), when they could cheat on much larger amounts.

    At least their predecessors cheated us in large dimensions: Istana Klang, Istana Bali, Kampung Exco, Disneyland trips on 1st class, etc. No wonder BN and its non-official components (PDRM, MACC and SPR) are so keen to replace yet another democratically-elected state government by a BN-appointed one founded on blackmail and questionable Court of Appeal judgments.

  2. Sri Hartamas says:

    Have they submitted anything on Khir Toyo’s RM24mil villa?

  3. abdul aziz Ismail says:

    Why so special Gerak go against PR government? Why can’t Gerak go after [Khir] Toyo? In the eyes of the rakyat, it is so obvious […] Jangan jadi alat. Malu lah.

  4. Soo Chin Kiang says:

    The question I am asking is whether your movement is another [that is on the BN’s] pay roll because I [have] never come across your movement [trying] to implicate the BN. Instead, you are targeting Pakatan […]. Why not you show me the credibility of your organisation?

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