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Aminulrasyid’s shooting not isolated

THE fatal police shooting of 15-year-old schoolboy Aminulrasyid Amzah on 26 April 2010 has profoundly shocked the nation.

The Fairly Current Show host Fahmi Fadzil speaks with lawyer Puspa Rosman, who will be acting on behalf of Aminulrasyid’s family, about the issue of police power, and politicking that surrounds Aminulrasyid’s case. These include the ongoing blame game in the media that has pointed fingers at the police, parents, youth and Aminulrasyid himself.

Puspa, a human rights lawyer and Suaram secretariat member, links Aminulrasyid’s case with a long line of deaths in police custody, including the cases of Francis Udayyapan, Kugan Ananthan and many more. favicon

This video interview first appeared on PopTeeVee. The site hosts other video interviews with notable personalities on notable issues.

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One Response to “Aminulrasyid’s shooting not isolated”

  1. lkl says:

    Mesti ada parang! LOL

    Musa Hassan ini ingat polis dia yang punya? Siapa yang bayar gaji mereka? Senang-senang saja mahu tarik?

    When I first heard this statement from Musa Hussan, I got a shock. Is there no end to the stupidity of this man?

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