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17 houses demolished in Kg Buah Pala

PENANG, 14 Sept 2009: Developer Nusmetro  Venture (P) Sdn Bhd demolished 17 houses in Kampung Buah Pala here to allow for the area to be developed.

Northeast police district chief ACP Azam Abdul Hamid said the decision was made after discussions between the developer and court representatives.

“Before this, the developer had given time to the residents to move, and today demolition of 17 houses will continue.

“The residents did ask for a time extension, but the court and developer decided on demolition today,” he told reporters at Kampung Buah Pala here.

A police team was at the village from 6:30am and sealed off all entry and exit points to enable the demolition. Police patrolled the area and put up roadblocks to prevent outsiders from entering.

Meanwhile, chairperson of the Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association M Sugumaran said they were disappointed with the state government for letting up on them and for not helping them.

“In the discussions with the developer and the court, we asked for time for us to move, but the answer given was very disappointing,” he said.

One resident, M Indrani, 60, caught the attention of the media when she doused herself with kerosene as a sign of protest against the demolition.

Met by reporters, she said she was willing to kill herself to defend her home and the traditional village known as  the “High Chapparal“. However, she was prevented from doing so by family members and neighbours.

Another resident, A Draviam,  84, said he would not move even though his house had been demolished, and was willing to die in the place he was born.

“We are not rich people and do not know where to go. Whatever happens, I will live and die in this house,” he said as he watched his house being demolished this morning.

The developer had failed to demolish any houses on 3 and 13 Aug, but on the third attempt on 3 Sept, it demolished four houses. — Bernama

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4 Responses to “17 houses demolished in Kg Buah Pala”

  1. hamid ibrahim says:

    It is atrocious that this happended in the 21st century. The state government should have found alternative accommodation. Yes, you cannot expect anything from the capitalist governments.

  2. SpeakUp says:

    Hamid […] they have no legal rights. What do you think this is, a socialist state? Then you will complain that you are paying high taxes. If you are not one who goes out each weekend to feed and care for the poor then your comment is pure hypocrisy. Sorry to say that.

  3. Ngawang Jimpa says:

    M Sugumaran and Waythamoorthy should take the rap for the predicament suffered by the Kampung Buah Pala residents. They wanted the whole world to kowtow to them with all sorts of intimidation […] despite the fact that their situation was hopeless the moment the Federal Court upheld the decision of the Apellate Court.

    The duo claimed the Penang government could do this and that and was not helping them to secure High Chapparal. They wanted the Penang government to dish out RM150 million in compensation to the developer to save their kampung but what is so special about them that that so much money must be pumped into their kampung when Penang has so many other areas to be upgraded and maintained.

    If the Penang government didn’t do anything for them, how could it be successful in negotiating double-storey houses for them? But Sugumaran wanted things his way and rejected the houses and now look at the fate of the residents. They have lost their kampung and probably the new houses as well. […] These two guys better understand that politics in Malaysia is not just about Hindraf.

  4. IamKugan says:

    I can’t help believing that the federal government would have rushed to help these villagers — and even imprisoned the developer — if the villagers were Malays!

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