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Campaign promises and goodies

In the BN corner

“The development of vacant land and the UiTM campus is perceived to be able to stimulate industrial growth in the area and capable of creating business and job opportunities.”

BARISAN Nasional (BN) Hulu Selangor candidate P Kamalanathan, on how to improve the economic prospects of Hulu Selangor residents. Kamalanathan is also MIC information chief. (Source: Kamalanathan: Let’s campaign clean, The Malaysian Insider, 20 April 2010)

“For ten years [the settlers] were separated [from their plantations], their plantations were neglected until Felda had to spend RM36.9 million to restore the damaged places.”

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Ahmad Maslan, speaking of aid given to Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) settlers to rehabilitate oil palm plantations in Hulu Selangor. The plantations were neglected for the past five years.

Felda chairperson Tan Sri Dr Mohd Yusof Noor also announced a RM100 million allocation to assist settlers upgrade their toilets so they could become homestay operators. (Source: RM1,000 for Felda folks to participate in homestay programme, Bernama, 18 April 2010)

“Work is expected to start early next year. When completed, residents no longer would need to travel to the Bukit Beruntung interchange to get into the expressway. The Malaysian Highway Authority is discussing the matter with the Hulu Selangor district office. It will cover some 20 to 24ha.”

Works Minister Datuk Seri Shaziman Abu Mansor, announcing the construction of a new interchange that would link Sungai Buaya, in the Hulu Selangor district, to the North-South Expressway. The project’s estimated cost is RM90 million. It was initially planned in 1995 but was shelved due to the 1997 economic crisis.

Shaziman denied that the announcement was connected to the by-election. (Source: New link to benefit 100,000 users, New Straits Times, 14 April 2010)

“The government will implement the project [to improve the drainage system] as soon as possible, and it will be carried out by the PWD (Public Works Department).”

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announcing an allocation of RM2 million to overcome the frequent flooding problems at Kampung Sentosa in Hulu Selangor. (Source: RM2 million allocation to overcome floods in Batang Kali, Bernama, 2 April 2010)

“The government has allocated RM300 million to help the Orang Asli nationwide, while the 150 here [in Kampung Serigala near Kuala Kubu Baru] will receive new homes worth RM33,000. This is no election gimmick as the government had already made provisions for this much earlier.”

Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, who has been visiting the Orang Asli in the Hulu Selangor constituency to campaign for the BN. (Source: Race to capture their hearts, New Straits Times, 20 April 2010)

“About RM1 million has been injected into seven Community Based Rehabilitation Centres in Hulu Selangor.”

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who has been campaigning among women voters with her bright red-clad “Skuad Sayang”. (Source: Race to capture their hearts, New Straits Times, 20 April 2010)

In the PR corner

“Even if we lose this by-election, we promise you will get [the land titles].”

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, speaking in Hulu Selangor and promising 100,000 land titles to poor homeowners in the constituency. (Source: Hulu Selangor voters prove a challenge to Anwar, The Malaysian Insider, 13 April 2010)

” … there is also the Orang Asli, whose land is being whittled down by development. The state government will have to allocate them reserve land and I think the state has agreed to this.”

Pakatan Rakyat candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, in an interview on 14 April 2010, when explaining how he would improve the economic life of voters if he was elected. (Source: Zaid’s promise for Hulu Selangor, The Nut Graph, 20 April 2010)

“We must change Bukit Beruntung and Lembah Beringin — which today have become abandoned towns — to become centres for education, business and culture in Selangor. We must work to turn Hulu Selangor into a place for all.

“Insyaallah, if I am chosen, together with the people, especially the youths, we will change Hulu Selangor to become the main centre of Eco-tourism and Natural Heritage in the state.”

Zaid, in a press conference on 20 April 2010, talks about his vision for Hulu Selangor. He also mentioned the plight of Felda settlers who, despite toiling for years, have still not been given land titles by the agency.

He also promised better infrastructure, safety and health for the constituency by pushing for a larger police force and more clinics if he was elected. (Source: Ignoring smears, Zaid focuses on promises of growth, The Malaysian Insider, 20 April 2010)

“… kerajaan negeri Selangor pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat berhasrat untuk menjalankan kajian terhadap Warisan Hidupan dan Alam Semulajadi KKB dengan pandangan menjadikannya sebagai Pekan Warisan.

“Pakatan Rakyat juga mendesak Kerajaan Persekutuan Barisan Nasional untuk mengiktiraf status unik KKB sebagai warisan nasional. Ahli-ahli Parlimen akan melobi berkenaan hal ini dan berbesar hati untuk bekerjasama dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk melobi Pertubuhan Pendidikan, Sains dan Kebudayaan (Unesco) Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu bagi mengangkat KKB sebagai Tapak Warisan Dunia.”

Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong, who is in charge of tourism, on the state government’s plans to apply for world heritage status for Kuala Kubu Baru in Hulu Selangor. (Source: Kuala Kubu Baru untuk status Warisan Dunia Unesco,, 20 April 2010)

“Jumlah keseluruhan bonus itu berjumlah RM616,000 yang mana setiap penerima menerima RM1,381 seorang.”

The Selangor government, in announcing that Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had presented bonuses to all village chiefs and Jawatankuasa Keselamatan dan Kemajuan Kampung (JKKK) in Hulu Selangor on 20 April 2010.

The state said the bonus was made possible because of the RM8.2 million profits from the sale of sand in Selangor in 2009 by Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB). The company is a state-owned subsidiary.

Khalid said the bonus payment demonstrated that the state government under the Pakatan Rakyat would give back whatever profits it made to grassroots leaders. He expressed hope that the state would be able to pay out a higher bonus in 2011 if KSSB made more profits in 2010. (Source: Kerajaan Selangor bayar bonus kepada Ketua Kampung, JKKK, SelangorKini Online, 21 April 2010) favicon

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2 Responses to “Campaign promises and goodies”

  1. director says:

    The Management of Felda does not have the foresight or futuristic planning.They only talk about improving the life of the settlers without any proper planning for the 2nd generation and the 3rd generation. Felda till now is still just the producer of the primary commodities, rubber and palm oil. A more holistic planning is needed to bring the Felda settlers to modern lifestyle, not just purely sloganeering. A thorough survey on Felda future management should be done before any announcement for betterment of Felda settlers, especially during elections.

  2. M.K. says:

    Looks like Christmas is coming early in Hulu Selangor!

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