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Aminah: “I was offered money, posts to withdraw”

Corrected at 3.35pm, 25 May 2009

BUKIT MERTAJAM, 25 May 2009: Independent candidate for the Penanti by-election, Aminah Abdullah, today alleged that two Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leaders met her on 13 May and offered her money.

“They said if I win the contest, I could rejoin the party and I would be given the Deputy Chief Minister 1 post,” she claimed at a press conference at her operations centre here.

She also offered as proof a CD with an audio recording of the conversation with the two leaders allegedly attempting to bribe her and lodged a report about the matter at the Central Seberang Perai District Police headquarters after the press conference.

(Corrected) According to the former Penang PKR Wanita chief, the PKR leaders, whom she declined to name, also offered her the post of local council president if she decided to withdraw from the contest.

Photo of Aminah Abdullah holding the CD with the audio recording
Aminah Abdullah

She also alleged that they also offered to compensate her for her campaign expenses, amounting to more than RM80,000.

Aminah, however, said she refused the offers and added that she stood by her resignation from PKR in 2007 “on principle”.

When pressed on the identities of the PKR leaders, Aminah said one was a “special assistant to a Penang PKR exco” and the other was “a top state-level PKR leader who is a party supreme council member”, and added that both had the “blessings of the national party leadership”.

Audio recording

“We made an audio recording of this meeting in my house in Jelutong without their knowledge, and my family members also took pictures with their mobile telephones,” she claimed.

Aminah showed the CD of the alleged audio recording to reporters and said it contained more than three hours of conversation on the offers, and also of the two leaders confiding in her about PKR’s internal problems.

“On the CD, you can hear them say (PKR candidate Dr) Mansor (Othman) is not popular with the voters, and that’s why they wanted me to rejoin the party whether I win or lose,” she said.

Aminah did not make copies of the CD, but she allowed reporters to download the recording onto their laptops and thumb drives.

She also claimed that the PKR leaders had phoned her several times, and also had other meetings with her, but this was the most complete recording she had made.

She said she would be bringing the CD to make an official report to the Election Commission (EC) tomorrow morning.

When asked why she was not reporting the matter to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), she said, “We will let the EC investigate and cooperate with the MACC first.”

When asked why she did not bring this up during the objection period on nomination day, Aminah said, “It’s better to reveal this now with all the media present. Plus I did not want my victory to be a free lunch.”

Aminah also said she would be asking the police to protect her and her family’s safety, as she felt that she was in danger by exposing this matter.

Claims not verified

At a separate press conference, PKR elections campaign director Saifuddin Nasution said the party would not comment on unverified claims.


Photo of Saifuddin Nasution
Saifuddin Nasution

“When she produces proof, we will respond accordingly. For now, we will issue her a notice demanding that she either withdraws her allegations and apologises or pays damages,” he said.

“These are standard demands — we will leave the details to our party lawyer (and vice-president) R Sivarasa,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Saifuddin said that the party would not be distracted by such claims by other candidates.

“Our focus is to meet as many voters in Penanti as possible,” he said.

Polling day for the Penanti by-election is set for 31 May.

Other than Aminah and Mansor, the other candidates vying for the state seat are independents Nai Khan Ari Nai Keow and Kamarul Ramizu Idris.

The by-election is being held following the resignation of incumbent assemblyperson and former Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

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11 Responses to “Aminah: “I was offered money, posts to withdraw””

  1. Nicholas Aw says:

    I find Aminah’s claim is a lot of bull. If it’s true, she should just report it to the MACC and provide evidence so that the latter will be able to act on it.

    I am of the opinion that her fanfare is just to attract attention so that the voters will vote for her. Perhaps, there’s also the possibility of the unseen hand at work carrying out a smear campaign to reduce votes for the PKR candidate. PM’s claim that BN/Umno is totally staying away from Penanti is difficult to swallow. To contest will mean total annihilation and this BN cannot afford after a string of by-election losses. So the best thing to do is a “cloak and dagger” operation to run down PKR. Anwar Ibrahim’s claim of a BN/Umno proxy at work is likely more convincing.

    Voters of Penanti, this is your privilege to send a clear message to the BN government that it should listen to the people and not try to intimidate the rakyat by taking action at the slightest and flimsiest excuse such as candlelight vigils and wearing black.

  2. mike says:

    Why does it always happen? Independent candidates claiming to have offered bribes by PR?

    Does PR have that much money or is the another party taking the trouble to make PR look bad?

    Someone out there must have an answer to that.

  3. rampage says:

    Yea…yea…Cik Aminah, I have to agree with you. I had a similar experience too. I was also offered by Obama to become U.S Secretary of Defense as long as I do not contest in the recent U.S Presidential Election…

  4. Tommy says:

    First, let us analyze what made Minah resign? Nothing more nothing less – no position given to her as Penang Wanita Chief. Just like the Jelapang’s Hee. Demand for position but could not get it because not qualified.
    Secondly, who in the world would offer her such lucrative positions just to stand down? The so-called offer was made like she could win hands down!! My foot. If she is that good she would have been given positions long ago and she need not have to quit.
    Thirdly, how come she is prepared with all the recordings like she knows there are offers coming?
    Conclusions – all this are concocted issues and actually she has nothing that can do damage to PKR. If she is right let us expose what rot there is in PKR. If none, she is just another person who “cried wolf”.
    Like I have said before, PKR is a party with most of the recycle members from Umno. Please filter or throw them all out. Stop accepting members from Umno.

  5. I’d like to listen to what’s on the CD before making any snap judgments, since I’ve already heard from a few Opposition supporters that PKR is turning into another Umno and this could be the proof of such allegations.

    However, as Nicholas pointed out, it should be referred to the MACC for further scrutiny, as well as the EC.

    Speaking of which, what happened to the case of bribing the press in Kuala Terengganu?

    The heat seems to have died out on that one.

    In any case, be it Opposition or government, Independents even, should be put under the scrutiny of the public whenever contesting. Unfortunately, people in this nation seem to be too politically prejudiced and fanatical, thus coming up with snap judgments even before the proof is presented.

  6. Hang Tuah says:

    Police, please investigate her allegations about PKR leaders’ bribery attempt.

    If her allegation is true, then take action against the party.

    If her allegation is false, take action against her.

    At this time her allegations don’t make sense. She talks like she is going to win. We will see soon enough.

  7. Hang Tuah says:

    What happened to VK Lingam’s tapes???

    Sound like me, look like me … but it is not me.

  8. Andrew I says:

    Isn’t it funny that some claims are given maximum exposure and others, we never hear about until a denial is aired … like putting the horse before the cart?

  9. She’s lodged a report to the MACC and EC now. So we wait for the press to get a copy then.

  10. kwchap says:

    Cheap publicity…my bet is she’ll lose her deposit.

  11. Philip Selvaraj says:

    Yeah and I was visited by extra-terrestrial beings and taken to their world for a short
    visit, and returned yesterday night… Maybe she is delusional.

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