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Buy me an election?

“Please, I help you, you help me. That way we have a very fair and happy relationship….It won’t cost you anything to give us what we want. We will do what we should to give you what you want. And you know what I want.”

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak handing over federal funds for Chinese vernacular and mission schools in Sibu to the tune of RM18 million. Of the amount, RM10 million went to 60 Chinese-language primary schools, RM5 million to Chinese-vernacular private schools, RM1 million to Sekolah Kebangsaan St Mary, and RM2 million to Sekolah Kebangsaan Sacred Heart.

Najib also told Chinese Malaysian educationists at the ceremony that Barisan Nasional (BN) was the only “true friend” they had. He also recounted how he had stuck his neck out politically for vernacular education in 1996 when he was education minister. He said he removed a provision in the Education Act which gave the minister powers to convert Chinese-language schools into national schools. (Source: Najib tells Sibu: You help me, I help you, Malaysiakini, 12 May 2010)

“The understanding is quite simple, you help me, I help you…If you deliver me Robert Lau Jr on Sunday, on Monday I will ask the cheque to be prepared….This is our deal tonight. Robert Lau become Ahli Parlimen on Sunday night, on Monday I will write the check.”

Najib, on the eve of polling day, when pledging RM5 million for flood mitigation to residents of Rejang Park, a low-cost residential area in Sibu. The prime minsiter was on an eleventh-hour whirlwind visit to a few stops throughout Sibu on the evening of 15 May, the last day of campaigning. It was reportedly the first time a prime minister had ever visited Rejang Park. A day after the Pakatan Rakyat won in Sibu, Najib said no decision had been made on the RM5 million. (Sources: Mixed reaction to PM’s lighting visit, Malaysiakini, 16 May 2010, and Najib: You help me, I help you,, 15 May 2010)

“Semua peruntukan ini akan disalurkan dalam beberapa hari lagi. Kita (kerajaan BN) buat apa yang kita cakap dan kita tunaikan apa yang kita janji.”

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announcing RM926,200 for community development in Iban majority areas in Bawang Assan, Sibu. The breakdown of funds include RM500,000 to upgrade plank walks in 29 longhouses. The 527 Iban families living in those longhouses will also receive RM600 each, or a total of RM316,200. Another RM60,000 will be used to repair a badminton hall, while a Methodist church in the area will receive RM50,000. Muhyiddin added that a kindergarten would be set up at the longhouse with training provided for teachers. (Source: Kaum Iban dapat ‘ole-ole’ kerajaan, Utusan Malaysia, 13 May 2010)

“Jangan biarkan mereka membohongi kita sekali lagi. Kita akui BN juga ada kelemahannya tapi kita tidaklah sampai melakukan pembohongan seperti ini.”

Najib pitches BN’s development track record against Pakatan Rakyat’s unfulfilled 16 Sept 2008 federal takeover promise. He says this when promising Iban voters that the government will get agricultural agency Felcra to develop 6,000 hectares of Iban land in Sungai Pasai and Siong in Sibu. The development will include basic amenities, roads and economic activities. (Source: Felcra majukan 6,000 hektar tanah Iban di Sg. Pasai, Siong, Utusan Malaysia, 13 May 2010)

“They applied from the government and the DPM agreed to it.”

Sibu SUPP publicity chief Daniel Ngieng on a news report first published by local paper The Sunday Post, that BN had given RM1.75 million to four churches in Sibu. They were the En Tao Methodist Church, Tien Tao Methodist Church, Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church and Hwai Ang Tong Methodist Church. News of the funding ran the day before polling. (Source: Sibu churches get federal cash ahead of vote, The Malaysian Insider, 16 May 2010) favicon

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4 Responses to “Buy me an election?”

  1. somethingStirring says:

    Najib’s now infamous “You help me, I help you” speech in Sibu is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard from Umno, and that’s a real feat.


    1Malaysia – You help me, I help you?

  2. Ellese A says:

    Did you do the same when PKR promised the moon at the Hulu Selangor by election? Why don’t you also cover those who claim this as bribery but willing to accept such bribes? If it is really wrong, reject the gift. After all for corruption to happen you need the giver and taker.

    • wan says:

      When you say ‘the moon’ do provide proof to support because at least Nut Graph provided exact quotations. Also, the problem here is, it comes from the PM, unbecoming of him. Election rules state no bribery, if this isn’t bribery don’t know what is.

  3. NCE says:

    Offering rewards in return for election victory is a blatant form of bribery. The monetary reward has to come from somewhere and most likely the source would be from the citizens themselves.

    Seriously, Malaysia leaders do not want to start such a culture in the election. If this becomes widespread, before long you would see people starting to make demands during the elections. They should think of repercussions before doing anything!

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