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Another 16 detained for holding vigil

KUALA LUMPUR: In the second round of vigil-related arrests this week, police yesterday detained 16 people, including Teratai state assemblywoman Jenice Lee Ying Ha outside her office here in Taman Muda.

Lee, when contacted, said the 16, a mix of DAP members and residents, were arrested at about 9pm after police moved in on their vigil-cum-“birthday celebration” of a participant at the gathering.

As at 10.30pm yesterday, Lee and another person were held at the Ampang police station while the others were brought to the Pandan Indah police station. The 16 will be brought to Ampang court today to be remanded after being held overnight.

On 19 May night, police arrested Lee, Serdang parliamentarian Teo Nie Ching and nine other DAP members for failing to disperse at a candlelight vigil in Seputeh to “mourn the death of democracy”.

However, a similar vigil in Serdang on 20 May proceeded for 15 minutes without incident.

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This article first appeared on Friday, 22 May 2009 in under the same title. Used with permission.

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One Response to “Another 16 detained for holding vigil”

  1. NutzeyWagen says:

    So how now? My birthday’s coming up soon. Guess I have to remember a few no-nos.
    1. Do not invite any PR people (They attract ‘unwanted’ attention)
    2. No candles. (Lest my cake be charged with holding vigil)
    3. No illegal assembly. (Okay. Just my wife and son then. 3 people only, so no need permit to assemble)
    4. No black attire. (On my birthday? No problem on that count)
    Better still, I celebrate indoors with all the doorsand windows closed, so no one can see or know what’s happening inside, right? Celebrate of course I definitely will, come rain or shine!

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