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December 2009

Appeal Court’s ruling on MACC wrong Corrected 3.40pm, 22 Dec 2009

The acronym for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was mistakenly written as MAAC. It should be MACC.

We apologise for our error.

Double-standard policing Corrected 3.40pm, 11 Dec 2009

Senior lawyer Christopher Leong has clarified that he was the chairperson of the organising committee of Lawasia Conference 2008, and not Lawasia 2008.

The journalist who wrote the story also misquoted Leong as saying that Datuk Seri Chan Sek Keong is the former Chief Justice of Singapore. Chan is the current Chief Justice of Singapore.

We apologise for our error.

Take back the tech Corrected 3.20pm, 10 Dec 2009

The writer made a mistake and initially cited 2008’s actions for days 15 and 16, instead of 2009’s. Sorry for the mistake.

When laws are flouted Corrected 11.45am, 1 Dec 2009

We had originally published the following: “The residents who complained about the low-quality finish of their property led me to discover how the MBPJ issued the CF for the development” after the paragraph about town houses that had been issued the wrong certificate of fitness. This was despite running the edited version of KW Mak’s column by him before we published.

He has since realised that the phrasing for that paragraph creates an impression that he was referring to the same development project or a related development project when actually, they were two different projects he was citing. Hence, the actual phrasing of that particular paragraph should be: “In yet another case that I’m investigating, low-cost flat residents who complained about the low quality finish of their property led me to discover how MBPJ issued the CF for their development.”

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