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A poster is worth a thousand votes?

THEY say a picture is worth a thousand words. In Hulu Selangor, if a poster is worth a 1,000 votes, Barisan Nasional (BN) would win the by-election hands down. The BN has literally “gone to town” with their campaign posters. Over a dozen different poster designs proclaim the wonders of the BN government in this parliamentary constituency.

Some of these BN posters have even attacked Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leaders directly. PKR Youth members have been incensed enough to take matters into their own hands by destroying these posters. Several arrests were made as a result.

In comparison, Pakatan Rakyat only has a handful of different posters for this by-election. Notwithstanding how effective posters will be in determining the victor on polling day on 25 April 2010, the number of posters clearly demonstrates which coalition has deeper pockets. favicon

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6 Responses to “A poster is worth a thousand votes?”

  1. noorisa says:

    We don’t need to change our government. What we need to do is to make alteration for better living conditions for us and for our upcoming generation. Opposition [parties are] required for checking. Whatever good, we have to give credit. Whatever bad, instruct the government to make a review. Leaders have to promote good example in leadership and please keep Islam and believe in Allah as our priority. Salam.

  2. maw says:

    Who is contesting – Najib or Kamalanathan? Najib arrested this opportunity to promote and sell himself. This is the public’s opinion of the posters.

  3. Mikazuki says:

    All these posters are such a nuisance…in the end all will be thrown out as garbage.

  4. Ellese A says:

    ‘The number of posters clearly demonstrates which coalition has deeper pockets’.

    This is a funny spin by The Nut Graph. When in Permatang Pauh where PKR’s posters were at least twice as many and twice as big as the BN’s there wasn’t even an iota of similar insinuation made by the writer then. Why can’t the writers be fair and objective?


    It wasn’t this particular writer that covered the Permatang Pauh by-election. Different writers have different observations 🙂 Besides, we are talking about *this* by-election, not Permatang Pauh. Interesting red herring.

    Shanon Shah
    Columns and Comments Editor

  5. Jaas Torees says:

    “And if all other measures fail in winning an election, you can always try prayer”. LOL

    From a design perspective, I quite like the Pakatan billboards. Very clean design with a strong message, but different ones on each. Maybe more of those would be nice too!

  6. Malaysian says:


    You are joking right? BN, the current government, is so […] right now. They claim that “BN Mampu Berubah” in banners that were hung all over Hulu Selangor, but can we believe that? They have been given over 50 years to change, but have they done so? They have been getting worse and worse, and even after March 2008, they are still as […] as ever. Remember Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, and the latest, Aminulrasyid Amzah?

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