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EC to decide on status of Kota Siputeh assemblyperson

ALOR STAR, 19 Aug 2009: The Kedah Election Commission (EC) has sent a letter on the status of Kota Siputeh state assemblyperson Datuk Abu Hassan Sarif  to EC headquarters in Putrajaya.

Kedah EC director Zainal Abidin Zakaria said the letter by Kedah State Assembly Speaker Datuk Dr Abdul Isa Ismail claiming that Abu Hassan had lost his seat had been received two days ago.

He said Isa stated that Abu Hassan had lost his seat as he had failed to attend assembly sittings on 19 April and 9 Aug.

“This matter will be handled by our headquarters. The EC legal division will study it,” Zainal told Bernama here today, adding that he was still waiting for a directive from EC headquarters.

Isa said under Section 51 of the state constitution, assemblypersons who fail to attend two assembly sittings in a row automatically loses his or her membership and have to vacate the seat.

Abu Hassan, the Jerlun Umno division chief, is a four-term state assemblyperson for Kota Siputeh. — Bernama

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2 Responses to “EC to decide on status of Kota Siputeh assemblyperson”

  1. Amirul HM says:

    Macam budak sekolah jer…dok tuang!

    Don’t think he realises it’s part of the state’s constitution. With the candidate put forward by Umno for Permatang Pasir, I’m NOT surprised with this development!

  2. aafam says:

    Jangan marah lah pada Adun ni. Dia nak bagi rezeki pada rakyat. Dulu Umno perintah, dia ada peruntukan. Kini dia pembangkang. Tak ada cara lain nak tolong rakyat. […]

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