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Budget 2010: Before and after

Lainie Yeoh is a graphic designer who doesn’t want to pay for her credit cards.

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4 Responses to “Budget 2010: Before and after”

  1. Michael says:


    But i think it’s reasonable, the price for credit cards. Maybe it’s because I don’t own one 🙂

  2. JayCkat says:

    Reasonable? Hardly! I am dependent on them for my internet purchases. Doing this, Malaysia harms what little e-commerce it has.

  3. Andrew Aeria says:

    Taxing all credit card holders for the sins of the financially profligate is downright unfair. It also smacks of punishing the innocent instead of targeting the problem-kids. Another classic cockeyed approach to solving the country’s problems. One cannot help but wonder if rank amateurs drafted the budget.

  4. Antares says:

    Elegant artwork, Lainie. Didn’t know you could draw! 🙂

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