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Anwar’s open house

ON 12 Oct 2008, Kg Baru’s Sultan Sulaiman Club was swamped by a public in search of food and photo opportunities with de facto Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The Aidilfitri open house held from 2pm to 5pm was the second such event hosted by the opposition leader and his family. A previous celebration in Cherok Tokun, Penang the day before drew an estimated 20,000 people.

The Kg Baru open house proved to be just as popular, with several thousand turning up amidst a strong police presence. Among those who waited for their chance to meet Anwar was a group from the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), who came armed with teddy bears and greeting cards.

At an unscheduled press conference after a private morning session for invitees, Anwar refused to commit to a set date for the much-talked-about Pakatan Rakyat takeover of the government, only saying: “At the appropriate time… we will see change.” End of Article

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One Response to “Anwar’s open house”

  1. picadilly says:

    BN is lucky their nemesis is Hindraf.

    Stupid BN don’t know, Hindraf is following good principles and using righteousness and good values in their struggle.

    If not for the leaders who are following Vivekananda’s teachings, Malaysia would have seen a worse situation.

    Hindraf leaders got the entire 20,000 plus crowd to calm down when grandfathers and grandmothers were running haywire when the first tear gas bomb hit us. Hindraf leaders stopped the youths from attacking police and making a mess.

    BN should be thankful. If they had tried this on any other Indian group, they would have got hit by slippers.

    BN is lucky that it’s the educated and civilised Indians who are in charge of Hindraf. Until now the leaders are patiently negotiating and fasting and talking.

    You try this with any other Indian groups, and BN would be having nightmare.
    You are lucky BN, You are very lucky. You are trying to turn good people into hooligans, but what would you have if the real hooligans turun padang?

    You are lucky BN, very lucky. The entire community is in submission to Waytha and the Hindraf 5.

    Knowing Hindraf’s patience, MIC & BN are trying to create a backlash. But this will not succeed as long as the top leaders are following the principles of Hindraf.

    BN you are unlucky because for generations the Indian vote will never come back to you. We will never ever vote for you again. We remember a lot.

    We remember our children being hit by tear gas, our mothers being stampeded by people, our fathers beaten by your batons. We remember.

    We will teach our children and their children.

    This is our history.

    BN, you did this.

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