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50,000 civil servants in get-rich-quick schemes

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 Jan 2009: The “get-rich-quick” schemes are causing a negative impact on the civil service as more than 50,000 government employees are believed to be actively involved in promoting it.

Most worrying is that many senior officers and heads of departments are encouraging their subordinates to participate in such schemes.

Cuepacs secretary-general Ahmad Shah Mohd Zin told Bernama today that the congress was very concerned with the development as it eroded the people’s confidence in the service.

He said that the problem was so serious that the Public Services Department (PSD) issued a special circular banning civil servants from joining such schemes.

The Circular 2/2009, signed by PSD director general Tan Sri Ismail Adam, took effect on 13 Jan. It bans all categories of civil servants from promoting, participating or investing in such schemes.

The circular, which also covered those in statutory bodies, local authorities and state government authorities, also instructed those involved in such schemes to cease their activities immediately or face disciplinary action.

It said that the participation by a large number of civil servants in such schemes could mislead the public into thinking that the schemes were approved by the government.

The circular described get-rich-quick schemes as a marketing method which promised quick and high returns with a small investment while the organisations that promoted them were not registered with any licensing authority.

The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (Fomca) has supported the government’s move to ban civil servants from engaging in these schemes.

Its secretary-general, Muhammad Shaani Abdullah, said the schemes were not only promoted by Malaysians but also foreigners through the internet.

The schemes were usually based on the multi-level marketing model where early entrants gained more than those who joined later.

Muhammad Shaani described the schemes as a “victimisation of the majority by the minority early birds.”

He said the scheme thrived on greed and eroded the true business value of honesty and fair play.

Ahmad Shah said that although the government had given permission to some civil servants to engage in business on a part time basis, it did not mean that they should get involved in dubious activities. — Bernama

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3 Responses to “50,000 civil servants in get-rich-quick schemes”

  1. JACK says:

    Government civil servants are allowed to make side income because of the high living cost nowadays – and they got it.

  2. old kanchil says:

    What’s the problem? The government has been allowing all sorts of dubious activities by their civil servants. This is just another one but the beneficiaries are foreigners, not Malays. That’s why it is banned. If it were started by a Tan Sri Ahmad and a Dato Jusoh, it would have been completely okay. Looks like Islam has no bearing on this type of gambling or cheating. Is there a fatwa on this?

  3. Rakyat Perihatin says:

    A good move by the government to curb the problem. Congratulations. What’s wrong with working harder without conning other people?

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